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 CAD International are global developers and distributors of world leading CAD software, CAD support and CAD related products to industries as diverse as landscape design, architecture, mechanical design, furniture design, kitchen and cabinet design, structural drafting, sheet metal fabrication, product design, 3D modelling, 3D printing and general drafting.

CAD (Computer Aided Design), CADD (Computer Assisted Design and Drafting), BIM (Building Information Modelling), CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAV (Computer Assisted Visualisation) are the foundation of CAD International’s product offerings.

As the longest operating privately owned CAD software company, CAD International’s clients rely on the experience and expertise that is synonymous with such longevity. Its user base includes customers from as far back as 1982 who continue to update and enjoy the leading edge technology that helps keep them ahead of the competition.

C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design)

“design better faster funner” sums up the companies mission to provide design tools that are more productive, more effective and more enjoyable to use.

Meet the team

Nigel Varley


Celine Ross

Marketing and Admin

Dani Ramiro

Support & Sales

Josh Ellison

IronCAD Ninja

Sidra Vaqas

Customer Support

Ken Jones

Software Development

David Rock

Software Development

Maddison Varley

Entertainment Director

Kirsten Abrahall

Landscape Design Specialist

Richard Serna

IronCAD LLC. Sales

Peter Kirkland

PlantFile Godfather

Zoltan Toth

ARCHline.XP Int’l Sales

Peter Coburn

Structural Specialist

Damian Harkin

Associate (Sofoco)

Helen Varley

Team Overseer

Deb Coe


Hendrik Boshoff

ARCHLine.XP Specialist


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