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simply better, faster, smarter BIM

All-in-one BIM

Everything you need to successfully design, present and document your entire project from start to finish in a single unified product.

ARCHLine.XP is the fastest BIM software on the planet for all things architectural, inside and out. Used by leading Architects, building designers, interior designers, shop fitters, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet designers, builders, renovators, property developers and now also for MEP and HVAC (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning).

ARCHLine.XP has it all in one easy to learn, fast to use, powerful and affordable product.

Faster to use – easier to learn – and FREE

You can learn ARCHLine.XP in days or weeks not months or years – and when you’re up and running you’ll also be more productive than with any other BIM/CAD software due to smart features that others haven’t even though of.

ARCHLine.XP’s unique methodology leads the BIM world with the most rapid modelling and documentation tools to go from concept to construction without missing a beat.

Training online is free and easy to follow. Choose from video lessons, webinars and step-by-step instructions – And real live human support is always at hand.


Work as easily in 3D as you do in 2D, or operate both at the same time. Plans, elevations, sections, perspectives and details all work together. Change your design in any view and all your drawings will update to reflect the changes. There is nothing left to chance, even when working with teams on large projects, or multiple buildings on one site, ARCHLine.XP manages the model, the drawings, the files and even the backups.

Using ARCHLine.XP you can work well with your associates who may be using legacy systems such as AutoCAD or similar systems such as Revit.

Get more done in less time – period.

Ready to get started? Try ARCHLine.XP Free Today!

Smart Architecture

ARCHLine.XP understands how architectural objects behave – a Google map becomes a 3D terrain with no effort – Stairs are designed to standard, remain fully controllable and even cut a hole in the floor above – A framed wall knows how to place studs, plates, noggins lintels and even bracing without you doing a thing – A roof is designed and framed in seconds – An entire plan can be dimensioned in two clicks and a complete kitchen can be created in one!

Let ARCHLine.XP do the hard work as you focus on design. Time is money, don’t waste it.

Local libraries – limitless possibilities

Download and use content from the world’s largest libraries, including Revit families, SketchUp components and brand name objects in practically every format available.

Still can’t find what you want?… ARCHLine.XP gives you all the modelling tools to make your own anything! You can even share items with the ARCHLine.XP community.

Expand your horizons and embrace a limitless world.

One-Click, Two-Clicks, Done

ARCHLine.XP’s award winning kitchen, bathroom and cabinet tools make light work of any interior design needs. Take complete control of every part of every cabinet and even every tile! Or use the systems built-in AI to design a kitchen for you in just one click! That’s right, simply tell the software what you need and show it the space to design in – ARCHLine.XP will do the rest and populate the area with all the required cabinets and appliances ready for your finishing touches.

ARCHLine.XP, a fundamentally better way to design.

Bring your models to life

Engage your clients in your design, show-off multiple design & material options and do it effortlessly. Use the built-in rendering engine or link to ARCHLine.XP’s very own ‘LIVE’ rendering add-on that leverages gaming technology to render and animate in real-time.

Insert lights from the library and see how that illuminates your space at night, or watch as the sun casts its rays across your room or your site. Explore how subtle changes in materials and colour make all the difference to your design. Make changes and witness the update before your eyes.

Prefer to work with Lumion?.. you can do that too, ARCHLine.XP is compatible with every popular rendering software.

Some unique features users love

Stair Master

Click, click and your entire set of stairs is modelled in seconds. Add handrails in a flash. Stairs even creates a stairwell for you! Be the master every step of the way.

Roof Magic

Enjoy best-in-class roof design tools to automatically generate roofing in just a few clicks. Take full control over every roof design no matter how complex. The intelligence to model fast and the finesse to stay in control.

Point Clouds

Capture existing structures with laser or lidar-generated point cloud data then work directly inside the point cloud to generate rooms or buildings in real-world context.


Built-in collaboration tools allow multiple team members to work on the same project at the same time. Perfect for larger projects or remote office environments. Projects can be managed and protected from accidental editing too.

Terrain Modelling

Model any site with any set of height data. Even create a 3D terrain from the address you enter in Google Maps. The Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) is outstanding and incredibly easy to use.

Parametric Walls

Walls accurately adjust to meet the structural and non structural levels you define. Brickwork will meet footings for example, whilst rendering or cladding can travel past the slab and cover the joint where the wall and slab meet.

ARCHLine.XP Live Logo

File Formats

Import and export just about any BIM/CAD file format to make working alongside associates that use other  design software easy. 

Interior Designer Tools

ARCHLine.XP leads the way for interior designers by providing dedicated tools that no other software has. From window treatments to tile setouts to automated wall elevations and even mood boards with colour swatches.

Furniture & Cabinet Modules

From soft furnishings to complete kitchen cabinets, ARCHLine.XP can’t be compared. Kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and interior fit-out professionals buy ARCHLine.XP for these features alone.

System Requirements

ARCHLine-XP Minimum System Requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
Intel i7 or later, AMD Ryzen
16GB or greater preferred
5GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
NVIDIA graphics card with 2GB (4GB or more recommended) supporting Direct-X 11
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended
4k screens are supported
Not officially supported.

