move or renew your software license

Re-Auth Code (DRC-Auto products)

Renew your DRC-Auto product license with a new DRC-Auto product code. Be sure to enter your DRC-Auto product serial number in the notes section at the checkout. Use the other Re-Auth Code option on this page for non-DRC-Auto products.

$ 179

Re-Auth Code (all other software)

Get a new code to move your software license from one machine to another, or re-license it on a new hard drive or following an upgrade of your operating system or because your software requires a renewal after a certain period of time. No need to purchase a license from scratch, all you need is a Re-Auth Code to get you back up and running.

$ 169

Note about Re-Authorisation:

In order to reduce inadvertent or intentional misuse of software licenses, developers implement various techniques to protect intellectual property of their software. One of those methods is to link the software by an ‘authorization code’ to the hard-drive on which it is installed. This method is the simplest and least problematic as it does not rely on the end-user being connected to the internet, nor on having a hardware protection device (dongle) that would be subject to theft or loss. The only downside of this method is that it has to be managed by the vendor or software developer if the hardware fails or if the user wishes to move the license to another machine and this management process takes time and expertise to implement and for the records to be updated. For this reason there is a charge levied to cover those activities. On the upside, this process means that the software can be provided to the end user for less initial cost as there is no online license system to maintain or ‘dongle’ to be purchased.

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