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Designer Pro Kitchen & Bathroom

Designer Pro is the fastest kitchen and bathroom design software and the perfect sales tool. Use Designer Pro to explore layouts, colours, materials and cost estimate the job. Present your designs in plan, elevation and full 3D instantly. Have your clients make purchase decisions quickly and confidently... then generate fully dimensioned plans and elevations to send to production - fast and easy.

In Detail

Head Start

Right from the first discussion with your client you'll be able to quickly draw up their existing rooms and design a kitchen or bathroom they'll just 'have to have'.

The tools are easy to use and allow you to push and pull your designs around with ease to create as many variations as you like.

Ease of Use

Choose base, wall or full height cabinets then specify what your cabinet will consist of to provide you with at least 1000 cabinet combinations. As you place your cabinet against a wall it 'knows' just which way to face it. If you place your cursor in the corner it will switch to a corner cabinet for you. Create just about any custom kitchen or bathroom design with just a few mouse clicks. Designer Pro Kitchen and Bath knows how items go together and assists you to place them fast and easy. Drag and drop items in place. don't worry about specific sizes as you sketch in the cabinet placements as you can change items at any time. There is no other software this easy to use and this fast to produce great looking designs.

Cabinet Designer

With the Cabinet Designer tools, you can create thousands of cabinet combinations for base, wall, full height, angled, corner cabinets. You can customise the door and drawer styles by choosing from several in the built-in cabinet library. Add cabinet details for moldings, hinges, handles and pulls. You can even create new items you design from scratch or download from the hughe online warehouse.

Bench tops

Choose granite, laminate, solid surfaces, tile and more. Define the backsplash material and height above or below the cabinets. Select from a variety of bench top styles and colours from the built-in Library – or import your own from a photo or website using the Colour Chooser. Your choices are limitless and can be customised to suit your suppliers materials

Islands and Custom shapes

You can easily create kitchen islands with the Cabinet Designer tools by placing and arranging the cabinets. You can mix and match cabinet styles and heights to create just about any style of kitchen island. If you want to start with an existing kitchen island, you can choose from several that are built-in the program and customise to your needs. Using the Virtual Graph Paper or the dimension tools, you can precisely locate your island for your ideal kitchen or bathroom layout.

Good Planning

The secret to a great kitchen is to combine good planning and design before you begin. Place and customise cabinets, change benchtops, add a kitchen island, fixtures and appliances – it's easy to plan your perfect workspace. You can choose from a wide variety of basic to commercial grade appliances for your kitchen. Select generic, name-brand or import a specific brand to create the kitchen your client wants today!


Choose from the widest array of 3D components to place in your designs, and if you want to add more you can choose from hundreds of thousands on the worlds largest 3D object warehouse or simply design your own.There is NO LIMIT to the appliances and accessories you can create or choose from.

Any Material

If you can see it you can use it. Choose from a wide variety of floor types included in the materials library such as hardwood, stone, tile or carpeting or import your own from a website.

Simply use the Material Painter and apply to your walls, floors cabinets and bench tops to visualise the effects. You can use a Colour Blending tool to stain a translucent colour or apply a solid colour over the material you place to create unlimited combinations to fit your design requirements.

More than Just a Room

Designer Pro is more than just a kitchen and bathroom design tool. You'll be able to design an entire house with this software as it comes complete with all the tools to do that... really! So if you were a little hesitant about investing in kitchen and bath specific design software you can get even more from your investment by designing everything from a wardrobe to your ideal home.

Cost Estimate

Let the software do the hard work or cost estimating your job. Customise the cabinet and fixtures spread sheet master to allow you to cost estimate the job quickly and easily.

Production Drawings

Automatically, Designer Pro will generate 2D plans and elevations of your designs with automated and manual dimensioning and detailing, ready for production.

Get Supported

Choose full expert technical annual support with the support subscription plan for total peace of mind. We will assist you with practically any question.


Frequently Asked Questions


[Q] We have a kitchen and bathroom design business and we manufacture custom built (bespoke) designs, is this software suitable for our needs?

[A] Yes. This software is ideal for both modular and custom designed cabinetry. You are not limited to just the elements in the supplied library as you can model your own from scratch and place them in the library for future use too. It does more than just kitchen and bathroom design too so you can also use it to model complete homes if you wish.


[Q] Can I connect this software to our CNC machinery to manufacture the panels and doors etc.

[A] Whilst this is arguably the best design and sales tool in the world (and it certainly transforms the sales performance of most companies that purchase) it is not a manufacturers software. The materials list it provides is for quantity take-off and costing purposes rather than for CNC machines or panel optimization. For instance, it lists all the draws in a cabinet but only displays the draw front dimensions rather than the entire draw with depth and side walls and draw base etc.


[Q] What is the difference between Designer Pro and Designer Pro 'Kitchen and Bathroom' ? 

[A] 'Designer Pro Kitchen and Bathroom has a significant additonal set of tools to be able to model any new library items such as new sinks, taps, racks, stoves, diswashers etc that may not currently be in the library. With this tool you are not resrcted to only use the items that already exist in the library, you can create your own or we can create them for you.


[Q] I have sales people in the showroom and also out on the road visiting clients in their homes, can I use the software on two computers at the same time?

[A] No, not at the same time. So long as you have an internet connection you can unlicense the software from one machine and relicense the software on another, however because the software is so well priced it makes more sense to purchase a copy for each sales person / designer.


[Q] We already use specialized kitchen design software in our business but it is expensive and you have to pay for every minute you use it. When I purchase Designer Pro are there any ongoing costs?

[A] No. When you purchase the software you may use it as often and for as long as you like. We would strongly recommend you invest in annual support however as this will give you access to expert assistance and is only a few hundred dollars a year.


System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8 or 7
  • OSX 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • 2.4 GHz processor, or greater.
  • At least 5 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM or greater.
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel.
  • A dedicated video card, AMD or NVidia that supports OpenGL 2.0 and has 1GB or greater.
  • A computer that has high speed internet access for updates, library downloads and license activation or deactivation. (You do not need to have internet access to actually operate the software once it has been activated)

Running Windows on your Mac?

Parallels not supported. Bootcamp or running the Mac native version of Designer Pro Kitchen and Bathroom are the preferred options.

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