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simply faster building design

Fastest ever home design tool

Purpose-built CAD software for building designers to produce architectural drawings from a virtual 3D model in the shortest time possible.

“I once heard Designer Pro was the fastest 3D building design software on Earth, and after using it for a year now I totally agree”.

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Designer Pro’s unique methods of operation literally make the creation of house designs faster than any other product available. Nothing comes close for speed of design.

Designer Pro uses parametric modelling to intelligently automate most of the 2D and 3D processes from a single design model.

It is ideally suited to domestic projects although it can also be used for light commercial design plus interior design, kitchen design and bathroom design.

Automate everything

By creating a strong set of building related rules, Designer Pro+ is able to automate every aspect of the design, from how walls intersect and openings sit within them to how roofs are automatically designed and entire rooms are embellished with floors ceilings, skirting and cornice. Even framing, quantities and shadow diagrams are automated.

“Really enjoying the way this software seems to think for you”.

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By treating every element in the design as an architectural object, and applying a set of rules to how those objects behave, Designer Pro has been able to automate the entire design process. For instance, stairs ‘know’ they should reach the next floor and they know what an ideal going and riser size is too, so when you place them in plan they automatically get designed according to the rules. Change the settings for the stairs and they instantly redesign themselves. And because its all based on a 3D model, not only does the plan update but so too does every other view of the model.

Every part of your building design is handled in the same way and is driven by parameters that you simply change in a dialog box for that item.

Note: Architects and Designers requiring the highest level of control over all elements of the design should choose ARCHLine.XP

Localised Bundle

We do things a little differently down here so our offering of Designer Pro+ has been localised to adopt Australian and New Zealand construction and design methods. It also includes a 12 month license of RealCAD Pro to add features and functionality not available in Designer Pro on its own.

“… figured out ‘lumber’ is timber and ‘crown moldings’ are cornices but having this ‘Down-Under’ version with brick-veneer, Hebel, Dincel and Aussie stuff already built-in made using it much quicker to get going. First real job complete already”.

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Designer Pro PLUS combines the features of US based Designer Pro with a specialised template for use outside the USA. PLUS adds the most powerful 2D drafting tools of RealCAD LT, unlocking the ability to use any paper size, separate your 2D drawings from your 3D model to embellish them line by line and import and edit DXF and DWG files from your associates.

Some special features we think you’ll love…

Sketch and Stretch™

Sketch your design to approximate locations and later stretch accurately to the desired positions. Everything associated will update automatically, saving hours of rework time.

Pre-Packaged Plans

Need some fresh ideas?. Select from over 1,500 sample plans or use the design wizard to draw the house from scratch by answering a series of questions, or simply open sample plans and customise to your clients specific needs. Leverage from the work of other designers.

Estimate and Check

Whilst it doesn’t replace the quantity surveyor, Designer Pro PLUS automatically generates a materials list for project cost estimating and includes a Plan Check™ tool to help validate the design against common building principles.


Create a virtual walk through of your design by selecting various camera views or create a virtual tour and record a movie. You can also save full 360 degree panoramas for a immersive experience.

Light and Dark

Change from a day to a night view with a single click. Add lighting fixtures from the library and create more dramatic views. Visualise in the day with sun shadows. Create shadow diagrams and sun studies for any time of the year, anywhere on the planet

Terrain Tools

Hill and valley tools help you define your unique terrain features. Use the terrain tools to create pathways, fences, ponds, gardens, and more.


Begin your design by choosing from style templates that range from traditional to contemporary. Our down-under template sets the software up for immediate use in Australia and New Zealand. Once you are familiar with the software you can also create your own.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Watch the step-by-step video instructions on Designer Pro and enrol in the online CAD Level 1 training to learn your 2D CAD tools fast. Comprehensive manuals and videos are also provided for quick reference to every command. You’ll be designing in full 3D in minutes… Really!

Head Start

Designer Pro PLUS lets you import maps, aerial photo’s and satellite images including Google Earth, then scale and work over them as part of your drawings. Directly import survey data or other CAD created drawings to get a head start on the design process.

Customise Designs from the Library

Quickly place and arrange walls, windows, doors, cabinets, and architectural objects from a library of over 4,300 items built-in to the software or choose from an inexhaustible online library to create a comprehensive detailed 3D Model in minutes.

Use the Library content to size your rooms, evaluate traffic flow, and create a visual model of your design. And because you’ll read in objects from the worlds largest 3D online architectural library you will never run out or components to use in your designs.

