Alternatives. Make an informed choice.

Autodesk Revit®

Revit® by Autodesk is similar to ArchiCAD and ARCHLine.XP in that it is a full parametric BIM solution that generates its 2D documentation from the 3D BIM model.

Revit licenses are available only as renewable subscription rental licenses in which you are required to pay every year for as long as you wish to use the software. Revit operates on the Windows platform only whereas ArchiCAD® does run on Mac® OS natively and on Windows®.

For some, Revit is easier to learn but the debate on this will probably continue. Revit can be a potentially viable alternative for many, although we generally recommend and prefer the enhanced usability, flexibility and price advantages of ARCHLine.XP over both of these options.

Revit and ArchiCAD can be acquired through their respective supply channels. ARCHLine.XP can be acquired directly from this site.


ARCHLine.XP® combines key elements of ArchiCAD®, SketchUp®, Revit® and AutoCAD® into a single comprehensive BIM solution. Productivity is measurably high and it definitely takes less time to learn.

ARCHLine.XP is significantly more cost effective than Revit subscription and less than half the price of ArchiCAD.  It offers both subscription and perpetual licenses.

It is extremely versatile with a range of specialised tools for Architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, building designers, builders and building services without needing to add extra modules.

ARCHLine.XPis the most popular alternative for Windows® based BIM and is our most favored BIM/CAD offering in Australia and NZ.

CAD International provide plug-in applications and/or compatible companion software and hardware for Vectorworks®, Revit®, AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD®, BricsCAD® SolidWorks®, Inventor® SolidEdge® and others.
CAD International do not sell, support or represent any of these products.
Clients wishing to purchase these programs should locate their nearest authorised resellers.