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IronPRO - IronCAD Performance Booster

Octane for your IronCAD

IronPRO is a set of utilities for 3D mechanical design and offers all the tools to work in 3D environments fast and easily.

IronPRO Mech and Tools Catalogs

The IronPRO work environment is easy, fast and friendly as you would expect from the best 3D CAD modeling software. More...

In detail

IronPRO XT Mech

This catalog includes some ot the most used mechanical parts as Fasteners, Rings, Steels, Spring and Gears. These are intelligent parts and make possible to drill the solid where they are placed. Furthermore is possible to edit and modify any of these parts. When a user modifies an IronPRO part, a powerful behaviour takes care to modify all the associate elements and features. So, as example, editing a screw, all the washers, nuts and holes associate to the screw will be modified automatically.

IronPRO Mech Catalog

IronPRO XT Tools

This catalog includes several advanced and useful tools. Here is a short list of these tools:

IronPRO Tools Catalog

Kernel Manager

Allow the IronCAD users to manage the kernel used for the parts included in the scene. An easy and powerful user interface allows you to display and change the solid kernel used for every part.

External Link Manager

This tool makes simple the management of external linked element. The user interface of this tool is very intuitive and allows users to control and to change the path file of the linked elements, Furthermore it's possible to save as linked a not linked element or to unlink an external linked element in order to include it in the scene. Set Material: This tool is used to attribute to parts or assembly a named material. Doing this the material and the mass density will be transferred to the element. It's possible to edit the material database in order to include all the material used and to associate a texture to it.


This is one of the more powerful command included in IronPRO XT. This command allows the user to create any 3D text using the fonts included in Windows. Text3D includes options useful to create separate characters, hollow texts or 2D profile. Every 3DText is based to a 2D profile, so it's simple to an IronCAD user to modify the Text3D in order to meet his needs.


This is the most powerful and appreciate tool inside the product.

PROActiveManager allow the user to manage every element in the scene using a unique and intuitive user interface. Thanks to PROActiveManager is possible to set every CustomData in any element, or to set BOM information and Material information. PROActiveManager includes some powerful tools as Search and Replace Text in the elements' attributes, Search elements having the same Part Number, display elements by type and by including in BOM status. But overall, PROActive manager allow the user to create multiple and configurable BOM directly in the 3D scene. The created BOMs can be exported in several formats, including MS Excel, CSV, PDF or Ascii Custom Format.

Get Coordinates

This tool allow the user to get any 3D coordinate in the scene, and to export them in any of the most diffused format.


This tool allows the user to create parts that can create hollows element in all the parts that have interference with them.


This tool makes simple the creation of automatic Part Number and Description. The user interface allow the user to create simple configurations, and to get the values of geometrical parameters in order to include the in the BOM. As example, using this tool is possible to have a part that change is Part Number and Description when the sizebox or any geometrical parameter changes.


Allow the user to attach to every element some intelligent magnetic points. The user can define some rules in order to accept or refuse the attachment when a new element is dropped over the Attach Point. This tool helps a lot the customer that creates intelligent catalogs of parts that must to be placed automatically in the right position.


This tool allows the user to set the suppression state of the elements in the scene based on the sizebox of the element. The tool applies a real suppression, so the suppressed elements will not be visible in the 2D drawing. The user interface includes some options to set in an easy way the minimal dimension and to create or change an IronCAD configuration.

IronPRO XT Utils

This catalog includes some utilities that help the IronCAD users. The characteristic of these tools is that they haven't any user interface, because the use is very simple, fast and intuitive. Here is the list of these tools:

IronPRO Utils Catalog

SolidHollow Toggle

When the user Drop this command in the scene all the selected elements will toggle the solid/hollow state.

Join Intellishapes

When the user Drop this command in the scene, all the selected Intellishapes will be 'joined' in a single part.

Split Intellishapes

It's opposite to the previous command. Using it the selected Intlellishapes will be split into a new part.

TriBall on COG

When you drop this command in the scene, the TriBall will be displayed on the Center of Gravity of the selected element.


This tool allows the user to suppress/unsuppress elements in a very fast way. Based on the use of the mouse button, the selection can be suppressed or unsuppressed.

IronPRO Addins

IronPRO has other Add-Ins that improves productivity.

  • PROCatalogSet: Allow the user to create a list of catalogs that can be opened and closed by a simple click.
  • Import/Export 3D files: Allow users to import/ export in batch way 3d files.
  • Export/Print 2D files: Allow the user to print or export 2D files in batch mode.
IronPRO Pipes Catalog


IronPRO Architectural Catalog


IronPRO Flanges Catalog


Image Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Which version of IronCAD do I need to install?

[A] IronPRO requires IronCAD to be previously installed in the computer.


System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (32 and 64bit supported) (Home Editions are not supported)
  • 64bit and 32bit supported
  • Intel i5 processor minimum recommended
  • RAM: Minimum: 4GB Recommend: 8GB or 16GB for very large assembly work.
  • Video: OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics card (for best results see HOOPS Compatibility).
  • Disk space: 1.5GB

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