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Designer Pro+

Fast to learn, easy to use highly automated home design software. The best option for Mac users that don’t get access to Windows only products like ARCHLine.XP or Revit.
Windows & Mac.

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Rapid concept design and construction detailing in 3D with comparative ease. Models created in SketchUp® can be imported into most CAD software.
Windows & Mac.


Use along side BIM/CAD software to generate curvaceous organic, iterative 3D design options with parametric formula-based design abilities. 
Windows & Mac.


Best-in-class BIM/CAD for professionals making a living from architecture, building design and interior design. Fast, easy, productive and affordable.
Windows Only.


World’s leading architectural visualisation tool. Works with all major Architectural software and 3D modellers.
Windows Only

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Archline 'LIVE'

Affordable, real-time renderer to turn your ARCHLine.XP® or SketchUp® 3D models into immersive presentations.
Windows Only

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