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What Others Are Saying

As an architect, I started working with ArchiCAD 6.0, and later the office switched to Revit. I came across ARCHLine.XP in 2015, and I was quickly convinced that it is an easy to learn, full-fledged CAD-BIM program. I love it.”
Jakob Judis Architect, Norway

“I’m loving this program… I’ve been plugging away with AutoCAD and then Revit for years…’feels like I’ve finally found my wheels!”
Peter Park B.Arch.,  Australia

'Having just one comprehensive program for everything we do makes life so much easier to manage'.
G. Watts Design Selection, Australia

We were facing a lot of wasted time, a complex project took 4 to 5 days with SketchUp and our objective was to reduce that time to 2 days maximum – ARCHLine.XP is completely answering our particular needs and requirements.”
Mattheiu Pello Project Manager, Kosmo, France

“We replaced our old CAD software (Vectorworks) with Archline.XP and simply get much more done in less time, period.”
Gabrielle Schultz (Interior designer)

“I thought our greatest challenge would be time lost learning new software. We switched to Archline.XP  extremely quickly, I think because the designers loved using it.”
Bruce McKay (Building Designer)

We worked with AutoCAD so the transition to ARCHLine.XP was pretty easy because both are similar in the basic understanding. ARCHLine.XP offers you a much easier and customer friendly environment.”
Antonis Kiritsis Architect, Archilab Studio, Greece

“I’m learning Revit at TAFE. I wish they taught this though, it’s sooo much easier. I’m convinced to get Archline.XP when I finish my course and start my own practice”
Robert McKinley (Design Student) Ultimo TAFE, Australia

“Our first job with the program went super well. It definitely contributed to winning the project. Thanks for all your help!”
Rob Ryan (Kitchen Designer), Sydney, Australia


better faster smarter BIM

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        • 30 day unrestricted trial
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Starter Pack

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      • 30 day unrestricted trial 
      • Access to all online training
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      • Perpetual license of ARCHLine.XP LT
      • Access to online training
      • Ability to upgrade to Pro

PRO or LT?

ARCHLine-XP LT is a reduced version designed for the more casual user that doesn’t need all the features of PRO. You can purchase LT and upgrade to PRO later if you are unsure which one fits your needs.

The following features are only available in the PRO version.


  • Google Maps – Model your building in direct relation to its true location in Google Maps and extract 3D terrain data from Google.
  • 3D Site modelling – Model and edit 3D terrain data from contours or spot levels and design in context to the 3D terrain.
  • Schedules – Create ‘intelligent’ automated window, door and equipment schedules linked to the 3D model that can update as the model changes.
  • Point-clouds – Work with point clouds generated by laser or other scanner devices so you can accurately model in relation to real world existing buildings.
  • Room survey tools – Convert measurements of rooms taken on site into actual 3D rooms in ARCHLine.XP with walls and doors etc. in a few clicks.
  • MEP – Intelligent tools to generate pipework, electrical works and ducts/HVAC in full 3D and in context with your BIM model (Additional cost item for Pro only)
  • Lighting – Create lighting plans with ‘real’ light objects not just symbols and lines. Lights ‘connect’ to switched and also cast light when rendering.
  • Object libraries. Save hours of modelling by downloading BIM models already created by others. From furniture to appliances to doors and windows to electrical accessories and structure’s.
  • 3D shapes – Concept modelling or simple object building can be done using primitive 3D solids.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom – ARCHLine.XP Pro has one of the most extensive tool sets of any software for kitchen bathroom and cabinet design, and manufacture.
  • Room maker – Powerful tool for interior designers to focus on a single room and work their way around to each wall to apply windows doors trims and finishes super fast.
  • Brand/manufacturer interior design tools.
  • Window treatments – Dress your interiors with with curtains, blinds and more.
  • Tiling, – ARCHLine.XP Pro has the most useful and powerful set of tile tools in any CAD software. If you need to show tile details in your design without using hatching or line by line drafting you will need Pro.
  • Mood boards' – Work just as you do in the real world but with electronic mood boards linked to your 3d model. Swap colours schemes using your mood boards. Great for client presentations.
  • Colour temperature – Lighting and rendering can have the colour temperature altered with slide controls for the perfect render.
  • Compare drawings – Lets you visually compare drawings of the same project to see changes between two designs or revisions, highlighting the differences.
  • Linked Labels/callouts – View labels in the 2D drawing link directly to their specific view in the 3D model and allow different levels of detail (LOD) to be assigned to the drawing.
  • Print queues to manage multiple print jobs unattended. The LT version requires each sheet to be selected and printed one at a time.
  • 360 degree panorama – Pro creates ‘look-around-rendering’ that lets you and your client virtually be there and look around from any standpoint.
  • Render effects – Use effects such as atmosphere and depth of field to dramatically enhance your 3D photo realistic rendering.
  • Photo Match – Lets you use photos of the real world in your 3D scenes
  • Virtual Staging – Lets you use a photo of a room to build a room in 3D from.
  • Teams – Extensive project and file sharing ability when working with a team of designers.
  • Multiples session – Run multiple instances of ARCHLine.XP on the same machine at the same time and share elements between them.
  • Mobile License – Move your license from one machine to another via an optional Mobility USB Dongle (extra cost).
  • 3D Warehouse – Leverage the millions of 3D SketchUp models available on the Trimble 3D Warehouse and convert them into BIM objects for use in your projects. Saves time modelling items yourself.
  • File Compatibility – Link to IFC, RVT (Revit), DWG (AutoCAD), PDF file formats.
  • Google Earth – Lets you use widely accepted KMZ files import or export. 
  • 3D PDF’s – Publish 3D PDF files that your clients and associates can roam around and inspect in detail in with anyone.


Get a lifetime license.

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      • Perpetual license of ARCHLine.XP PRO
      • Access to online training


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$ 1,395

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Get a renewable license of ARCHLineXP Pro.

$ 295 / month


$ 2,795 / year

Australian buyers add 10% GST

Downloadable Project Files

MEP Project

Terraced House

Family House

Grid Sample

Wall Framing


Ottobock Berlin

Klimo Building

Seaside Villa

Wall-Slab Binding

Electrical Plan

Modern Kitchen

Inclined Slab Layers

PBR Materials

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