Convert DWG’s to Perfection

DWG-Conversion Perfection

Fast, reliable and easy to use AutoCAD® DWG file converter. Fix, transform, clean and convert all sorts of DWG (and DGN) files in the best way possible.

  • Convert from one DWG version to another, e.g. v202x to v12. No need to buy the latest software to use the latest files.
  • Convert DWG to DXF, DWF or even PDF. Great for working with DWG data when you don’t have DWG compatible software.
  • Fix most bad DWG files and clean up most corruptions. Get rid of those nasty DWG’s that seem to kill your computer every time you use them.
  • Explode stubborn or complex DWG elements into simplified entities. Convert just about anything into something your software can work with.

“Of all the DWG file converters out there, we recommend DWG-Convert to ALL our clients and we use it extensively in-house too.”     CAD Support Team

    In Detail…
  • Convert one or more files at once with single or batch processing.
  • Use as a stand alone application or from inside CAD software such as RealCAD, LANDWorksCAD, ArborCAD and more. (v8 or later)
  • Pre-process your DWG files for smoother more accurate conversions into your non-AutoCAD program, saving you endless frustrations and time.
  • Convert between different versions of DWG (E.g. AutoCAD 202x to 2007 etc.)
  • Convert DWG as far back as version 2.5.
  • Convert Microstation DGN files to DWG, DXF, DWF and PDF too.
  • Recover corrupt AutoCAD drawings with powerful recovery tools.
  • Process difficult entities and clean up the file before use.
  • Output to DWG, DXF, DWG and PDF.
  • Allows for the closest preservation of the original drawing.
  • Available within the user interface and using the command line.
  • Supports Wild Card file naming. e.g. dwgConvert *.DWG *.DXF
  • Explode complex entities such as Attrib, Table, Spline, Region, 3DSolid, Body, Mechanical Desktop, Block, Dimension, Leader, Hatch, Polyface Mesh, 3D Face, Ellipse to simpler entity types.
  • Extract and Replace OLE objects with Raster Images.
  • MText to Text conversion.
  • Explode SHX text to lines.
  • Explode of MText with embedded fonts keeping embedded font styles.
  • Repair damaged drawings using the software’s advanced audit and recover.
  • Purge unused Blocks from the drawing.
  • Extract Layouts to separate drawings.
  • Option to remove all paper space Layouts to create a model space drawing only.
  • Delete entities on turned-off layers.



DWG-Convert System Requirements

Windows 10, 8 or 7
Intel i5 processor (or higher)
2GB RAM (or higher)
Not available

Why do I need a DWG converter?

DWG ain’t DWG! There are literally hundreds of programs that produce or work with DWG files – and each one of them seems to produce something a little different!

Even AutoCAD, the original DWG file producing program has many different DWG formats that have grown from one version to the next!

Add to this third-party plug-ins for AutoCAD that develop their own proprietary entities (proxy) and you have a real recipe for confusion.

If you need to import DWG files into your software then you’ll certainly need a good DWG converter to get the best most faithful conversion.

What license options are available?

The normal license is a single user license that will run permanently on your machine for as long as your computer and operating system support it.

Multiple user license are available and network licenses are also available on request.

Is this suitable for me?

DWG-Convert is suitable for use with any software that can import or open DWG, DXF, DWF or PDF files (which is just about anything).

Some programs have even embedded DWG-Convert into their software so you don’t have to do anything to use it once it has been installed. Typically you’ll just choose the options to use ‘Advanced’ DWG conversion in your application and the software will pre-process your DWG file before importing it.

RealCAD Pro, LANDWorksCAD Pro and ArborCAD are a few examples of such software.

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