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TurboCAD® Mac Pro

Create Professional 2D/3D Designs In Minutes

TurboCAD® Mac Pro is a professional CAD application that offers the ultimate in design productivity and ease of use. Access powerful 2D drafting tools, 3D surface modeling and ACIS® solid modeling tools, and over 11,000 symbols in an intuitive interface. Optimize drawing management with the ability to organize layers into an unlimited number of sets and subsets, making it easy to turn on and off visual aspects and create more detailed designs. More...

In Detail

Advanced 2D/3D Architectural Design

Choose from 1,000 included pre-designed floor plans, or start from scratch with the help of our Drafting Assistant. TurboCAD Mac's self-healing walls auto-dimension as they are drawn, auto trim wall vertices, and allow for assignment of a hatch pattern and color. When parametric doors and windows are added to walls, the built-in intelligence automatically creates the needed openings. New version 6 lets smart wall, windows and doors be drawn and displayed in both 2D and 3D simultaneously with additional enhancements for exceptional architectural design.

Powerful Lighting & Rendering Options

Use powerful rendering and lighting tools to create professional presentations of your design ideas. Create photorealistic renderings for true-to-life presentations, or use the new sketch rendering options for stills and animations that look hand-drawn, appropriate in the early stages of conceptual design.

Flexible CAD & Graphic Design Formats

Easily import existing designs from popular CAD and graphic design file formats, including new AutoCAD® 2011 DWG. Just as easily, export your precision designs and technical drawings from TurboCAD to other CAD formats, or choose a popular desktop publishing formats such as EPS TIFF, CGM and more, to create brochures or other marketing materials. Even print design to your specifications with new options for better control of how the printed document will look.

TurboCAD Mac Pro Key Features

Professional Features

TurboCAD Mac Pro provides unlimited design options with its complete set of 2D/3D design tools, plus advanced tools for professionals.

  • Advanced 3D Surface Modeling
  • ACIS® Solid Modeling
  • Advanced Editing
  • Assembly Tools
  • Powerful Photorealistic and Sketch Rendering

Complete Set of 2D Drafting Tools

TurboCAD Mac Pro provides unlimited design options with its complete set of 2D tools. Choose from a number 2D drafting tools including line, arch, curve, circle, ellipse, and spline tools. Access text and dimensioning tools and 2D modifier tools like fillet & chamfer tools as well as 2D Transformation tools for easy editing.

  • Polygon from Curves Tool - Draws a polygon with the number of sides determined by chosen points.
  • Connect Curve Tool - Join Option - The Join Curve option replaces the two curves you select with a new spline curve. This tool will also join two polylines
  • Sketch Spline Tool - samples points as the cursor moves and creates a smooth spline through the sampled data. Once selected this tool has two options, the Sketch Spline tool and Sketch on a Surface tool.
  • Fair Spline Tool - The Fair Spline command provides a tool to globally smooth a curve. Fairing a spline optimally moves control vertices to locations that minimize large curvature variations.

1,000 Floor Plans

Start from scratch or choose from any one of these pre-designed floor plans you can customize to make each one your own.

Over 11,000 2D/3D symbols and parts

Choose from thousands of parts and symbols to effortlessly add to your design including electrical, mechanical, bathroom, kitchen, construction, LAN, CMOS, doors, windows, counters, fasteners, HVAC and more. Use the symbols browser to quickly locate just what you need, enhanced to now display symbol filenames.

Layers and Layer Sets

Use layers to organize your design and create layer sets, making it easy to visually turn on and off appropriate visual aspects of a model for easier editing. The number of layer sets is virtually unlimited, layers can be assigned to as many sets as necessary, and sets can be recursively nested.

Block Manager

Create, edit and manage Blocks in the Block Manager. A block preview window is included. Both 2D and 3D Blocks are supported.

2D/3D Architectural Design Tools

Smart walls - TurboCAD Mac's self-healing walls automatically join, intersect, and update to speed design. Additional Walls options include auto-dimensioning (applied as they are drawn), auto trim of wall vertices, and assignment of hatch patterns and colors.

Parametric Doors & Windows - Choose from 3 door styles (Single, Single Standard, or Double) and 3 window styles (Overlapping Sill, Standard Sill and Tight Sill) to drag-and-drop into a wall, and TurboCAD Mac will automatically create an opening in the wall. In addition, users can offset the door or window a prescribed distance from the end of the wall for rapid and precise placement.

New in version 6 - Smart walls, windows and doors can now be drawn and displayed in 3D, as well 2D, simultaneously.

Complete File Compatible & Conversion Options

Easily import your graphic designs files into TurboCAD and turn them into precision CAD drawings with dimensions. Just as easily, you can export technical drawings from TurboCAD to one of the many supported file formats to share your work.

