IronCAD the CAD Killer software that puts all other MCAD on notice... …IronCAD simply gets more done in less time, period. If you're still using traditional MCAD you'll be wasting time generating sketches, adding constraints, breaking and repairing history trees,...

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CAD Killer – IronCAD – Original

Choose your 'CAD Killer' product Super-charge your design and sales productivityKiller Performance Laptops World's fastest Australian built premium laptops that deliver incredible reliability and powerful performance for the demands of even the most complex CAD and...

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Design Software Kernels

Unlike other CAD systems, IRONCAD uses dual ACIS and PARASOLID geometric modelling kernels. This can be advantageous when creating, importing and exporting geometry (as each kernel has strengths and weaknesses). For example, the ACIS kernel is better when importing faceted geometry (including faceted 3D DXFs). Whereas the PARASOLID kernel is better at preserving the assembly structure of exported assemblies. For clients using PARASOLID based software, they use the PARASOLID kernel and file format (*.x_t). For clients using ACIS based software they use the ACIS kernel and file format (*.sat).

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