AutoCAD® Related Lineup

AutoCAD® tuned workstations, plug-ins and alternatives.


Vastly superior for industrial, mechanical, structural and product design.

Witness the most powerful and flexible 3D modelling, from which your drawings are automatically derived. It’s simply how 3D design software should be.

Typically quoted as being 20 x more productive, IronCAD® gives you unrivaled improvements to your bottom-line. 

Design, test, animate, present, sell, draft and prepare for manufacture, faster and smarter than you’ve ever done before.

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World’s No.1 DWG based CAD alternative. Ideal for AutoCAD trained users.

ARES® boasts 100% Open DWG file compatibility to share AutoCAD® drawings in an interface AutoCAD® users can instantly use.

Share, edit and collaborate with your colleagues with DWG’s in the cloud or even on your tablet or phone. ARES Trinity provides it all at a ridiculously cost effective price.

Use ARES to compliment your existing AutoCAD or replace it.


The alternative for non AutoCAD trained users. Easier, different and efficient.

Open and edit AutoCAD .DWG and .DXF files as well as native .CAD files or create new drawings from scratch. RealCAD is easier to learn and use for those not already engrained in traditional AutoCAD® commands and methods.

RealCAD® is the best choice for users needing the highest quality professional 2D drafting output in less time for less money.

RealCAD® is available for Mac® and Windows®.


Simply better, faster and way more powerful for all architectural design.

The ultimate alternative for Architects and building designers, Interior designers, shop fit-out, kitchen & bathroom designers and cabinet makers. ARCHLine.XP combines key elements of Revit®, ArchiCAD®, SketchUp® and AutoCAD® into a single comprehensive BIM software.

Productivity in this space is huge, making the idea of settling for a traditional CAD program difficult to justify.


CAD Tuned Laptops that make the most of AutoCAD® every day you use it.

The ultimate workstations to make your AutoCAD really fly.

These premium model units have been carefully specified to run your favorite CAD software at its optimal. They are among the very fastest and most reliable laptops in the world. If you want to make the most of your AutoCAD investment these are an essential powerhouse.

CAD International provide plug-in applications and/or compatible companion software and hardware for Vectorworks®, Revit®, AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD®, BricsCAD® SolidWorks®, Inventor® SolidEdge® and others.
CAD International do not sell, support or represent any of these products.
Clients wishing to purchase these programs should locate their nearest authorised resellers.