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AutoCAD forces yearly subscription / rental. Don’t fall into their trap!

If you ever decide to stop your subscription, you won’t be able to open your CAD files!


BricsCAD is the leading AutoCAD style product. Ideal for AutoCAD trained users who want more for less.


RealCAD is the fastest alternative when superior, more affordable drafting and ease of use is required.


IronCAD is measurably superior for 3D productivity. Perfect for industrial and product design.


ArchLine.XP is measurably superior for Architecture, building design, interior design, cabinetry and fit-out work.

Better DWG

BricsCAD boasts 100% Open DWG file compatibility to seamlessly share AutoCAD drawings in an interface AutoCAD users instantly find familiar.

With the same command structure and 1,100+ of the same apps for AutoCAD now available for BricsCAD, who wouldn’t consider switching to a more affordable DWG based CAD software with some special improvements of its own?

BricsCAD is the perfect alternative for AutoCAD trained users and those that use plug-in applications for their industry. Offices with AutoCAD already installed can make the switch easily and with complete confidence that they will be productive immediately.

Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.

Easier, faster drafting

RealCAD is feature-rich with simplified methods of operation and a unique, streamlined interface that clearly set it apart, whilst still exchanging files via Open-DWG, PDF or its own native .CAD format – Make working with your peers easy.

Quicker to learn, faster to use and easier to remember, RealCAD is the best choice for new CAD users needing the highest quality professional drafting output in less time.

RealCAD’s superior 2D tools make it the most popular choice for general purpose drafting. It can be upgraded if required to the 3D version when your needs expand.

Mac and Windows compatible.

Superior MCAD

IronCAD pales AutoCAD into insignificance with the most powerful 3D from which your 2D drawings are automatically derived. It’s simply how 3D should be.

Typically quoted as being 20 x more productive, IronCAD gives you unsurpassed improvements to your bottom-line ROI (return on investment).

Design, test, animate, present, sell, draft and prepare for manufacture, faster and smarter than you’ve ever done before. This is next-generation CAD for discerning businesses.

If you design products for manufacturing, IronCAD is an obvious choice.

Windows compatible (not for Mac unless using Windows via Bootcamp).

OMG Architecture

ArchLine.XP is the ultimate tool for Architects and building designers, Interior design and fit-out, furniture kitchen and cabinet makers with full BIM/CAD functionality. ArchLine.XP combines the best of Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and AutoCAD in one comprehensive program. If you want streamlined productivity without limit in your business then settle for nothing less.

Windows compatible. (also runs on Apple machines with Windows installed via Bootcamp)

Payment choices

Why pay over and over again for an AutoCAD license you’ll never own? The alternatives offer the choice of a single payment for a perpetual (no time limit) license, payment plans or rental options – That’s real flexibility to suit your needs.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If within 30 days of purchase we can’t resolve your concerns, we’ll credit you 100% of your software purchase.

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