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RealCAD Pro is the leading all purpose 2D/3D CAD software. It is the perfect choice for designers and drafters alike providing the most powerful drafting and modeling tools in a single comprehensive product. No other product in its class comes close in terms of productivity and useability. Whether you're an engineer, designer, manufacturer, planner, inventor or teacher, RealCAD Pro is the perfect choice. More...

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In Detail

Go with the Leader - Get Real

RealCAD is CAD International's most popular professional CAD software range and is now our No.1 CAD software. None other comes close. Get the real advantage that years of refinement delivers.

Affordable Power

The CAD engine in RealCAD Pro is the foundation of all our specialised CAD applications, providing a most powerful tool set of any CAD software in its class. No other CAD system like RealCAD Pro exists at this price point. Products of lesser ability cost up to 5 times as much.

Easier than Ever

Enjoy the cleanest and least cluttered interface ever devised for such a comprehensive software. RealCAD Pro requires half the number of commands and significantly reduced mouse-clicks to achieve the same professional level results. RealCAD Pro will have you productive fast.

Rapid Start

Get up to speed even faster than you imagined - Complete our award winning online training courses that gets rave revues from participants. Whether you're a seasoned user of CAD software or completely new to CAD, this course is perfect.

Genuine CAD Advantage

RealCAD Pro is 100% .CAD file compatible. Only Genuine RealCAD software can assure you of this. Safely open, edit and save all .CAD file formats as far back as V3. Your files can also be opened, viewed, shared and printed by anyone, simply by having them install the free viewer. RealCAD also supports the import, export and full editing of external file formats such as .DXF, .DWG, HPGL, IGES, .PLT and the import and export of image file formats of .BMP and .JPG as well as being able to import popular Google SketchUp files complete with materials.

Intuitive and Advanced

Experience what CAD should be. Proprietary functions like the the Magic Eraser(r), elevate this software to be one of the most rapid drafting and wire frame/surface modelling tools available - And in this latest version, new Intelligent functions bring unparalleled accuracy and speed to your design tasks by intuitively locating end points, centres, distances and intersections - all without construction lines, key strokes, icon commands, complex cursor movements or cluttered and ambiguous prompts.

Be Precise

Accurate measurement and practically infinite dimensional precision mean RealCAD Pro can be used for the most demanding engineering design. Whether your need is for minute nano-scaled microscopic detail or planetary proportions RealCAD has no limitation on 2D drawing or 3D model size or scale.

Perfect Scale

Drawing scale is handled with ease by the software. You'll never have to guess or calculate scale again. Even multiple views of different scale in the one drawing are handled automatically. Text and dimensions will maintain their readability and value even if you alter the scale. Draw in real life size (1:1 true scale) and let the software do the math.

Dynamic Drafting and 3D Modelling

Place multiple views on your layout and as the model is updated, all the views are automatically updated too. What's more, each viewport has its own independent set of layers that you can switch on or off to display different information without needing to redraw. Push, pull and stretch your ideas into form.

Game, Set and Match

Multiple 'layouts' can be open at the same time within a single file, keeping all drawings sheets of a single project together. Multiple sessions of the CAD software can also be running at the same time allowing you to work back and forth between different projects or drawing files concurrently. You can even cut and paste between different files.

Simplified Parametrics

The new simplified parametrics built-in to RealCAD Pro make changing or creating new instances of objects in your drawing easy too. Alter an objects size and the dimensions will update - alter the dimensions and the object updates! Need a series of products at a different size, just draw one and drive the others by numbers.

Sketch 'n' Stretch

With RealCAD's flexible approach to the way you use it, you can sketch-in your line work and later stretch and drag your design to the desired size fast and easy. Just another example of RealCAD's unique technology that will have you beaming.

Freedom and Security

Sophisticated memory handling gives you the freedom to experiment. The unlimited undo and redo will release you from the rigid constraints inherent in lesser software. Go back to almost any point in the design session, secure in the knowledge that even this can be undone if desired - undo and redo only affects geometry so you'll never loose your viewing position either. For added security, multiple backups and silent autosave can be activated.

Join the Real World

With RealCAD Pro at your fingertips, you'll be joining the world of professional designers using the latest, most comprehensive, easy to use CAD design software that you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What's the difference between RealCAD Pro and the other RealCAD products in the range?

[A] RealCAD Pro has all the 2D tools of RealCAD LT plus all the 3D modeling tools. RealCAD Pro is the 2D/3D version of the software without photo-realistic rendering or animation tools. These additional features are only found in RealCAD Complete.


[Q] Can I upgrade to RealCAD Complete at a later date?

[A] Yes. You can upgrade at any time.


[Q] We only have five designers in our office but we have about 30 people who need to access and print the drawings we produce. Do we have to buy a license for each person?

[A] No. You would only need to buy 5 licenses of RealCAD Pro and simply install the free viewer version on the other machines.

If you had more designers, it would be worth installing a network 'site' license of the full RealCAD Pro. This allows you to install the license on a server machine and have as many client machines as you like accessing that license. These licenses are exceptionally good value too.


System Requirements

RealCAD System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7
  • OSX 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Intel i7 Processor (preferred)
  • 64bit Operating System
  • 8GB RAM (or more preferred)
  • 400MB Hard Drive Space
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • Graphics Card supporting OpenGL with 2GB (or greater)

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