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ARCHLine.XP® combines key elements of ArchiCAD®, SketchUp®, Revit® and AutoCAD® in one comprehensive BIM solution. Productivity is measurably high, especially in 3D and it takes less time to learn. Both ARCHLine.XP® and ArchiCAD® have their birth place in Budapest Hungary, so it’s no wonder there are similarities in both these products.

At nearly half the price, ARCHLine.XP is arguably more than double the value, with superior 3D modelling tools and built-in rendering as well as plug-in ‘Live’ rendered animation to sell your ideas more easily.

ARCHLine.XP® in the BIM space of Australian and New Zealand’s design offices is difficult to ignore and easy to embrace. Smart Architects and designers around the globe who do the research have chosen ARCHLine.XP®, making it the most popular alternative to Revit® and ArchiCAD® alike to be come our most popular BIM/CAD software.