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CADChat Newsletter Landscape Edition - May 2013

Welcome to your New CADChat Newsletter (landscape edition), designed to give you highly relevant content and something to get excited about.

In this new format there's no general CAD talk, just the stuff that LANDWorksCAD users want to know.

Every month look for our:

  • User Story featuring how people in your own design world use CAD software in their business
  • Unique Offer of something special that you can take advantage of
  • Tips and tricks to get you more productive using the software and of course...
  • Up to date News that is relevant to you


LANDWorksCAD User Story

Click here to find out how one of our users incorporates Photo Imagery into his CAD drawings.


Most users of LANDWorksCAD choose one of two support packages for their peace of mind and to help guarantee their productivity each year.

The Standard Subscription provides access to our unsurpassed support team, and for those who have used us you will undoubtedly agree that we deliver way more than the price would suggest.

The Premium Support Subscription provides all the support of the standard product PLUS it gives you free upgrades of the software as they are released throughout the year. This latter option is new for 2013 and has also proven to be very popular

Some comments from a couple of subscription users:

"The assistance I have received for Landworkscad is far and away the best programme support I have ever experienced, in no small part due to Bill's knowledge and attitude.
I also know that this quality and quantity of support on the front line doesn't come without the support behind him from the managers/owners of the business, so thank you sincerely as well."
Steve Hailstone,- Hailstone Landscaping

"I am just writing to thank you for the absolutely amazing professional support service that your company provides!
No problem is too big or small! It has made learning this new program easy and an absolute pleasure "
Nadia Cole, Indigenous Design Land Management

Tip of the month

Inserting and using a Google Map

In this tip we will show you how to import an aerial image of the site then scale it to the correct size, then trace over with your siote boundary and design. For step by step instructions on how to do this visit this article.


Following several years of working with some of Australia's best known educators of Landscape Design CAD International, the developers of LANDWorksCAD, have been working a ptogram to have LANDWorksCAD taught in TAFE to landscape design and horticulture students across the country.

Educators in the negotiations liked the way that the software is able to liberate students from the tedious tasks of labelling and scheduling plants and materials within a drawing, the elimination of errors in the process and the built-in features and immense flexibility of the software that enhance a drawings appearance.

High on the observation of teacher's trialling the stand-alone version was the ease of use that it provides over traditional CAD software such as AutoCAD and Vectorworks. Management at colleges involved in the negotiations advised that even more significant than the product itself are the training materials that CAD have been developing in consultation with industry associations, educators and end users. The materials provide educators with a set of standardised routines and outcomes that can be taught anywhere in the world with a common goal of improving the use of design technology in the industry and raising the technical competency level of the profession.

"We are not trying to promote a particular CAD software as much as we are elevating and systemising the delivery of all design technology to the industry as a whole", Claire Walker, Marketing manager at CAD said today.

"Research has shown that Landscape Designers have often turned away from using CAD due to irrelevant CAD products and teaching methods better suited to engineers, or because the software was simply too complex and doesn't enhance their business. We are about to change all that."

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