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PDF-Xchange Pro is the best PDF reader, writer, mark-up tool, measurer and editor ever. CAD users shouldn’t be without it. Replace all other PDF tools you’ve ever used with this one product.

“We recommend PDF-Xchange to ALL our clients. We use it extensively in-house too.”
Nigel Varley –
 CEO, CAD International

  1. Create PDF documents directly from you favorite CAD software. The file size is surprisingly small and the quality is excellent.
  2. Convert PDF files to image file’s so they can be imported into CAD as an underlay to draw over.
  3. Create PDF documents from any Windows desktop application.
  4. Edit PDF files you receive
  5. Markup PDF drawings and documents
  6. Measure lengths, areas, angles and more..
  7. Stamp files with approval or other status markers
  8. Open large PDF files from others and convert to compact PDF files
  9. Combine multiple pages into one document
  10. Extract pages from a document
    The list goes on, so download a free trial of the software from this site and find out why we like it so much.


Some features that you will love

Edit Documents

Utilize a broad range of Editing Tools, document enhancing features, navigation panes and page editing options to edit and update your PDF documents. Switch between the Classic/Ribbon UI and optimize the user interface for mouse or touch-based interaction as desired.

Add Comments and Annotations to Documents

Add comments and annotations to documents in a variety of formats including geometric shapes, text boxes, hyperlinks and audio files.

Create Dynamic Stamps

Use the JavaScript Console to add dynamic JavaScript actions to customized stamps, then place them into documents.

Manipulate Documents

Create, print and email documents. Use Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and/or MS Office 365 integration to open documents directly from ‘the cloud’ and then use PDF-XChange Editor functionality to convert them to/from PDF. Combine PDFs into a new document. Create PDF documents directly from scanned material.

OCR Documents

Use the OCR engine to make image-based/scanned text searchable and selectable. Available in multiple languages. The OCR process identifies text in documents and uses it to create an invisible text layer that is placed on top of existing document text.

Convert Files to/from PDF

Convert a wide range of industry-standard file formats, including MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, to/from PDF. Note that PDF files converted to MS Word format are compatible with MS Word 2010 and later.

Secure Documents

Enjoy 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/236 bit AES encryption password and permission settings that heighten document security and enable the author to determine access/editing privileges for subsequent users.

Create Fillable Forms

PDF-XChange Pro features a range of dynamic form-creation options. Add buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, dropdown menus, digital signature fields and/or barcodes to documents. Adjust form properties to avail of a range of hugely customizable style, layout and dynamic options for forms.

Digitally Sign Documents

Use the Digital Signatures feature to add hugely customizable digital signatures to documents.

Completely Customizable

Switch between the classic UI and the new ribbon/touch-optimized options. The ribbon groups the tools of the software by functionality and streamlines the editing process, whereas the touch-optimized layout is ideal for tablets and phones. All UI formats are fully customizable.


PDF-XChange PRO System Requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7
No other particular requirements
Not available

I already have some PDF software, why do I need PDF-Xchange PRO?

If you want the ability to create high quality compact PDF files, convert PDF files to images, measure, mark-up and manipulate PDF files in an advanced way, then  PDF-Xchange Pro will do this for you better than any other product available.

Is there any discount for multiple copies?

Absolutely. We offer a sliding scale price that means you will get each additional copy for less. Contact us for details.

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