Aer Traveller

Premium, Powerful & Ultra Light for CAD on the Go.

A Premium Metal Top Cover

The Aer’s beautiful midnight blue design features a cool-to-the-touch premium metal construction on the top cover.


ThunderBolt 4.0

The world of Thunderbolt is growing rapidly, with an extensive array of devices in development to utilise the ports’ phenomenal speeds, which are capable of up to 40 Gbps. 

13th Gen Power

Aer Traveller redefines laptop mobility and performance as we know it; engineered precisely with a genuine focus on being thin, lightweight, incredibly powerful and capable of demanding CAD computing. Despite its wonderfully compact 14.0″ form, Aer Traveller delivers CPU processing power that’s faster than any lightweight, thin form-factor laptop before it. The result is a mobile device that’s perfect for the ever-on-the-go user who needs high-end computing power wherever their journey takes them.

Slim, Light, Beautiful.

From its striking ‘midnight blue’ finish to its angular cool-to-the-touch metal top lid construction, Aer Traveller’s beautiful design is a masterstroke of understated sophistication. Its precise engineering of internal space achieving remarkably thin 2.14cm at an unbelievably light 1.5Kg total weight including battery.

So whether you’re busy rushing in and out of client meetings or on a plane back home after a long day, Aer Traveller is your perfect go anywhere companion.

NVidia 4000 Series GPU

NVidia’s very latest high-end graphics engine puts an amazing 100W of desktop style graphics power into a wonderfully compact form factor, enabling demanding tools like CAD to execute with incredible efficiency, even when you’re on the go.

Compact, Yet Feature Packed

Aer Traveller was meticulously designed for peak mobility whilst engineering every element of its hardware structure for complete performance optimisation. Aer Traveller and its incredible CPU and GPU potential are configurable in ways that belie its compact form, expandable to 64MB of 5200Mhz DDR5 RAM and NVidia RTX 4060/70 8GB GPU powering at a staggering 100W.

Multi-Monitor Efficiency

Aer Traveller’s extensive array of ports enables you to do so much more; with HDMI and Thunderbolt Display built-in, you can connect up to three external monitors running their separate content. With the laptop display added in you can quadruple your screen real estate and supercharge your multitasking capabilities, making the Aer traveller the ultimate desktop replacement.

Large Array of Ports

Aer Traveller may be our most compact unit, yet it’s engineered to deliver an expansive array of ports so you can connect to a multitude of devices without compromising.

Vibrant Display

Vibrant calibrated colours, rapid refresh rate and rich deep contrast make Aer Traveller’s display a pleasure to work with. Built for professional photographers, video editors, content creators, CAD designers and media makers.