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StrucPLUS for BricsCAD

If you already have BricsCAD and want an add-in that will increase productivity and automate structural detailing immediately, StrucPLUS for BricsCAD is perfect. StrucPLUS is the most comprehensive set of tools ever designed for the job and is founded by years of hands-on detail drafting experience. With StrucPLUS you'll be using the most popular steel, concrete and civil detailing software in the world. More...

In Detail

StrucPLUS for BricsCAD is a suite of powerful parametric modules that use dialog box driven commands and macros related solely to the preparation of Structural Engineering drawings. The basic product includes the following 7 modules:

  1. SPTools

    Introduces standardisation of the initial drawing setup, easy to edit colour, linetype, layer and font configurations, a large suite of drafting utilities, symbols and tools.

  2. SPConcrete

    Generates reinforced concrete beam sections & elevations, reinforced concrete columns, footings and pile caps, suspended slab framing plans, precast concrete panels, prestressed tendon layouts & beam elevations, plan and slab section reinforcement, reinforced concrete & masonry retaining walls, slab on ground plan & details, schedules, concrete stairs, concrete and masonry walls, and miscellaneous concrete symbols. This module complies with U.S.A., Australian, British and New Zealand Concrete Codes.

  3. SPCivil

    Provides tools to aid in the drafting of pits on plan, drainage lines, pit schedules, batter lines and spot level indicators. A split scale longitudinal section tool complete this module and provides a supplement to the normal structural related tools included in this total application.

  4. SPSteelwork

    Includes all common steelwork members in section, elevation & plan for North American, Australian, South American, Japanese and British - sections, cleats and connections, steel framing plans and elevations, stairs, schedules and truss elevations. Australian, British, Japanese, North and South American rolled sections are supported.

  5. SPDetailer

    The structural steelwork shop detailing module including draft marking plans, holding down bolt layout plans, floor beams, rafters, columns, bracing beams, struts, stairs, handrails, cleats, bracing gussets and automatic material list extraction.

Complete Command List:

  • Change colour of entity: Change to Red, Change to Yellow, Change to Green, Change to Cyan, Change to Blue, Change to Magenta, Change to White, Change to Gray, Change to Match, Change Layer.
  • Change Linetype of Entity: Change to Continuous, Change to Hidden, Change to Center, Change to Dashed, Change to Phantom, Change Layer, Change to Match.
  • Concrete Symbols: Break Line, Camber Tag, Concrete Symbol, Grout Hatch, Scabble Line, Slab Tag, Splice Tag, Slab Step, Bar Tag, Dot, Line Reinforcement, Penetration Reinforcement, ReBar, Rectangular Fabric, Square Fabric.
  • Drafting Symbols: Break Line, Asterisk, Bar Scale, Center Line, Cirle-Cross, Cloud, Company Logo, Soil, F.F.L. Maker, Grid Bubble, North Point, Project North, Reference Drawings, Revision Triangle, R.L. Marker, Rubble, Spot Level.
  • Drawing Tools: Current Offset, Double Current Offset, Add Length, Double Ended Arrow Line, Add Arrow to a Line, Insert Arrow, Double Extent Arrow, Single Extent Arrow.
  • Hatch Tools: Close 45 Hatch, Wide 45 Hatch, Closs Cross 45 Hatch, Wide Cross 45 Hatch, Dot Hatch.
  • Layer Tools: Pick Current, Pick Layer Off, Freeze a Layer, Thaw all Layers, All Layers On, All Layers Off.
  • Pen Pipelines: 0.25 Continuous, 0.25 Hidden, 0.25 Center, 0.25 Dashed, 0.25 Phantom, 0.35 Continuous, 0.35 Hidden, 0.35 Center, 0.35 Dashed, 0.35 Phantom, 0.50 Continuous, 0.50 Hidden, 0.50 Center, 0.50 Dashed, 0.50 Phantom, 0.70 Continuous, 0.70 Hidden, 0.70 Center, 0.70 Dashed, 0.70 Phantom.
  • Pen Text: 1.8 Text, 2.5 Text, 3.5 Text, 5.0 Text, 7.0 Text, Edit Text, Add Underline, Angle Text, Shadow Box.
  • Section and Detail Callout: Section Flags, Section Bubble, Detail Bubble, Section X-X, Section Tag, Detail Tag.
  • Prestress: Layers, Plan Layout, Single Tendon, JCL Tendon Profiler, Edit Offsets, Add Extent Line, Anchorage and Bar Chain Quantities, Count Anchorages, Record Extension Data, Process Extension Data, StrucPLUS Spreadsheet, Tags and Dims, Swap Anchorages, Slab Reinforcement, ReBar Schedule, Live End, Dead End, Coupling, Slab Pocket, Prestressing Help.
  • Slides: Beams, Columns, Footings, Framing, Ligatures, Precast Panels, Prestressing, Rebar Tools, Add Ons, Retaining Walls, Slab On Ground, Slab Sections, Stairs, Walls, I Beam Members, Connections, Cleats, Framing.
  • SPCivil: Pit Schedule, Pit Sch Notate, Pits on Plan, Drain Line, Fence Line, Batter Lines, Long Section, Spot Level, Northings and Eastings.
  • SPDetailer: Material Leader, Edit Material Leader, Extract Material List, Insert Material List, Update Material List, Material List Spreadsheet, Insert Bolt Tag, Insert Dynabolt Tag, Insert TruBolt Tag, Insert Chemset Tag, Insert Generic Tag, Edit Bolt Tag, Make Field Bolt Spreadsheet, Consolidate Field Bolt Spreadsheets, Field Bolt Summary, No Paint Tag, Auto Dimensioning, Item Mark.
  • SPDimensions: Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension, Ordinate Dimension, Radius Dimension, Diameter Dimension, Angular Dimension, Quick Dimension, Baseline Dimension, Continue Dimension, R12 Leader, R13 Leader, Tolerance, Centre Mark, Dimension Edit, Dimension Text Edit, Dimension style, Dimension Update.
  • SPGeneral: Numeric Counter, Beam Numbers, Steel Beam Numbers, Door Break, Wall Insulation.
  • SPSteel Members: I Beam Members, Channel Members, Angle Members, Tube Members, Pipe Members, Purlin Section, Fascia Purlin Section, Tee Members, Get Member Identity.
  • SPTools: Reset Scale, Update Date-Time-Stamp and Print, Title Block Setup, Drawing Sheet Setup, StrucPLUS Help.
  • SteelWork Symbol: Bolts, Slotted Hole, Bondek, Condeck, Other Cladding, Stud, Pipe Break, Tube Break, CFW Line, FSBW Line, CFW Section, General Weld Symbols, Resistance Weld Symbols, Weld Site Flag, Weld All Around, Weld Tail Note.

StrucPLUS Documentation

An online user manual, training tutorial, and installation guide are supplied.

Frequently Asked Questions

No questions have been asked at this time.

Please feel free to ask us questions about this software so we can respond in person and have your questions and answers published on this page for other buyers to benefit from.

System Requirements

  • Bricscad Pro v18 or earlier
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP (x86 -32bit- and x64 -64bit- compatible)
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (or greater preferred)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • 150MB Hard Drive Space
  • 2GB RAM (or more preferred)
  • Windows version Microsoft Excel
  • Graphics Card with 256Mb RAM (or greater) supporting OpenGL

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