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Plate’n’Sheet® is the industry's leading unfolding, flat pattern development software for commonly used shapes used in the metal, plastics, HVAC and insulation industries. Plate’n’Sheet is ready to use straight ‘out-of-the-box’ with minimal learning required.

“I was using it within minutes of installing it. Too easy! “

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Ease of use is Plate-n-Sheet’s guiding principle. In this version we’ve been able to provide many additional features while maintaining the program’s original simplicity for every user. You don’t need to know CAD to use Plate-n-Sheet. For most shapes just enter the dimensions and click OK. It really is that easy.

Shape Up

In addition to Pipe to Pipe and Pipe to Cone, branches now include Cone to Cone, Cone to Oblique Cone, Cone to Pipe, Pipe to Oblique Cone, Rectangle to Cone, and many more. Multiple branching is supported with up to four pipes converging on a common intersection point. HVAC Rectangular Ducting is covered including reducers, branches, Y’s, T’s and more transitions. Other segmented bend options include vessel End Caps (hemispherical, tori-spherical, & semi-elliptical).

I haven’t found a shape we need that this software can’t do for us. Pays for itself over and over.” Jason Braun, Production Mgr, D&T Engineering

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List of Shapes

The following is a list of the shape categories. Within each category there are usually variations on the shape itself. For example, the Vessel End Cap category includes Torispherical, Hemispherical and Semi-elliptical shapes. New shapes may have been added since this list was compiled too.

Baffle Plate, Breeches, Cone To Cone, Cone To Oblique Cone, Cone To Pipe, Elbow – Cone To Cone, Elbow – Cone To Pipe, Elbow – Pipe To Cone, Elbow – Pipe To Pipe, Ellipse to Ellipse, Ellipse to Rectangle, Ellipse to Round, Helicals (Parallel), Helicals (Tapered), Hexagon To Round, Import Mesh, Oblique Cone, Oblique Cylinder, Octogon To Round, One Pipe Cut by a Plate, Oval Cylinder, Oval To Oval, Oval To Rectangle, Oval To Round, Pipe / Cone Through a Plate, Pipe Gusset, Pipe To Bend, Pipe To Cone, Pipe To Oblique Cone, Pipe To Pipe, Pipe To  ipe (Multiple Pipes), Prism, Pyramid , Rectangle To Cone, Rectangle To Oblique Cone, Rectangle To Pipe, Rectangle To Rectangle, Rectangle To Round, Rectangular Chute, Rectangular  junction, Rectangular Straight, Reducing Breech, Right Cone Frustum, Right Cone Truncation, Right Cylinder, Round To Round, Segmented Bend (Cylindrical), Segmented Bend (Oval), Segmented Bend (Tapered), Two Pipes Cut by a Plate, Vessel End Cap.

Some unique features we think you’ll love


Output Options

 Print or plot your pattern layouts to a template or export them as DXF files to CNC machines or to CAD software for further manipulation. If you don’t already have CAD you can choose to bundle our recommended CAD product into your Plate’n’Sheet purchase.


Pattern ID Stamps

Patterns may now be automatically stamped with the date, time, item number and project number if required. Add the CAD option to provide full line by line editing and labeling of your patterns or for intricate detailing.


Powerful Dimensioning

Horizontal, vertical and offset dimensions with automatic dimensioning of true lengths with separate step-off dimensions around the top and base. Individual dimensions may now be deleted or modified for a more readable drawing. Includes Bend Angles – and an option to prints the angle between two faces along the press line. Router depth option for the plastics industry


Area and Mass calculation

Automatically calculate the rectangular area and mass. Automatically calculate the true area and mass of the cut shape. If you include the CAD package with your purchase you gain access to all the power of CAD drafting, measuring and mark-up tools too.


CAD Option

If you don’t already have a CAD program, add the CAD option to your your purchase to provide you with the power and editing abilities of our leading CAD software. 



Move and Rotate individual patterns and compound shapes for more efficient use of material directly within Plate’n’Sheet or send to CAD to gain access to additional manipulation and editing tools.


Material Costs

Speed up quoting by automatically calculating the cost of material. Includes a database that you can easily maintain with current material prices.


CAD Communication

Dimensions, text, line-work and the 3D wire-frame transfer to CAD. Even the views of the 3D model can be transferred as 2D drawings for improved understanding of the finished shape.


Plate n Sheet Pro System Requirements

Windows  11,10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (32bit and 64bit compatible).
50 Mb of hard disk space.
The printer must have a driver that complies with the Microsoft standard for Windows compatible drivers.
Some older pen plotters and some Multi-function (Fax-Scanner-Copier-etc) are not supported.
The Hewlett Packard DesignJet series is being used successfully by many of our clients for printing large sheet sizes.
Because the pattern may be split up into small sheets and then arranged on the plate it is, however, possible to use a small (A4) laser or inkjet printer.
Mac OS
Not available

What license options are available?

Plate’n’Sheet is supplied as a lifetime license that will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system will support it. There is no compulsory subscription and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

An optional ‘floating’ network license is also available to extend the use of the software on multiple machines connected to the same local area network (LAN). An additional fee per workstation is charged for each authorization key.

What are the trial version limitations?

You will be able to install and run the software to explore its abilities but won’t be able to print or export your files.

What is Plate n Sheet Pro PLUS?

This is a bundle of two programs, Plate’n’Sheet Pro and our most popular CAD software, RealCAD Pro.

With RealCAD you can nest and edit the flat patterns exported from Plate’n’Sheet. You can also use it to produce and edit detailed engineering drawings. It is a fully featured 2D CAD software.

Plate n Sheet vs IronCAD

IronCAD is the best sheet metal design and flat pattern software for mechanical design of custom shapes such as protective machinery covers and cowlings etc, Plate’n’Sheet is purpose-built to deal with all the most common shapes used in the metal, plastics and insulation industries without the need for any design process.

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Share Nodes

Share across multiple machines.


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Share your license/s on multiple machines connected to the same LAN.
Purchase one share node for each machine that requires access.

Use Case Example:

You require a maximum of 3 people to use the software at the same time from any of the 10 machines in your network.
In this case y
ou will need to purchase  3 x Plate’n’Sheet licenses plus 10 x Share Nodes.


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Make a single payment and get the latest version of Plate’n’Sheet Pro 4 as an upgrade from your old v1, v2 or v3

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