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StrucPLUS Precast Panel Detailer

StrucPLUS Precast Panel Detailer is an invaluable set of additional tools for StrucPLUS to streamline the precast panel drafting process. It includes a suite of tools that will auto-calculate panel centre of gravity, lifting requirements, weight, area and concrete volume too. If you produce concrete panel details on a regular basis this is a 'must have' additional tool to add to StrucPLUS. More...

In Detail

Create seamlessly your Shop Detail Drawings of Precast Panels with this 'must-have' add-in for StrucPLUS.

Set Project, Insert Panel Mark, Edit Panel Mark or Title Block, Create Shop Drawing, Shop Detail, Update Border, Locate Datum, Running Dimensions, Reset Datum, Vertical Dimensions, Horizontal Dimensions, Symbol Identifier, Ferrules, Cast in Plates, Grout Tubes, Cast in Plate Type, Count Loose Fitments, Create Spreadsheet File, Help

Cast in Plates Type 1 to 8

Frequently Asked Questions

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System Requirements

  • StrucPLUS for AutoCAD or StrucPLUS for Bricscad previously installed in your machine
  • PC or iMac(1) running Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (x86 -32bit- and x64 -64bit- compatible)
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (or greater preferred)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • 150MB Hard Drive Space
  • 2GB RAM (or more preferred)
  • Windows version Microsoft Excel
  • Graphics Card with 256Mb RAM (or greater) supporting OpenGL

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