Import or export from these popular formats: 3DS, Adobe® EPS, Adobe® Illustrator (export only), Adobe® Photoshop®, BMP, AutoCAD® DWG/DXF, IGS, JPG, PICT, PNG with alpha channel export, ACIS® SAT, Spline, STL, STEP, TIFF, TEXT, Truespace COB, Claris CAD (import only)

Printing, Publishing & PDF

Use the page layouts to publish your design from up to 4 different view angles on a single page. Shaded view options for Page Layouts and additional controls over text size, dimension text size, and more offer greater control of how the printed document will look. Alternatively, export drawings from TurboCAD into one of the many desktop publishing formats for placement in brochures and other marketing materials. Users can also save designs as single or multi-page PDFs in standard or custom sizes for sending via email.

Verify your Designs

A set of sophisticated surface analysis tools will help you maintain design integrity by providing critical information about your designs such as evaluating the smoothness of one or more surfaces, useful for identifying surface irregularities. Then choose from any of four curvature plot styles Gaussian, Mean, Min Radius and Max Radius.

TurboCAD Pro Rendering Features

Photorealistic Rendering

TurboCAD MAC PRO comes with the Lightworks Photorealistic Rendering Engine. Choose or customize any of the hundreds bitmap materials included, or apply any *.BMP or *.JPG images to your 3D models for optimal realism. Produce professional quality renderings of your designs by adding lighting, shadowing, reflectance, roughness and environmental effects.

Sketch Rendering

Sketch rendering for stills and animations makes it easier for computer-generated models to look hand drawn. By avoiding the photo-realistic rendering look, artistic and emotional appeal can be brought out in the design. It is particularly appropriate in the early stages of conceptual design to avoid the feeling of completion. Sketch styles include:

  • Cartoon
  • Color Wash
  • Contour
  • Hand Drawn
  • Hatch
  • Ink Print
  • Line & Color Fill
  • Line & Shadow
  • Mosaic
  • Oil Painting
  • Rough Pencil
  • Soft Pencil
  • Stipple

TurboCAD Pro Modeling Features

Advanced 3D Surface Modeling

TurboCAD Mac Pro takes your designs further. Primitives, complex and advanced surface tools, as well as surface modifiers and transformation tools are included for surface modeling.

A partial list of the Surface tools include:

  • Skinned Surface - fits a network of NURB patches to a collection of curves that act as cross-sections for the final surface.
  • Cover Surface - creates a surface from curves connected end to end
  • Tube Suface - quickly and efficiently create a tube or pipe along a reference curve.
  • Revolve Surface - This tool allows you to revolve a curve about an existing curve.
  • Fillet Surface - blends two surfaces that share an edge or intersection. This tool does not extend surfaces.
  • Draft Surface - This tool extends a surface to create a new surface attached to the end of the original surface.
  • Net Surface - A net surface is not the same as a mesh. As the name implies, net surfaces are nurb surfaces. Net surfaces are nurb surfaces. A mesh is defined by nodes or 3D vertices. The Net Surface tool creates a surface defined by a grid of M rows and N columns, where M and N are letter identifiers referring to the number of rows or columns

ACIS® Solid Modeling

Utilizing the ACIS® solid modeling technology, TurboCAD MAC PRO offers realistic, complex 3D object creation as well as data crucial for engineers. Choose from a variety of 3D primitives (Boxes, Spheres, Cones, Torus, Prisms and Pryamids etc...), and access 3D utilities (Trim, Add, Subtract, Union, Split, Stitch & Thicken), solid feature tools (Blend, 3D Fillet & Chamfer, Shelling, Bend, Hole & Boss), solid face modification tools (Draft, Match, Offset, Remove), and advanced modifiers (Twist, Strecth). Some of the ACIS tools are:

  • Bend Solid - bends a solid about an axis through a given radius.
  • The Trim Solid tool trims a solid with a curve, surface, or solid. The trim tool is usefulfor removing material from a base solid. In addition to trimming to surfaces or another solid, the trim solid tool has the unique ability to allow trimming a solid to a curve.
  • Skinned Solids - Creates a solid from a collection of closed profiles. Create skin solids using profiles composed of individual curves (such as circles or ellipses) or grouped curves. A profile composed of individual curves does not have to be grouped for use with this tool.
  • Polygon from Curves Tool - Draws a polygon with the number of sides determined by chosen points.


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  • OSX 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • 4GB RAM (or more preferred)
  • 4GB Hard Drive Space
  • Mouse with scroll wheel (preferred)
  • Graphics Card supporting OpenGL

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