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Created from the ground up for the entire AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, ARCHLine.XP is perfect for Architects, building designers, Interior designers, fit-out companies, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet designers, tilers, builders, renovators and property developers.

Industry leading BIM/CAD software with all the tools you need to design and document your entire project from start to finish in a single product. Now also with a complete suite of tools for MEP (Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing).

“Having just one comprehensive program for everything we do makes life so much easier to manage” G. Watts, Design Selection Architects, Sydney

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Whether you’re a small, medium, or large design firm, ARCHLine.XP has all the tools to design a single room, a single building or an entire town.

Take a project from site visit to survey, from compliance to construction, then all the way to completion and certification in a single program without any need for add-ons.

ARCHLine.XP’s tools include survey data manipulation, laser point cloud conversion, DTM (Digital Terrain Model) creation and manipulation, excavation modelling and calculation, building design and modeling, framing design, drawing/documentation, shadow analysis, MEP, interior design, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet design, photo-realistic rendering, animation, presentation, quantity take-off and ‘as-built’ drawing creation.

The ARCHLine.XPerience

ARCHLine.XP® users are passionate about design and appreciate what the software enables them to achieve. They are designers who express their creative intent and happily embrace technology to help them convey ideas and streamline the everyday documentation process.

“Loving this program… I’ve been plugging away with AutoCAD for years then Revit. …feels like I’ve finally found wheels for my bike!”, Peter Peck B.Arch.

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Transform your design expertise into reality. Build real-world livable spaces without the restrictions of old-world CAD software. If you’ve used products like ArchiCAD or Revit before then experiencing ARCHLine.XP will be an easy step up, as it combines the best of both and brings unique time saving abilities of its own. If you use AutoCAD or Vectorworks then be prepared for a significant productivity improvement. SketchUp users also love ARCHLine.XP to do the work that SketchUp just wasn’t designed to do.

Test it out for yourself – Risk free, obligation free. For less than a cup of coffee a day get the software, unlimited support and expert training for 6 months. At the end of the trial period you’ll be better informed to know if ARCHLine.XP is right for you and your business and you’ll be able to make an informed decision to purchase, rent or go back to your current methods. Start your trial.

It’s about productivity.

ARCHLine.XP is unrivaled in its ability to streamline the entire design process for professionals of the built environment – No other BIM or CAD software lets you make changes to a design so rapidly and with such efficiency. Every minute you’re using ARCHLine.XP is time saved and money earned in your business.

“We replaced our old CAD software with ARCHLine.xp and simply get more done in less time, period”, Gabrielle Schultz B.Arch.

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ARCHLine.XP builds intelligent, parametric models from which all drawings and information are extracted. It updates this information as changes are made to the design throughout the life of the project.

More than just lines on a page, ARCHLine.XP models are created with 3D building elements that behave and interact with each other in a logical and predictable manner. Walls understand how to interact with floors and roofs for instance, thus making changes to one element will intelligently update connected elements but giving you complete control over the process.

Those familiar with traditional CAD can use many of the same techniques without having to completely relearn. Models can also be manipulated in 3D space more easily than rival products, making the design process more intuitive and less technical.

The model as a whole conforms to industry compliant BIM (Building Information Modelling) rules and allows direct collaboration with co-designers and building authorities using practically any other BIM or CAD software to almost eradicate redrawing of anything. A huge time saver.

When compared with any other system, ARCHLine.XP provides a more efficient method of modelling and document creation, period.

Try ARCHLine.XP for your self

Compatibility assurance

Use ARCHLine.XP on its own or interact with your associates, either within your company or externally to maintain the flow of the entire design process. Directly utilise survey, structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and mechanical services 2D drawings or 3D models from whichever software they use, and export to just about anyone. After all, ARCHLine.XP has more compatibility with other BIM, CAD and ArchViz software than any other.

“Being able to share files using standard CAD and BIM formats is paramount for us. We often use Revit, SketchUp and AutoCAD files directly which saves us a lot of time”, 

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ARCHLine.XP communicates with other BIM / CAD products by using industry standard IFC, DWG™, and RVT™ formats. ARCHLine.XP is BuildingSmart™-Certified.

Be sure your company is included in distributed team projects and avoid being left out of major projects. ARCHLine.XP provides independence from but close collaboration with other major BIM/CAD products so you can stay in the design collaboration loop.

ARCHLine.XP supports the widest array of export formats for rendering and presentation including Lumion, 3D Max, Artlantis, Cinema 4D, Maya and more.

Get good fast – Risk free

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned CAD user you’ll be up and running in a matter of hours and productive in days not months. One of ARCHLine.XP’s most talked about benefits its how fast and easy it is to learn and use compared to other premium BIM software.

“Very excited to start my first real job with the program. I’m very grateful I don’t have to commit to a huge cost or learning curve too.”

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Trial the software for 6 months and get full support and training for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day.

Our experience shows us that by the end of your trial you’ll be so impressed you won’t hesitate to purchase a lifetime license or rent the software for a further 6 months. No obligation, no risk.

You’ll be making the most informed decision on the most important tool in any designers arsenal.

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Some unique features we think you’ll love…

Storey Wise

Link your building elements to defined floor levels and If the floor levels are changed then the entire building and its associated drawings will update without you having to do a thing!

This tool allows items on a floor to inherit predefined base elevation and height values. Simply move or copy elements to other floors and the placed elements inherit the features of the floor.

Visual Control

Fully control the visual layout of your drawings. Group or separate objects into categories or folders, then display or hide chosen elements from your drawing.

