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Smart Architect

is the most popular architectural plug-in for older AutoCAD versions up to 2010 and now for BricsCAD. It’s a great choice for productive 2D documentation in DWG format.

Designer Pro

is the best choice for high speed design of domestic dwellings when realistic rendering and detailed construction documents are not a regular requirement.


is top-of-the-line BIM/CAD software for all things architectural, inside and out. This is the best choice for professionals producing architectural &/or interior designs for a living.


is a powerful rendering and animation tool for all designers, inside and out. Works with practically all 3D modelling software including SketchUp, ARCHLineXP, IronCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD and more.


is great for conceptual design and detailing in 3D. Models created in SketchUp can be imported into architectural software such as Revit, ArchiCAD and ARCHLineXP.


is a 3D modeller for curvaceous and organic structures. Forms created in Rhino3D are exported to BIM/CAD software such as ARCHLineXP, ArchiCAD or Revit for final documentation and integration with structures and services.

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