ARCHLine.XP – is BIM at its best.

ARCHLine.XP® is an easy step up from Revit®, ArchiCAD®, AutoCAD®, Vectorworks® and others. It’s superior methods and tools along with significant price advantage will save you time and money, year after year after year. In fact every minute you spend using ARCHLine.XP over your current methods translates into better business.

This is BIM at its best and users should expect nothing less from this powerful and productive architectural software.

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More for Less

With less complication and less learning ARCHLine.XP enables you to do more modeling in less time whilst spending less money every year you use it. ARCHLine.XP achieves this productivity by ensuring your design can be created and altered with the least amount of user intervention. Changes to individual parts of your 3D model (such as when editing a single wall) or a when making global changes (such as altering the floor heights of the entire building) are all handled in a few clicks with the model and all its connections automatically updating, along with the complete documentation set if desired. Put simply, ARCHLineXP provides all the design, documentation and presentation tools you need in a single, cost effective software.


New users moving up from their current CAD software find comfort in ARCHLine.XP’s familiar methods and menus which adhere to common CAD principals. This makes the transition to ARCHLine.XP much faster.  Users don’t have to apply BIM parameters to their models either – models can be simplified 3D CAD models or fully IFC compliant 4D BIM models as required, because not everyone needs BIM, but everyone needs to be modelling in 3D as efficiently and intuitively as possible.


Pay only once

Remember when you only paid once for your right to use your CAD software license? ARCHLine.XP continues to offer this as the most affordable option. Your ARCHLine.XP license is a perpetual, life-time license that you can use for as long as your hardware and operating system allows. There is no compulsory annual subscription just to use your license. And if you want to spread your purchase over several payments that option is available too.

All in One – One for All

Enjoy ARCHLine.XP’s complete coverage of everything you need from concept to construction. ARCHLine.XP is built for everyone from the one-person designer to the multi-discipline design group. It has a rich tool-set beyond that of other CAD software and caters to Architects, Building Designers, Interior Designers, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers, Stage and Set Designers, Planners, Tilers, Cabinet Makers, Furniture Designers, Builders and more. In fact any design work that involves buildings, inside and out is a perfect fit for ARCHLine.XP. You can confidently choose ARCHLine.XP to be your complete software solution whether you’re new to CAD or have been using another program for years.

“Having just one comprehensive program for everything we do makes our projects so much easier to manage” G. Watson, Design Section Architects, Sydney

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Whether you’re a small, medium, or massive design firm, ARCHLine.XP has all the tools to design a single cupboard, a single room, a single building or an entire city. Take a project from site visit to survey, from concept to client presentation, from compliance to construction, then all the way to completion and certification. This is a huge advantage over traditional CAD as you only have to learn one major software tool to streamline your entire business.

ARCHLine.XP’s tools include survey data manipulation, DTM (Digital Terrain Modeling) creation and manipulation, excavation modelling and calculation, building design and modeling, framing design, drawing/documentation creation, shadow analysis, laser point cloud conversion, interior design, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet design, photorealistic rendering, animation and presentation, quantity takeoff and ‘as-built’ drawing creation. If it can be built in the real world, it can be designed in ARCHLine.XP

Compatibility and Collaboration

ARCHLine.XP embraces Revit® and IFC® file exchange to allow a seamless workflow when importing models or leveraging the extensive BIM libraries found online. It will even intelligently import SketchUp® files from the 3D Warehouse for direct use in your project .

ARCHLine.XP is buildingSMART® certified to provide unrivaled collaboration and mark the end of project misinterpretation and data loss.

Even if you’re still using traditional CAD software like AutoCAD® or Vectorworks® you’ll remain compatible with DWG file support too. ARCHLine.XP can even assist you to convert 2D DWG files into smart 3D models.

