DraftSight® alternatives

Step up to the next level

CAD International do not sell or represent DraftSight® software from Dassault Systemes Inc but rather its more capable ‘brother’, ARES Commander®.



If your just looking for 2D drafting and you’re not already CAD trained then RealCAD® is the perfect solution. Easier and faster to use for professionals that are not locked into using only the .DWG file format.

Ares Commander

ARES® Commander is basically DraftSight® without limits. A measurably superior DWG based CAD built on the same underlying principles to make transitioning from Draftsight® or AutoCAD® seamless.

If you already know and use Draftsight® but want to upgrade your abilities without losing any of the drawings or learning you have already accumulated, then ARES® Commander is the product to choose.


Whilst Draftsight® is often used as a shoehorn into Solidworks®, by going straight to IronCAD® you can achieve even greater productivity, price savings and ease of use. IronCAD is the way 3D design should be and is very much a next level Solidworks® alternative.