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General purpose CAD chosen by existing AutoCAD users as an alternative. Best used with a localised third party plug-in for your industry.


This is RealCAD for Plumbers to rapidly produce ‘as-built’ (as installed) plans of their installations for submission to council or water authorities. Can also be used for general design and drafting.


A sheet metal development, software, typically for the HVAC, plastics and insulation industries. Contains a huge array of standard parametric modifiable shapes.


The premium choice wherever vessels, pipes and connections are required such as in process plant design, HVAC, mechanical hydraulics or complex pipework. Includes sheet metal development.


A complete MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (architectural) modeller in the context of the building. Ideal for working with Revit, IFC, BIM, models. Also used as a complete Architectural design tool.


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