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CAD Level 1 Online Training

Absolute Beginners Guide to CAD

An excellent CAD training course for all designers and drafters. Accelerate your CAD knowledge and learn CAD fast. On completion of this course you will be able to effectively produce useful, accurate 2D CAD drawings and have the foundations needed to self-teach to greater levels of expertise or enrol in the CAD Level 2 Online Training Course.

No previous CAD knowledge is required. More...


"Hi! ,I really enjoyed the course and found it really well suited for someone like myself to follow, can't wait to do the rest! I only started yesterday and i'm done! Granted, i didn't do anything else for the weekend, but i really enjoyed it! Thanks."
Joel Barnett, InStyle

"Hello, Please find attached the completed projects for assesment. I found the video tutorials and exercises very informative."
Joseph Nicholls, Park Lane

"Good course for CAD. Takes you through all the basics in very simple terms. logical steps with good practical examples. Not enough software comes with this sort of training. This is very appropriate because CAD is very different from other desktop applications."
Tony, The Outside Bit

"I LOVE the training, it is really good, useful, helpful, the excersises are fantastic, the tempo is right, it assumes no knowlege (as it should). without being at all condescending. I just need longer days or bad weather.
Better, faster, funner described it well. I wish I could apply it to ather aspects of training in other disciplines."
Anne Waterhouse, Designer

"I haven't finished level one yet due to time restraints but thank you for following up. I intend to complete the course and think the online course is excellent."
Phillip Russell, Amenity Consultants.

"Thank you for a very enjoyable course. I feel quite proud of myself! I would like to go on to do the next level but I'm a bit flat out for the next two weeks, I'll get back to you after that. Meanwhile I'd like to watch all the videos again as a revision. Thanks again."
Jennifer Gibney

In Detail

Course includes

  • 43 comprehensive step by step exercises to view or print
  • Quizzes at the end of each section to lock-in your learning
  • Support videos for every exercise
  • Searchable PDF manual detailing every command
  • Complete CAD program to use whilst do the training
  • Direct email access to our trainers to answer your questions
  • An estimated 8 hours of material plus 10 hours video support materials
  • CAD International CAD-Level-1 Certificate issued on successful completion
  • The latest CAD Software to download and complete the course with

Topics covered in the CAD Level 1 course

  • Introduction: A bit of history and background understanding of CAD and how CAD is has developed and is used.
  • Overview: An understanding of the course material and of the terminology you will encounter.
  • Installation: How to download, install and set your CAD software for successful operation.
  • User Interface: Clear and concise understanding of the software interface and the logic behind it.
  • Help Systems: How to use the Help database, the online support and the manual to get the most from your software.
  • Zooming and Panning: How best to operate an unlimited size design world on a limited size screen.
  • Entity Selection: The process of picking and choosing entities to draw with and the best methods of making the right selections.
  • Properties: Investigating and changing the properties of items you have selected to make them look the way you want.
  • Style Sets: How to group various properties into named sets so you draw faster with fewer clicks.
  • Cloning: Property duplication by using the clone command copy and apply properties from existing geometry.
  • Free Drawing: Learning to draw without a pencil, but using the intelligence built in to CAD.
  • Constrained Drawing: Making the most of tools that keep your drawing 100% accurate and professional.
  • Coordinates: Different ways of entering data to suit different applications such as mechanical, architectural, landscape, electrical and survey drawings.
  • Cursor Snaps: How to make the most of smart on-screen magnetic location features.
  • Position Location Commands: How to draw with precision at any time.
  • Trim, Extend, Divide, Delete: Exploration of all the main editing features used all the time when creating and modifying a drawing.
  • Copying: Exploring the power of duplication, one of the big advantages of any CAD program.
  • Shape Drawing: Step by step exercise to draw a defined 2D shape using the tools you've learned so far.
  • Dimensions: Applying accurate dimensions to your drawings in just a few clicks.

From here you can use the software confidently for basic drawing or add CAD Level 2 training to compliment and expand your understanding and ability.


  • The complete this course you must:
  • Have a Mac or PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Have a mouse with a scroll wheel
  • Have an internet connection
  • Be prepared to enjoy yourself and learn a lot.

Note: Certificates are only issued on successful completion of the quizzes and exercises. Course remains active to students for three months after your first log-in but can be extended (at additional cost) if required.


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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Do I have to purchase the CAD software first?

[A] No, you can complete the CAD training with the evaluation version of RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD as none of the exercises contain more than 100 entities, which is the limit for the evaluation version.


[Q] Will I get support whilst I am doing the course?

[A] Yes. You can simply email the support team and they will assist you if you need help.


[Q] Will this help me get a job as a designer or draftsperson?

[A] On this basis that you will have a better understanding of CAD after the course than before you will definitely have a better chance of getting a job. The course is designed to give you a good understanding of how CAD software works. You'll be able to use the CAD program in real commercial situations when you have completed the course but it does not teach you drafting skills or how to construct or read a plan. If you work for a company that uses other proprietry CAD software, what you learn in this courses will still assist you in your understanding and use of other CAD programs. 


[Q] Do I receive a certificate at the end of the courses?

[A] Part of the course asks that you complete and submit several assesment tasks. These are maked by CAD International certified trainers and feedback is provided to you if there is something you could improve on or have completed incorrectly. You have three oportunities to submit work for assesment and will receive your certificate if you pass. If you have followed the course material correctly you are sure to pass.

You do not have to submit your work for assesment if you do not wish to receive your certificate.


[Q] What if i don't pass. Can I do the course again?

[A] If you do not pass (and this is ver very rare) you can re-enroll in the course and try again.


[Q] How long do I have to complete the course?

[A] The CAD-Level-1 training course lasts for three months and can be extended (at additional cost) if you run out of time. The course starts only after you log in and register as a student for the first time. This means you can purchase the course now and start the courses later (within 6 months).


[Q] How many people can I include in the course when i purchase?

[A] Each enrollment is for one person only.


[Q] Is this the same course I did face to face with CAD International in 2009, and if so why is the course so inexpensive. I payed more than $800 for the face to face classroom course?

[A] The cost of the course has been set to be the lowest possible for the content provided. The courses are a culmination of CAD training materials presented in class and online for the past 15 years and contains everything we put in the face to face courses. We set the price low so we could provide the material to more people over a wider area than ever before... making CAD more accessable to everyone. 

System Requirements

Before you begin you will need:

  1. to have a PC or Mac running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  2. a good quality mouse with a scroll wheel for zooming and panning. You can not successfully use a touch-pad found on notebooks.
  3. reasonable speed internet connection to view the video content. (Dialup is just too slow and frustrating).
  4. An open and relaxed mindset with an ability to also have fun whilst you are learning :)

(*) Note: You can complete the course with the evaluation version of the RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD. You do not need to purchase a license of the software to complete the course

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