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External Collaboration

Being unique is important but being compatible is even more so – ARCHLines.XP’s dedication to exchanging files between common CAD, BIM Rendering and Presentation platforms makes ARCHLIne.XP the most flexible tool in the Building Information Modelling space. Direct import and use of Revit RVT & RFA files, SketchUp files and many others means you get to leverage all the online library content as well as receive complete CAD models to import and edit as desired. When collaborating as part of team using different BIM software you can also use the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standard that is built-in to ARCHLine.XP’s impressive file format lineup.

Passing a model out to external renderers isn’t essential as rendering is built-in to ARCHLine.XP Pro, but if you prefer to use tools like Lumion, V-Ray or others you can do this too.

Internal Collaboration

Within an organisation, larger projects may have multiple members working live on different parts of the same model, all managed with permissions and access control. In v19, multiple sessions allow multiple projects to be open at the same time so you can enjoy sharing data from one project directly in another. This reduces repeated modelling and allows for easy cut and paste operations between projects.

Get good fast

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned CAD user you’ll be up and running in a matter of hours. Learn at your own pace, in your own time and if you need assistance we’re here to help.

“The program does way more than I expected, but the course made it very straight forward. Very excited to start my first real job with the program”

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Online training, complete with how-to videos, guide you through each phase of learning the software. It provides an easy-to-follow learning experience covering everything from navigating the menu to customising your title sheet. You get full support from our dedicated team whilst you’re learning too, making the ARCHLine.XPerience smooth and effective.

All the learning material is supplied completely free of charge so you’ll be able to get started using the trial download software and online videos without spending a cent.

Some unique features we think you’ll love…

Storey Wise™

Link your building elements to floor levels – If the levels are changed then the entire building and its associated drawings will update without you having to do a thing!

Visual Control

Fully control the visual layout of your drawings and all the elements in it. Walls to be demolished, for instance, may appear dashed and red in one view but solid and hatched in another or not appear at all. The choice is yours. Unlike some systems ARCHLineXP uses a familiar layer system too making the transition from traditional CAD software much easier.

Turn 2D to 3D

Quickly convert imported 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models using existing geometry in the drawing for accurate placement of walls, openings, roofs and other architectural elements. Easy.

Wall Wizardry

There isn’t a wall that can’t be modelled in ARCHLine.XP with full support for multiple composite layering, variable thickness, variable slope, even in the same wall, differing materials, any shape. Niches, holes and even unusual shaped penetrations are fully catered for. Be as creative as you need to be.

Walls connections are also fully managed by the system to correctly join other walls, floors and ceilings etc. You have complete control.

Floors and Ceilings

Design regular or irregular slabs, sloping slabs, and detailed foundations. A slab can be a single layered or multi-layered with beams in it. Slab profiles assist in creating custom made slabs, such as annular vaults, cross vaults, etc.

Building Fabrics/Sails

Shade sails, netting, and complex twisted materials all have a place in design. ARCHline.XP handles these as effortlessly as every other element, eliminating design constraints imposed by other systems.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Specialised Kitchen and cabinet tools provide the fastest and most flexible Kitchen Bathroom and robe design software available. Cabinet makers will be amased by how easy it is to generate complete kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms and robes is just a few minutes.

Stair Master

Create and manipulate 3D parametric stairs with the industry’s most versatile stair tools. Adjust stairs, railings and balustrades to suit any condition and desired outcome. ARCHLineXP’s stairs even cut a stairwell in the floor and ceiling for you!


ARHLinesXP’s automatic roof tools are class leading and make it very easy to define both simple and complex roofs over any shape at any angle, and intersecting with anything. Roof openings and roof framing are also handled by the software if required.

Auto Dimension

Add precise annotations to your documentation either manually or automatically. The unique automated routine save hours on every project.


Import Revit families and SketchUp models  to have no end of objects you can use directly in your ARCHLine.XP model. BIM objects can even be converted to intelligent BIM elements in ARCHLine.XP such as doors and windows.

