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Important: Lumion trials from our website are exclusively offered to Australian customers. For other countries, please contact your local Lumion distributor.

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Frequently Asked Questions



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How long does my Lumion trial run for?

Your trial runs for 14 days. This starts when you tell us you want to start, so you can request your trial today but start it in 5 or 10 days time for example, when you have more time to “give it a go”.

What version will I receive?

You’ll be given the latest version of the software when you request from us here in Australia. Models you create in this version can continue to be used in the paid software when you buy.

What's the difference between the trial versions?

There are two types of trial download available, one from and the other from this site. 

The version has significant limitations –

  1. does not allow you to open and edit the models you create in that trial version on the paid version when you buy! Grrrrr, very frustrating.
  2. has only 15% of the content library.
  3. does not include Lumion Viewer, MyLumion, OpenStreetMap and Panorama Mode.

The trial version we provide you by default is the full Lumion Pro 10 trial and has no restrictions or limitations.

The models you create with our trial version can continue to be edited in the paid version when you purchase. Nice!

When will I receive my trial?

Each order is processed manually so we can check the validity of your credentials. We do this during normal business hours. For this reason you may not receive your trial license details and download link until the next business day.


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