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Change in ownership, distribution and management of BricsCAD has led CAD International to seek options that better serve our clientele and are in closer alignment with our core values. In many cases we suggest switching to more cost effective, more popular or more productive CAD software such as those shown below. When running a plug-in application such as StrucPLUS, Autoturn and others however, you will need to continue using BricsCAD or AutoCAD until an alternative like ‘ARES Commander’ supports that particular application. If you’re looking for the closest alternative to AutoCAD and are open to consider the worlds #1 DWG alternative, then ‘ARES Commander‘ is the product we would advise you to select. You can trial any of the software for free before you choose and you can of course ask for our expert assistance.

Recommended alternatives

Lumion v10 demo reel


Best option for BIM, Architecture, building design & interior design etc
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ARES Commander

ARES is the World’s #1 DWG alternative with flexible collaboration features you don’t get with any other DWG based product. Switch/upgrade to ARES

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Best for mechanical design, product design, structural steel, sheet metal, etc. Advanced parametric modeller.

CAD International provide plug-in applications and/or compatible companion software and hardware for Vectorworks®, Revit®, AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD®, BricsCAD® SolidWorks®, Inventor® SolidEdge® and others.
CAD International do not sell, support or represent any of these products.
Clients wishing to purchase these programs should locate their nearest authorised resellers.