Dynamic Sections

Visually cut away parts of your design, enabling you to look inside your model or to create architectural sections and section views for your drawings.

Layout Drawings

Linked directly to your 3D model, all your 2D and 3D views are placed and manipulated on Layout sheets at just the position and scale you desire.

The entire printable material can be customized to ensure the look and feel of your drawings is both correct and consistent with your personal style or office standards.

Touch Control

Uniquely, ARCHLineXP’s menu system can be switched to work on Windows tablet devices with touch screens.

Gesture based finger motion control and simplified finger friendly menus make manipulation of the model and commands a natural extension to your eye-hand-mind relationship.

Wall Elevations

Create interior wall elevations of each wall that excludes the rest of the building automatically to see detail that may be difficult to describe in plan or standard section or elevation views. This is particularly good for interior design professions

Real-time Shadow Analysis

ARCHLineXP’s real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade/sun studies on your models. See how the sun affects your space at any time and date. Watch the daylight move across your space.

Render at the speed of light

You have a first-class raytrace render engine at your disposal, built in. Easily render life like fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes with excellent light effects in daytime and night scenes – all in just a few minutes. 

The Right Perspective

Simple and accurate perspectives are as easy as dragging a mouse from where you stand to where you are focused. Perspective views provide an in-depth look at the design as if you were there.

Take a Walk

Get inside your model and take a walk-through. Navigate within or around your design with complete freedom.


ARCHLine.XP’s tiling tools are second to none. If you need to detail the way tiles are laid on walls, floors or any surface then this is your tool.

Complete Control

Whilst ARCHLineXP is extremely automated and produces meaningful  models faster than other software, it also gives the user complete control over each element in the building thus allowing for individual manipulation in a very predictable manner. Knowing you’re in control of your model is a great feeling.

This should answer some of your questions.

We know you’re likely bursting with questions, so hopefully we can answer some for you straight away. For any others, send us an email at or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

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What license options are available?

ARCHLine.XP is supplies as a lifetime license that will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system support it.

There is also a mobile license option with a USB ‘dongle’ that allows you to use the software on whichever machine you have the dongle plugged in to. (extra cost)

There is no compulsory subscription and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

Can I use ARCHLine.XP on a Mac?

Yes. Apple’s ‘Bootcamp’ (supplied free with your Mac) lets you use ARCHLine.XP on your Mac when you boot up into Windows (additional). This also means you get direct access to all Windows based programs as well as your favorite Mac ones.

We recommend investing in a quality mouse with a scroll wheel. Apple’s Magic Mouse is difficult to use with CAD software.

How much does ARCHLine.XP Cost?

A lifetime license of ARCHLine.XP including full support to the end of the year is either…

$3995+GST in a single payment or

$2090+GST in two payments over two consecutive months or

$399.50+GST per month for 12 consecutive months.

There are no compulsory annual subscription costs. Once the license has been paid for it is yours to keep.

Version to version upgrades are optional and offered at 25% of the new license price.

Why is ARCHLine.XP so inexpensive?

ARCHLine.XP has chosen to grow its market as quickly as possible and respond to designers that are unhappy about the pricing policies of its competitors.

Why haven't I heard of ARCHLine.XP before now?

ARCHLine.XP is developed in Europe and in that market it is better known than elsewhere. Over the years, most of the money from sales in Europe has gone back in to R&D rather on expansion. In 2017 that changed. We are ramping up marketing to expand ARCHLine.XP to the rest of the world especially in Australia and New Zealand. We’re ready to change BIM/CAD for the better, and give companies more profitability from every minute they use CAD software.

What are the computer requirements?

Windows 10, 8 or 7
Intel i5 processor (i7 preferred)
64 bit machine
8GB RAM (16GB+ preferred)
500MB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
Dedicated graphics card with 2GB memory (more preferred) supporting OpenGL 2.0 or later
1280 x 800 screen resolution or higher

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