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nXtRender is a low-cost renderer for Google SketchUp which uses the nXt Rendering Engine, sun, sky, shadows, lights, transparency and reflection to create Photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models at an affordable price.

nXtRender is an all-new renderer designed to make it easy to create quality rendering without having to worry about lighting and other complicated settings.

nXtRender is a special, low-end in integration of the nXt engine into SketchUp. Although nXtRender contains a simple dialog so that the user can add lights and reflections. Many good renderings can be created with a single button click and no changes to the model at all. More...

In Detail


New Features in Version 4.0

Indirect Lighting

Indirect Lighting refers to the feature of processing light reflected from mirrors and other surfaces.

Indirect lighting, or lighting reflected from other surfaces, can add some subtlety and realism to your exterior rendering. In particular, the undersides of overhanging features such as eaves or balconies can be rendered more accurately when using indirect lighting.

This subtlety, however, comes at a performance cost. More passes will be required to resolve the image, and each pass will take longer.

  • More realistic lighting effects.
  • Subtle, soft shadows due to reflected lights.
  • Better images for presentations.
Indirect Lighting from lights above the suspended ceiling

Self Glow

Defines a material which glows with Self Glow, or acts as a light with Illumination.

  • Illuminance - the faces which contain this texture will act as lights.
  • Self Glow - the face glows, but does not illuminate other surfaces. This is the best setting or Neon lights.
Television with 10% self glow

One Click Renderings

The rendering below was made from a 3D warehouse model of a 3D Challenge winner (2nd place).

The model was changed to turn off the sun and turn on the ground plane, and then rendered without making any rendering settings or changes (rendered with one-click, default settings).

These one-click renderings, with subtle reflection and shading, are created by using an HDRi lighting model based on a 360 degree photograph of a forest, with light filtering through the trees. This effect can be quite effective for exterior models, or when creating a rendering from a single object.

Trophy Model in SketchUp

Trophy Model Rendered with nXtRender in SketchUp

Material Settings

Textures, colors and transparency settings are automatically read from the SketchUp model. One additional setting is added to the material in SketchUp to create more realistic renderings - reflections for mirrors, metals, or reflective surfaces. This is done by right clicking on any surface containing the material and setting the amount of reflection. The reflection is automatically applied to all other surfaces which use the same material.

Transparency is set directly from SketchUp.

  • Reflection - set a percentage from 0% to 100%
  • Illumination - set a value from 0 t0 200 watts
  • Use Auto Bump - check to turn on Auto Bump
Material Properties


For Interior Scenes, and nighttime scenes is is easy to add lights.

There are three ways to set lights in nXtRender:

  1. Point light, spot light, and ceiling lights can be added to the drawing using the Light Wizard. These light components can be created at any size or wattage desired.
  2. Any material can be set to glow and become a light using the same Material Properties dialog used for reflection. (This turns all surfaces using the same material into lights)
  3. Any object can be set to glow and be a light bulb by right clicking on it and selecting: Set Object Illumination. This is useful for models which already have a light bulb in the model.
Light Fixtures Spot Light Wizard

Fully Integrated into SketchUp

All renderings settings - reflection, lights, etc. - are stored in you SketchUp model and the rendering is created with a single click on the nXtRender Toolbar - which starts the rendering. You can return to the model and re-render it without having to define materials and lights or make make other renderings settings - everything is remembered and stored in the model.


This interior scene was create by downloading a vanity, mirror and shower stall from the 3D Warehouse, right clicking on materials to set reflection and placing ceiling lights in the ceiling. This rendering took less than 1 minute to complete.

Interior Design Sample

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • SketchUp
  • 2GB or RAM

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