2D Drafting – General Purpose CAD

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Coming from AutoCAD?


(Pronounced: Ah-Rez) The Worlds #1 Open DWG based CAD software. It closely mimics the look, feel and functionality of AutoCAD®. Available for desktops, mobile devices and in the cloud so flexibility of access and sharing of drawings is unsurpassed.

ARES® handles BIM models for extraction of 2D drawings that remain linked to the 3D BIM model. Ideal alternative for trained AutoCAD® users.


New to CAD? Looking for the easiest program to use?


The most popular choice for professional 2D drafting because it’s easier to learn and faster to use than other options. If you’re looking to produce the best quality, highly accurate CAD drawings without spending too much time or money, RealCAD® is for you. Support for the software is excellent with end-users having access to the actual developers. RealCAD® is used for most of the online CAD courses in colleges and schools, and is available for both Mac® and Windows®.



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