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Designer Pro

is a highly automated building design software for budget conscious designers. A great option when realistic rendering or detailed construction documents linked to the 3D model are not required. Suits occasional users best. Available for Mac® OS/X® and Windows®.

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is great for rapid concept design and fine detailing in 3D. It is a very widely used application suited to a broad range of design disciplines and now with usable 2D documentation tools linked to the 3D model. If you can’t afford ARCHLine.XP then this could be a viable alternative.


is powerful BIM for all things architectural, inside and out. The ideal choice for professionals who make a living from design and documentation of all types of buildings, large and small. Our most popular professional architectural software. Available in a Light and Pro version.


is great for designing curvaceous and organic structures. Powerful parametric plugins allow you to rapidly explore iterative design. Great for 3D modelling of large civic projects and public buildings. Not recommended for general architectural design of regular construction buildings.


is the leading architectural real-time and static rendering and animation tool for all designers, inside and out. Works with practically all 3D modelling software including SketchUp®, ARCHLine.XP®, IronCAD®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, Vectorworks® and more.


is an easy to use affordable, real-time renderer to turn your ARCHLine.XP® or SketchUp® 3D models into immersive presentations. Create quality images, videos and live walkthroughs. If Lumion is a little over your budget then “Live” could be just the product for you.


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