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BricsCAD is familiar DWG-based CAD.

“We were skeptical and hesitant at first but we’ve found BricsCAD to be more stable and more capable than our previous CAD.” Brian Wong, Systems Manager

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Designed specifically to make it easy for AutoCAD users to transition to with a familiar interface and mode of operation, you can implement it in any AutoCAD dominated office as a replacement. BricsCAD also provides additional features. DWG integration means you don't miss a beat. Create, open and edit DWG files up to the very latest versions. You’re no longer stuck with only one choice of software or one choice of payment.

Same smile on the dial

AutoCAD users appreciate BricsCAD's distinctive ribbon interface and command structure. Keystrokes, command line entry, icon menus and drop down menus all resemble those of traditional CAD 

“It took me just a short while to set up BricsCAD to look exactly like my old AutoCAD…You know what they say about old dogs!”, .

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BricsCAD's unique, quad-cursor functions make short work of many of the more laborious tasks that you have to do with traditional CAD, but in general its pretty much a very similar feel.

1100++ Apps

The primary reasons you may choose BricsCAD over ARES Commander is when you have a plug-in that you used to use with AutoCAD. Just about any plug-in for every conceivable industry that ran with AutoCAD is now available for BricsCAD. And the main reason you may choose it over AutoCAD is simply the price.

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Full LISP, VBA, BRX & .NET support give you the same benefits of using or developing time saving applications but without the additional ongoing costs associated with traditional CAD. More than 1100+ third party applications are now available to work with BricsCAD to further streamline the design process. Isn’t great to have a choice?


Frequently Asked Questions

BricsCAD System Requirements

Windows 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
Intel i7 or higher
8GB RAM or greater
2GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
NVIDIA graphics card with 2GB (4GB or more recommended) supporting OpenGL
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended
4k screens are supported
Mac OSX Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra
Intel i7 or higher (M1 chip not supported)
8GB RAM or greater
2GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Standard 2-button mouse with scroll wheel (Magic Mouse not supported)
NVIDIA graphics card with 2GB (4GB or more recommended) supporting OpenGL
1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended
4k screens are supported

What is the difference between Lite and Pro?

BricsCAD Lite has a limited set of tools and no 3D solids nor plugins. It is suitable for basic 2D drafting with occasional 3D

BricsCAD Pro has all the tools for general CAD work and also supports most BricsCAD compatible plugins.

Check out the comparison chart on this page for more complete details.

Can I use BricsCAD on a Mac?

Absolutely, Both MAC OS/X and Windows are fully supported 'natively' so you don’t have to install any special software or run virtual machines or Bootcamp or Parallels. It operates and looks the same in both environments too.

What do I get with Support Subscription?

When you choose a purchase option that includes Support Subscription you'll get our expert help to assist you with both technical and user issues. We provide screen to screen assistance as well as videos that show you how to resolve your problem or complete a task.
It’s a bit like having a guru at the end of the phone or email to help you reach your goals. If online material exists that show you how to we will point you in that direction too. The service is live between 8:30am and 5:30 pm AEST on NSW business days (and sometimes after hours too)

How long does it take to get the software?

Once your order is processed you'll receive an email with a direct link to download and install the software. It takes only a few hours from confirmation of payment. If you require assistance installing and setting up the software we provide this as a free service.

How long does it take to learn?

If you already know AutoCAD then it only takes a few hours to get used to using BricsCAD. If you haven't used any CAD software before then ask the team for advice about which program is best for your type of design work.

How does it compare with ARES Commander?

BricsCAD and ARES Commander (pronounced: Ah-Rez) are similar in that they both perform like AutoCAD and both use Open DWG as their native file formats so they’re 100% compatible with AutoCAD files.
BricsCAD has more 3D tools and more 3rd party add-on applications, whilst ARES Commander has better file sharing and drawing communication tools. ARES also runs on more operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows, iOS, Android and on the Web. ARES Commander is less expensive to buy and keep up to date, but both are way less than AutoCAD!
BricsCAD has direct BIM modelling as a module (extra cost) whilst ARES Commander imports BIM models from others and automatically extracts 2D views from the model and updates those drawings if the BIM model updates. 
BricsCAD’s interface has deviated a little more from that of AutoCAD whereas ARES Commander is more closely aligned to the traditional CAD’s look and feel. 

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