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CAD International Reseller Program

You and your customers benefit from our expertise and rich array of products when you become a reseller. Our agreements are extremely simple too.

Support is provided to you and optionally to your end users by our trained team - easy.

With most products there is no limit to where you may resell nor to whom and in some cases exclusivity for a territory may be granted following proof of performance.

There are three types of reseller:

Reseller discounts are offered on the following software product ranges:

Contact to apply.

Legal: Resellers have no claim on CAD International beyond the scope of this arrangement. Resellers do not act as agents or representatives of CAD International. CAD International reserves the right to alter reseller status and modify this arrangement at any time. CAD International will publish changes to the scheme via the or URL within 30 days of any change. Resellers are non-exclusive. Reseller discounts apply to new software license sales and upgrades. Ancillary products or services such as viewers, computer hardware, technical support, and proprietary application software are not included. The Reseller Program is effective as at 1st July 2016 and supersedes all previous arrangements. CAD International is a trading name of CAD Australia Pty Limited. All information contained herein refers also to CAD Australia Pty Limited. Copyright for all material remains with CAD International.


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