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SketchUp PLUS Pack

SketchUp just got better. The'PLUS Pack' provides essential tools to make the worlds most popular 3D sketch modeller faster and more flexible. More...

The easiest way to draw in 3D

You love what you do. Now love how you do it even more...

SketchUp PLUS adds to SketchUp Pro the best tools and enhancements you'll need to make SketchUp the most productive 3D sketch modeler it can be. There are more than 350 tools in the pack with some of the most popular and universally useful ones listed here...

  • Push pull on multiple faces in one operation.
  • Mirror geometry or group. Really important tool and used all the time
  • A suite of tools for drawing on curved surfaces with lines, various shapes, offset and freehand / polylines
  • Copy groups or components along a path at set spacing or node spacing
  • Drop Groups or Component on selected level
  • Two methods to reset the axis of components to their bounding box' center. Useful for DWG imports where the insertion point of the blocks are really far away, causing the components to jitter or disappear.
  • Generate a mesh from a given BMP image
  • 2D Maker projects 3D edges to a plane and forms a new group.
  • Scale, taper, stretch, shear, twist, bend and rotate.
  • A tool to rotate components around their axis rather than the center of the bounding box.
  • Easy Search and replace
  • Tool to assists in flattening, or unfolding, 3D objects onto a 2D plane
  • Find Center of Gravity of 3D object and other properties...
  • Add a center point to anything that's selected - Group, Component, Instance, Line, Circle, Face etc
  • Fur maker. Convenient to create grass or hairy beasts!
  • Color By Z, paints faces based on their center point's Z height. It uses colors selected by the user
  • Move a selection with the arrow keys. Assign it to a shortcut hot key
  • Align edges or groups/components. Saves heaps of time.
  • Set the threshold for when a transparent object will cast shadows.
  • Set if a selection should cast or receive shadows.
  • Set the cameras focal length.
  • Go to a specified frame of an animation.
  • Loft and Skinning, that is, generation of surfaces from contours or profiles. Essential.
  • Complete set of polylines and splines curves commands to create, modify and convert.
  • A Deform a curve or a set of curves by shearing them vertically along their contour
  • Select multiple edges with an approach similar to the native Eraser tool (i.e. you click down and then mouse over to select). Several filters available (smooth, soft...).
  • Tool to calculate the volume of a selected Groups/Components.
  • Import and export points cloud, assuming the input file is a CSV format, several delimiters supported
  • Unfold tool, for turning SketchUp models into paper craft patterns.
  • Roof maker for generating roofs. Most roof types supported
  • Stair maker for generating almost any type of stair
  • Window maker to create detailed window models
  • Wall maker to automatically build walls and have them grouped
  • Cabinet maker
  • Tensile and membrane structure maker
  • Makes a cut list based on all selected components in model. Recognition of hardware parts.
  • Draw the path that the sun travels during a 24 hour period, fully customizable in that you can choose any location on earth or any date.
  • Purge all UNUSED Components, Layers, Materials, Styles. Choose which type(s) to purge from the dialog (Yes/No)
  • Set of tools to interactively sculpt meshes. Bulge, smooth, push
  • Clone tool to copy properties from a target picked object to each object of the current selection
  • Multiple copy, rotate and scaling of selected objects at once
  • Explode all components and groups
  • Create a materials library starting from a folder with JPG images. It creates materials that use images as textures. All textures will come in at a standard scale and must be edited later
  • Export each scene to a jpg image
  • Generate pages with camera following a path. Very useful for fly through animations
  • Smooth out the jerky scene transitions in a SketchUp scene-tab animation
  • Set the current date for Shadow settings with respect to the time zone specified for the location defined in "Model > Location"
  • Make a shade analysis in SU
  • Toggle selection to X-Ray mode, leave the rest of the model textured.
  • Zoom in to selected objects extents

If you are a SketchUp user that values your time then be sure to add the SketchUp 'PLUS' pack to your SketchUp Pro.



Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What is the difference between SketchUp and SketchCAD?

[A] SketchCAD has the big added advantage of a complete professional level CAD software (equivalent to AutoCAD) that runs alongside SketchUp itself. This means you can create accurate CAD drawings from your SketchUp 3D models and images. 


System Requirements

Requires SketchUp v8 or Later for most of the tools in the pack.

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