ARCHLineXP’s layer system is familiar to most and easily understood. Combed with categories (such as the purpose of your building parts) you total control over what shows up on your drawings and how they appear in different drawing types.

Walls to be demolished for instance may appear dashed and red in one view but solid and hatched in another. the choice is yours.

Turn 2D to 3D

Automatically convert lines from imported DXF/DWG drawings into 3D walls. Place doors and windows into your model directly whilst snapping to your 2D geometry too.

Wall Wizardry

Create complex wall styles with various plys (skins), and define each ply independently if desired. Variable thickness in the same wall? Easy!.

Niches, holes and even unusual shaped penetrations are fully catered for. Be as creative as you need to be.

Walls connect correctly to other walls, floors ceilings and other elements too. You have complete control over every joint.

Doors and Windows

From all the basic door types to very rare and bespoke ones, the door wizard enables the design of new door types as interior, entry, glass and steel doors. You can add manufacturer and product information as well to come up with real quantity take-off later. These data fields are stored as BIM parameters, and can be accessible by the other stakeholders.

Floors and Ceilings

Design regular or irregular slabs, sloping slabs, and detailed foundations. A slab can be a single layered or multi-layered with beams in it. The slab profiles assist in creating custom made slabs, such as annular vaults, cross vaults, etc.

Stair Master

Create and manipulate 3D parametric stairs with the industry’s most versatile stair tools. Adjust stairs to suit any condition and desired outcome. ARCHLineXP’s stairs even cut a stairwell in the floor and ceiling for you!


ARHLinesXP’s automatic roof tools are class leading and make it very easy to define both simple and complex roofs over any shape at any angle, and intersecting with anything. Roof openings and roof framing are also handled by the software if required.

Auto Dimension

Add precise annotations to your documentation either manually or automatically. The unique automated routine save hours on every project.


Import Revit families and SketchUp models  to have no end of objects you can use directly in your ARCHLineXP model. BIM objects can even be converted to intelligent BIM elements in ARCHLineXP such as doors and windows.

Dynamic Sections

Visually cut away parts of your design, enabling you to look inside your model or to create architectural sections and section views for your drawings.

Layout Drawings

Linked directly to your 3D model, all your 2D and 3D views are placed and manipulated on Layout sheets at just the position and scale you desire.

The entire printable material can be customized to ensure the look and feel of your drawings is both correct and consistent with your personal style or office standards.

Wall Elevations

Create interior wall elevations of each wall to see detail that may be difficult to describe in Plan.

Real-time Shadow Analysis

ARCHLineXP’s real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade/sun studies on your models. See how the sun affects your space at any time and date. Watch the daylight move across your space.

Render at the speed of light

You have a first-class raytrace render engine at your disposal built in. Easily render life like fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes with excellent light effects in daytime and night scenes – all in just a few minutes.

The Right Perspective

Simple and accurate perspectives are as easy as dragging a mouse. Perspective views provide an in-depth look at the design as if you were there or through the eye of a camera.

Take a Walk

Get inside your model and take a walk-through. Navigate within or around your design with complete freedom.

Complete Control

Whilst ARCHLineXP is extremely automated and produces meaningful  models faster than other software, it also gives the user complete control over each element in the building thus allowing for individual manipulation in a very predictable manner. Knowing you have control of your model is a great feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What license options are available?

Choose from a lifetime license that will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system will support it.
There is also a mobile license option with a USB ‘dongle’ to use the software on whichever machine you have the dongle plugged in to. (extra cost)
There is no compulsory subscription and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

Can I use ARCHLine.XP on a Mac?

Yes. Apple’s Bootcamp (supplied free with your Mac) lets you use ARCHLine.XP on your Mac when you boot up into Windows (additional). This also means you get direct access to all Windows based programs as well as your favorite Mac ones.
We recommend investing in a quality mouse with a scroll wheel. Apple’s Magic Mouse is difficult to use with CAD software.

Can I work with Revit files and libraries?

Yes, ARCHLine.XP supports the import and use of Revit® .RVT model and .RFA (Revit Family) files.
.RFA objects carry BIM parameters for the object, so you'll be working with intelligent building components, not just simple CAD blocks. Most manufacturers provide downloadable ‘BIM’ models in Revit® format which you will use in ARCHLine.XP.

Connect to libraries such as Cadenas® and BIMobject® – import actual objects with their BIM parameters directly into your ARCHLine.XP model.

Can I use SketchUp files?

Yes, ARCHLine.XP supports the import and use of SketchUp® .SKP files including library elements from the massive 3D-Warehouse initiated by Google.

How can I upgrade my ARCHLine.XP license?

Buy ARCHLine.XP Online

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$499 / month for 12 months

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  • Fully functional 3-month software license
  • Unlimited help from our team
  • 4 x one-on-one training sessions

*Get 100% of your Starter Pack investment back as a discount when you purchase a lifetime license within the 90-day Starter Pack period

Prices shown in AUD. Australian buyers add 10% GST

Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows 10, 8 or 7
  • Intel i7 – 64 bit machine
  • 8GB RAM (16GB+ preferred)
  • 5GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
  • 2 button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Dedicated graphics card with 2GB+ supporting DirectX 11 or later
  • 1980 x 1080 screen resolution or higher (4K monitors also supported)


  • Mac running Windows via BootCamp
  • Intel i7 – 64 bit machine
  • 8GB RAM (16GB+ preferred)
  • 5GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
  • 2 button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Dedicated graphics card with 2GB+ supporting DirectX 11 or later
  • 1980 x 1080 screen resolution or higher (4K monitors also supported)

30 day trial (or choose 90 day ‘Starter Pack’)

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