Real CAD for Plumbers®

Real CAD for Plumbers

PlumbersCAD is the only CAD software built expressly for use by Plumbers to create ‘As-Built’ drawings (also known as ‘As-Constructed’ or ‘As-Installed’ plans). Based on our most popular CAD software, RealCAD®, you’ll be able to rapidly edit existing CAD drawings or create your own from scratch.

“No CAD software is as fast to learn or as easy to master, I know because I have to support them all ! :).” Dani Ramiro, Support Manager, CAD International.


No need for any other CAD software or months of learning. By using RealCAD for Plumbers you’ll be able to import existing architects and surveyors plans, strip them of unwanted information and accurately place your pipework and fittings information to Australian standards. 

(For those outside Australia you’ll also be able to use this software by adjusting the settings and symbols to suit your local rules) 

Get Good Fast

Easy step-by-step online training will have you up and running in just a few hours – You won’t be an expert straight away but you’ll be well on your way.

<<<<Check out one of the online tutorial videos (left) – No need to watch it all – just skim through, you’ll get the idea.


” …just completed the training and really enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll discover new ways to expand my experience every time I use it.”, Rory Manning

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The training is focused on a real project where you’ll have to import a drawing from an architect, remove items that are not requires and then add your as-installed information. It only take a few hours from start to finish and if you choose you can call our support team to guide you.

Learn everything you need to know to start being productive, from absolute beginners’ fundamentals to the tips and tricks of a seasoned guru – You can do the training in your own time and at your own pace too.

Feature Rich Simplicity

The latest version requires only half the number of commands and 40% less clicks to achieve the same results as its predecessor. Enjoy the cleanest and most rewarding CAD interface yet. For those who don’t need to use the software every day, it’s also great to know commands are easier to recall than any other CAD software in its class.

” I switched from AutoCAD LT as it was just too hard and too expensive. I like that I can get a life-time license too”

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Keeping things simple is one thing, but making it powerful and efficient is quite a challenge – RealCAD achieves both like no other CAD software.

A clean, modern interface, a guiding prompt, a reactive cursor without excessive indicators, minimal buttons and many actions that don’t require a command to be chosen all add up to RealCAD’s unique productivity leading approach.

Not Just Plumbing 

Because PlumbersCAD is actually an enhanced version of our most popular RealCAD software, you’ll be able to use all the standard CAD tools for any type of drawing and design, not just plumbing diagrams and as-constructed plans. Now that’s a benefit you may not have considered? . 

“I’ve been using RealCAD for everything from designing my kids cubby-house to calculating how much pipe I need on proposed works. I even use it to check off items when doing quotes.”


Plumbers-CAD is often referred to as ‘RealCAD for Plumbers’, but even that might hide the potential this software has to improve your productivity in all sorts of areas of your life. Really! You’d be amazed at what some of users have been able to achieve with this software, as well as take back control of complying with the submission of as-installed plans.

Nothing has been taken away from this software. It is not a ‘dumbed-down’ product but a productivity enhancement tool for serious trades-people wanting a professional edge. 

A few features we think you’ll love…

Sketch and Stretch™

Easily adjust anything in your drawing. Associated elements will update automatically saving hours of rework.

Good Measure

Instant, accurate measurement tools assist in costing and calculating job requirements with confidence. Areas, lengths, angles and quantities straight off the drawing, even around complex hard to estimate shapes.

Copy That

With multiple ways to copy. From click and drag, cut and paste, following along a path, circular and linear arrays to mirroring, rotation and scale. Never draw the same thing twice again.


Set your current drawing properties or change the properties of selected items to those of another entity in the drawing without interrupting your design flow.


See line weights whilst you work just as they will print or toggle all to fine lines to see more detail.

Smart Select™

Within the most complex drawings RealCAD lets you locate items by Layer, Type, Name, Style, Weight and Colour or by matching one you’ve already chosen. Selecting what you want to edit has never been easier.

Magic Eraser™

Powerful editing of lines is made possible by the proprietary Magic Eraser™ function. Just press Alt + drag your cursor to trim and delete.

Geometry Tracker

Step back through all the geometry changes of your design, even if your in the middle of drawing a line without stepping back through your views. By tracking only the geometry you’re spared losing your place and wasting time. If you want to step back though your views you can do this too. It’s your choice.

The Prompt

An easy to follow prompt steps you through each stage of the command. Just follow the Prompt and you can’t go wrong. This is particularly good for new or intermittent users.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What license options are available?

Choose from a lifetime license that will continue to run for as long as your PC and operating system will support it, or a timed license that you can rent. There is no compulsory ongoing subscription and you don't have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

Do you offer payment plans or rental?

Yes. Choose to buy outright in a single payment, pay by installments over time (You must commit to making all payments) or rent the software. (Minimum rental periods apply).

Can I use it on my Mac?

Absolutely. Both MAC OSX and Windows are fully supported. It operates and looks the same in both environments. 

PlumbersCAD vs RealCAD?

PlumbersCAD has the sheet templates and symbols required to do ‘as-installed’ plans. It also has a complete training video and sample file for the training to get you up and running. RealCAD is otherwise the same product but without those things. In fact when you install PlumbersCAD it says ‘RealCAD’ as the program title. 

If you have downloaded the software and you can’t find the PlumbersCAD video and training material please contact support and they will ensure it gets set up for you.


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System Requirements


  • Windows 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
  • Intel i7 or higher
  • 16GB RAM or greater
  • 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with 2GB (4GB or more recommended) supporting OpenGL 2.0 or higher
  • 1980 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended
  • 4k screens are supported


  • Mac OSX Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra
  • Intel i7 or higher
  • 16GB RAM or greater
  • 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
  • Mouse with scroll wheel
  • Dedicated graphics card with 2GB (4GB or more recommended) supporting OpenGL 2.0 or later
  • 1980 x 1080 screen resolution or higher recommended
  • 4k screens are supported

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