Material Painter™

Point and click to choose from thousands of colours and textures or import your own for walls, floors, bench tops and more! Your design combinations are limited only by your imagination. Changes are instant.

Print Tools

Print to any size and layout as many drawings as you desire to complete the project. Designer Pro PLUS combine two CAD programs in one solution to achieve a highly flexible solution.

Space Planning

Maximise the use of a site whilst maintaining a full visual understanding of proportions, access points, overshadowing and environmental impact. Rotate you design and shift individual items or complete projects to make best use of each canvas.

Kitchen Planning Centre

Practicality and style blend seamlessly in a great kitchen. We’ve gathered the information you need to plan a perfect workspace, plus plenty of examples of kitchens that put those principles to work beautifully.

Design kitchens that will help sell your designs – move walls, drop in cabinets, add fixtures – it’s easy to plan the perfect workspace.

Bathroom Planning Centre

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can make them an afterthought in the planning process. We’ll show you how to make the most of a limited space and explain the features that will add the most to your design.

Plan the layout of your bathrooms with custom cabinets, sinks, showers, jetted tubs etc. It’s easy to visualise your ideas in 3D.

Exterior Planning Centre

Your building’s exterior is the face of the building displayed to the world. Discover the secrets that other architects and designers have use to create beautiful and easy-to-maintain exteriors by using the built in Exterior Planning Centre.

Deck Design Tools

From a simple single level to a multi-level, you can automatically create a deck with the deck tools. Use a post and beam structure, design with or without a railing. Create the exterior shell of the building to visualise your deck design.

Get Supported

If you feel you want extra help choose full expert technical annual support with the support subscription plan for total peace of mind. We can assist you with practically any question.


Designer Pro+ System Requirements

PC Minimum

  • Windows 10 / 11 64-bit
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Video card
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • DirectX 12
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access


Mac Minimum

  • Monterey / Ventura
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Video card2
    • Apple M1 or newer
    • Intel/AMD card: 2GB of RAM with support for Metal GPU Family macOS 2 or newer
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet access4
  • Mac Recommended

  • 32 GB of RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
    • Desktops:
      • Mac Pro
    • Laptops:
      • MacBook Pro 16″
      • Metal GPUFamily: Apple M1 or newer
      • 8 GB video memory

Can I use Designer Pro PLUS on a Mac?

Absolutely, Both MAC OS-X and Windows are fully supported so you don’t have to install any special software or run Bootcamp or Parallels. It operates and looks the same in both environments too. Be sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements however.

What do I get with my purchase?

When you buy through this site you will receive the following bundle.

1. A full license of Designer Pro
2. A local start-up template to suit Australian and NZ requirements
3. Full license of RealCAD Pro for 12 months
4. Optional Tech Support.

What do I get with Support Subscription?

Get our expert help to assist you with both technical and user issues. We provide email, phone and screen share assistance as well as videos that show you how to resolve your problem or complete a task.

Designer Pro PLUS or ARCHLine.XP?

Choose Designer Pro when:
1. You need a fast and easy way to design and visualize architectural projects.
2. Your designs follow typical building protocols.
3. You do not require photo realistic 3D images.
4. Your buildings are no more than 3 storeys high.
5. You are only doing a few projects requiring detailed council or construction documents.
6. When you don’t wish to invest in a Windows PC and wish to stay with your Mac O/S

Choose ARCHLine.XP when:
1. The software will be your main ‘tool-of-trade’ and you’ll make a living by using it.
2. You might need to use more bespoke methods or designs.
3. You want photo-realism of your 3D model for presentations.
4. You want your 2D drawings linked to your 3D model so they update automatically as the design changes.
5. Your buildings are of any type, size or number of floors.
6. You want to produce Existing, Demolition and Proposed Plans without redrawing anything.
7. You need to share your 3D CAD model with other programs/people.
8. You want all the 3D design and 2D drafting tools to be in one program rather than in two separate products.
9. You require BIM (Building Information Modelling) to IFC standards.
10. You like to have full control over each element in the design in both 3D and 2D.

In simple terms ARCHLine.XP is a major step-up in functionality, flexibility and capability over Designer Pro. As a more premium product however it is also at a more premium price.

ARCHLine.XP requires Windows whilst Designer Pro is available for Mac or Windows.

If you are unsure which product is right for you please ask our team for guidance.

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