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StrucPLUS for Full AutoCAD

StrucPLUS for Full AutoCAD®

"Increase your productivity"

If you already have AutoCAD and want an add-in that will increase productivity and automate structural detailing immediately, StrucPLUS for AutoCAD is perfect. StrucPLUS is the most comprehensive set of tools ever designed for the job and is founded by years of hands-on detail drafting experience. With StrucPLUS you'll be using the most popular steel, concrete and civil detailing software in the world. More...

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StrucPLUS for BricsCAD

Want the advantages of using StrucPLUS for full AutoCAD but don't want to pay the higher price? - StrucPLUS for BricsCAD is the answer. More...

StrucPLUS Precast Panel Detailer

StrucPLUS Precast Panel Detailer is an invaluable set of additional tools for StrucPLUS to streamline the precast panel drafting process. It includes a suite of tools that will auto-calculate panel centre of gravity, lifting requirements, weight, area and concrete volume too. If you produce concrete panel details on a regular basis this is a 'must have' additional tool to add to StrucPLUS. More...

StrucPLUS 3D Steel

For those who want to model in 3D, here is a set of additional StrucPLUS tools to assist you. From the wire frame model SP-3DSteel will place full 3D faced steel members about the wire frame centroids and produce initial connection details from the 3D model. Works with StrucPLUS for full AutoCAD only. More...

StrucPLUS Reauthorisation Key

If your hard drive fails or you upgrade your PC, a reissue key has to be issue for your StrucPLUS license. You may also move your single user license from one machine to another. CAD International require that you MUST use the 'unlicense' process outlined below before issuing any new replacement software key to you. More...

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