3D Jewellery Design Software

Unleash the fire to design amazing jewellery

Jewelry Designers Dream

Drakon (Dragon) unlocks the full potential of Jewelry design and manufacturing right inside the worlds most trusted 3D professional modeller, Rhino3D. 

Explore limitless 3D design possibilities that will impress you and your clients. Get faster buying decisions, faster turn around times and unbelievably flexible design dexterity.

Unleash the fire with Drakon!

Model and Modify

Enjoy user-friendly jewelry creation tools and interactive gallery components that let you model and modify your designs fast – really fast.

Drakon is ready to become your ultimate parametric design asset that will transform your business and give you a distinctive edge over your competitors.

Make-ready Accuracy

Committed to precision and meticulous attention to detail, Drakon is a full parametric design tool for the most discerning professionals looking to win clients hearts and rapidly create finished products.

Rings and Renders

Experience rapid ring builders to streamline your modeling process for time efficiency and profitability. 

And when its time to share your designs, the built-in renderer will wow your clients in stunning realistic detail.


Utilize Sub Division (SubD) modelling tools for seamless organic models, ideal for crafting smooth and detailed pieces. There is no shape you can conceive that can’t be created within Drakon and Rhino3D.

Automatic Patterns

Pattern creation made easier with seamless flow-on intricate shapes. Conceive it, see it and make it real with consummate ease.

Interactive Jewelry Studios

Save time and unleash creativity with the finest jewelry studios in Rhino

Design without limits and adjust settings to your model at anytime.


Models ready for manufacturing at every step of the design process

Some more unique features we think you’ll love

Stone setting tools

Unlock a world of gem setting possibilities: Drakon offers precision stone settings tailored to each unique gem, without sacrificing design integrity

Advanced Jewelry builders

Whether crafting from scratch or beginning with interactive gallery parts, each builder in Drakon offers distinctive options for every design detail. Our logic-based modeling process automatically records your modeling history

Automatic Pave

Experience unparalleled precision with our advanced pave tool, compatible with Nurbs, SubD, and Mesh objects for gem placement. Each design step is automatically saved, Allowing you to effortlessly make adjustments and update every step in real-time. This translates to significant time savings when creating or modifying designs

Render and Animation

Optimized Cycles integration in Rhino specifically tailored for jewelry rendering. Enjoy superior performance with rendering options available for both CPU and GPU, maximizing your machine’s capabilities. Welcome to the world of real-time rendering

Gems Map

Create detailed Gems map for stone setting reference and manufacturing purposes. 

Mesh Builder

Easily create STL models for 3D printing.  Now you can speed up and define the shrinkage rate when building the mesh.


You have the flexibility to save your Models, or just parts of it, empowering you to fully personalize your design resources. Also every builder in Drakon can be initiated from it’s own Gallery, boasting an array of sample parts to begin with.

Automatic Patterns

Patterns: A swift solution for crafting high-volume jewelry components with minimal metal usage. Whether utilizing patterns from our Gallery or adding your own, Drakon offers a range of controls to seamlessly incorporate them into each piece

Accurate Stone Setting Tools

Unlock a world of Gem Setting possibilities: Drakon offers precision stone settings tailored to each unique gem, without sacrificing design integrity


Drakon System Requirements


  • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (Not ARM)

  • 16 GB memory (RAM) or more is recommended.

  • 5GB or more disk space is recommended.

  • OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended.

  • Multiple-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended.

  • The SpaceNavigator is supported.

    Operating system

  • Windows 10 / 11 only

Internet connection for

  • Download and installation

  • License activation

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Do I need Rhino to use Drakon?

Yes, Drakon3D is a plug-in for the latest Rhino version. You can buy Rhino3D direct from this site.

Do I need internet connection to use the software?

Internet connection is required only for activation, after that it can be used online with the Cloud license option. Alternatively there is also available the static license to use the software without internet connection.

Can I evaluate the Drakon and Rhino software?

If you don’t already own a license of Rhino3D, just request the Rhino Trial and add the Drakon Trial, fully functional for 30 days. After that period available tools will be limited.

Can I load Drakon in Rhino for Mac?

Drakon runs only on top of Rhino for Windows, the only option for Mac users is through Bootcamp. 

How can I learn to use the software?

There are several resources available to learn how to use the software. We recommend you get familiar with the general workflow by using our videos and tutorials online. Also there is an extensive description for each tool inside the program. Meanwhile you can reach us directly, our team is always ready to assist.

Finally we and our partners are organizing training classes periodically in different locations to be announced time to time.

Is there available an Educational Version?

Yes we have a special version for Students or Teachers for educational purposes


3D Jewellery Design Software

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Video Tutorials

Visit the Drakon web site and learn by watching the step-by-step video tutorials. Embark on a journey to create exquisite jewellery pieces using Drakon tools inside Rhino3D. Whether you’re a novice with CAD modelling or an experienced 3D user, you’ll find our tutorials both accessible and enriching.

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