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is best for 2D (with some basic 3D). It has a CNC plug-in (RealCAM) for 2.5 to 3 axis direct from your RealCAD drawing. Is preferred in place of products like AutoCAD.


is a specialised sheet metal development software, typically for the HVAC, plastics and insulation industries. Contains a huge array of standard parametrically modifiable shapes, each with different configurations. Can be used on its own or with CAD software for further editing of the flat patterns.


is generally used as a companion to product s like IronCAD, SolidWorks, or Inventor when complex organic surfacing is required. Often used to repair poorly stitched surface models and IGES files. Is a great file translation and modification tool in preparation for CAM software.


is the industry’s premium 3D design tool with a dedicated CAM plugin or as a companion to any separate CAM software. Replaces all other modelling tools. Extremely easy and comprehensive parametric solids modeling including sheet metal design and development and complex surface modeling.

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