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At last count we found over 40 rendering programs that you could buy and more than 20 that were free. Some designed to be ‘stand-alone’ whilst others operate as plugins for CAD modellers. Some CAD programs have rendering built-in or have favored renderers that suit that particular program. Given the level of quality and productivity our customers typically demand we have chosen the top four rendering products as shown below, followed by some lesser known specialised presentation tools.



is powerful realtime rendering and animation at its best, with a focus on cityscapes, landscapes, architecture and interior design. Easy to master and with exceptionally fast, high-quality results.


ARCHLine Live

is affordable realtime ‘Live’ rendering and animation for architecture and interior design. Operates as a connected companion to many BIM/CAD software and SketchUp.



is an extremely fast and faithfully accurate, rendering and animation tool favoured by the world’s best product designers for the most exceptional end results.



is a well known traditional raytrace photo-realistic renderer. Historically very popular for architectural and interior scenes.



is a unique 3D painting tool that will turn captured 3D views into atmospheric, stylised and persuasive 2D visualisations. A truly unique way to create compelling artistic renditions of your CAD models



converts mechanical looking, hard-line CAD drawings into hand-drawn masterpieces. Overrun, splutter, wobble and bleed your lines to create the desired level of hand held sketchiness.



creates animations of your 3D model right inside Rhino3D with simple drag and drop functions.

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