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CAD for ‘Tree People’

ArborCAD® is the world's only CAD software exclusively designed for the needs of Arboriculture. Get the features of regular CAD plus powerful, productive tools for professional consulting arborists, in a fast, easy-to-master program.

Whether you're conducting and documenting a site survey, producing a tree protection report or drawing any kind of plan, ArborCAD enables you to be more productive, more professional and more profitable. That’s the bottom line. Save time on every report you create.

Get Good Fast

The built-in step-by-step tutorial will have you up and running in just a few hours – You won’t be an expert straight away but you’ll be well on your way and our team will assist you personally to get the most from your ArborCAD® software.

When you have all the fundamentals handled you can choose to expand your knowledge of the program by enrolling in our general purpose CAD course to give you all the tips and tricks you need to become an expert.

Game Changer

Shortcut your ‘old school’ methods by leveraging the built-in arbor-friendly technology. Start with the Architect’s or surveyor’s CAD file or use satellite images including Google Maps, Six Maps, Near Maps or any localized service as your base plan, then accurately scale it to size with only two points and a known distance between them.

Next, load field data and tree locations collected on site or from the map and let ArborCAD insert every tree in the right place along with Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) circles, Structural Root Zone (SRZ) circles, canopy spread outlines, trunks, ID’s, tree condition details and complete survey schedules and labels.

Nothing is faster or more professional than a drawing created with ArborCAD.

Compatibility Assurance

Work alongside architects, surveyors, town planners, builders and engineers by importing, editing and sharing files directly with them.

Open existing CAD drawings and simply remove what you don’t want and keep what you need. No need to redraw.

Supported formats include AutoCAD® DWG, DXF, CAD, PDF, JPG, BMP and PNG. Work with any aerial photo or scanned image. Just insert, scale and trace over the top. Send finished drawings as PDF, CAD or image files or paste directly into your report.

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Some unique features we

know you’ll love

Protective Fencing

ArborCAD lets you place protective fencing on your drawing and provides an accurate count of how many panels the builder requires to protect the trees from his works.

Incursion Control™

Incursion/encroachment calculation, drawing and adjustment simply couldn’t be easier, no matter what the shape. It even resizes the TPZ and shows the value as text for you to place in the drawing.

Clever Canopies

Enter the canopy spread as a distance North, South, East and West, and let ArborCAD insert an accurate canopy – and if required, adjust your TPZ to suit.

Magic Eraser

Powerful editing of lines is made possible by the proprietary Magic Eraser™ function. Just press Alt + drag your cursor to trim and delete. This is just one of many smart design tools that will have you working like a pro in no time.

Good Measure

Instant, accurate measurement tools assist in costing and calculating job requirements with confidence. Areas, lengths, angles and quantities straight from the drawing, even around complex hard to estimate shapes.


Fully CAD Capable

ArborCAD is built on our most popular CAD software, so it comes with all the regular CAD tools you’d expect, plus a unique set of tools devoted just to consulting Arborists needs.


True Scale

Work directly over aerial maps and photographs. Pick two points and enter the real world distance between them to scale anything to true size. Ensure your work is always accurate at any scale.


Sketch and Stretch

Easily adjust anything in your drawing. Associated elements will update automatically saving hours of drafting time.

Work with Others

Import CAD files in DWG, DXF format or work directly over images such as Maps, Aerial Photos, scanned plans and converted PDF’s. No need to redraw, just use the plans you have available.


Landscape Design Ready

If your business does landscape design then add LANDWorksCAD, the world’s most desirable landscape design software, to give you the perfect CAD solution for the multi-disciplinary office.


ArborCAD System Requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
Minimum Intel i7 or higher
Minimum 16GB RAM – Recommend 32 GB or more
Minimum 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
NVIDIA graphics card 4GB or more recommended, supporting OpenGL
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended (4k screens are supported)
Mac OSX Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra or later
Minimum Intel i7 or higher (M1 chipset also supported)
Minimum 16GB RAM – Recommend 32 GB or more
Minimum 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Standard 2-button mouse with scroll wheel (Magic Mouse not supported)
NVIDIA graphics card 4GB or more recommended, supporting OpenGL
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended (4k screens are supported)

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How is ArborCAD different to regular CAD?

Designed specifically for consulting Arborist and other tree professionals ArborCAD performs tasks not available in any other product anywhere in the world. It is also quicker to learn, faster to use and easier to master.
ArborCAD will completely replace any old CAD software you might being using now. You will still be able to open and edit any DWG files you have too.

Can I use ArborCAD on a Mac?

Both MAC OS/X and Windows are fully supported and it even looks and works the same in both environments too.Just remember though that Windows machines are generally regarded as the better option for operating CAD software.Be sure to check the  System Requirements section above.

Do I also need other CAD software?

No. ArborCAD includes all the regular CAD tools as well as the Arborist tools, so when you purchase an ArborCAD license you are getting a full CAD software license too.

How do upgrades work?

If you get ArborCAD on a subscription license, your subscription includes upgrades. If you purchase a perpetual license then you simply choose to buy upgrades whenever you see the benefit is worth the investment. 

Is ArborCAD suitable for my location?

ArborCAD started in Australia and was based on UK standards and has since been enhanced to work with any arboriculture standards from all over the world. It is suitable and ready for use anywhere there are trees to be protected.

Can ArborCAD be used for forestry reports?

Absolutely. You can use ArborCAD to plot a single tree, a stand of trees or an entire forest onto your drawing. There are tools to label and generate schedules for projects large and small.

Can I use it for landscape design?

You can add the landscape design program LANDWorksCAD to ArborCAD. This would be highly productive for multi-disciplined offices that do both landscape design and consulting arboriculture.

What do I get with Support Subscription?

You get expert help to assist you with both technical and user issues. We provide screen to screen assistance as well as videos that show you how to resolve your problem or complete a task. It’s a bit like having a guru at the end of the phone or email to help you reach your goals. Support Subscription is purchased separately to the software itself as some people prefer to ‘go it alone’.

What Others Are Saying

“My drawings now look professional and are really easy to produce. ArborCAD has everything I had in my previous CAD software but it’s way more productive.”
Jim Tall, Out on a Limb

“After doing the beginners training I’ve produced my first job. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for all your help too guys – great support.”
Phil Hillier, Greener Than

“I work with a developer and he was so happy I could use his files. Saved a lot of time for both of us.”
Aaron, ArborMax

“Nice job. Just what the business needed. Works beautifully on the laptop you guys supplied too.”
Rob, Harbor Arbor

“Wow, this is a hundred times faster than working it all out and drawing manually on my old CAD program.”
Tim Siu, Tree T’s

“Took me a few days to get my head around it, but I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to technology. I appreciate your awesome support Dani and Sidra. Thanks”
Brian B. Consultant

“You guys have nailed it. Way more flexible than regular CAD, good job. Has saved me a ton of work.”
Sarah, Arborite

“…I did all this the hard, long way for years. Ready to get a decent computer computer to make it faster still.”
Orlando Jobe, Tree Care Co.

“I wasted more than two years debating whether to buy ArborCAD or not. Dah!. paid for itself immediately.
Ellen Borne. Can-O.P. Consultancy

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