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simply better, faster, smarter

World Leader

With decades of CAD software development underpinning its heritage, RealCAD is the most refined ‘.CAD’ drafting software ever.

Join with thousands of professionals that rely on RealCAD technology in their business to rapidly produce accurate, high-fidelity CAD documents every day.

Feature Rich Simplicity

RealCAD has a uniquely clean interface and simplified process of drawing with more screen space for design and less distraction from unnecessary menus and inputs.

Every click has purpose and every process is more logical than traditional CAD software, making RealCAD measurably easier to learn and faster to use.

Perpetual or Subscription

Choose a renewable subscription or everlasting perpetual license – RealCAD gives you the choice to match your needs and budget.

No matter which license type you choose you will always be able to open and print your drawings, using the free evaluation version – Now that’s convenience.

Real CAD Advantage

Only genuine RealCAD® lets you safely open, edit and save all real .CAD files.

Buy one license each for your designers and install as many free evaluation versions as you like on other machines to view, measure, markup and print with no loss of quality or data

Collaborate with those using legacy software via Open .DWG, .DXF, .SKP, Image files, .PDF and more.

Share drawings with anyone.

Fast Track Your Success

Learn everything you need to know to be productive with the online, step-by-step course. From basic fundamentals to the tips and tricks of a pro – all in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere – And get supported by real people whilst you complete the course too. It’s all included when you enroll.

Some unique features we

think you’ll love

Sketch and Stretch

Sketch your design to approximate locations and later stretch accurately to the desired positions. Everything associated will update automatically, saving hours of rework time.

Magic Eraser

Powerful editing of lines is made possible by the proprietary Magic Eraser™ function. Just press Alt + drag your cursor to trim and delete.


Set your current drawing properties or change the properties of selected items to those of another entity in the drawing without interrupting your design flow.

Good Measure

Accurate measurement tools let you calculate job requirements with confidence. Areas, lengths, angles and quantities straight from the drawing, even from complex difficult to estimate shapes.


Incredibly versatile methods of selecting elements in your drawing let you instantly select items of the same layer, colour, style, weight, name, type, or any combination of these. Make sweeping changes to a drawing in just a few clicks.


True Scale

Draw everything at its true measured size. The drawings you print are automatically scaled to your desired scale, and multiple different scales can be handled in the one drawing without you needing to do any redrawing or resizing.

Geometry Tracker

Step back through all the changes of your design, without stepping back through your zooming. By tracking only the geometry you’re spared losing your place and wasting time. If you want to step back though your zoom levels you can do this too.

File Sharing

Exchange drawings with your associates in common file formats such as native .CAD, .DXF or .DWG and if they don’t have CAD you can export to PDF or give them a free viewer to open, mark-up and print your drawings.

Copy That

Multiple ways to move, copy and translate selected elements cuts out constant manual duplications. Click and drag, cut and paste, Copy along, array, mirror, rotate and scale. Never draw the same thing twice.

System Requirements

RealCAD System Requirements


Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 (64bit)
Intel i7 or i9 CPU
Minimum 16GB RAM -Recommended 32GB or more
Minimum 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel
NVIDIA graphics card 4GB or more, supporting OpenGL

Mac OSX Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra or later
Minimum Intel i7, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2 Pro, M2 Max M2 Ultra CPU’s
Minimum 16GB RAM -Recommended 32GB or more
Minimum 1GB Hard Drive (SSD preferred)
Mouse with scroll wheel (Apple Magic Mouse not supported)
Note: Performance of CAD software on Mac hardware is not equal to that of an equivalent PC with a recommended NVIDIA GPU.

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What Others Are Saying

“RealCAD has more depth than any other CAD I have to support, especially in 2D. It is easily my favorite 2D software.”
Dani Ramiro CAD International, Support

“I used traditional CAD before this but found that very cumbersome. Your software has been much easier. BTW the course was great.” 
Heinze B, ShopFitters

“We don’t always upgrade but this year it has really compelling enhancements that we’re already making use of. Well done.”
Kath Temple Teacher, TAFE NSW, Aust.

“…just completed the training and really enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll discover new ways to expand my experience every time I use it.” Rory Manning

“Being able to share our drawings with the free viewer is the best. Makes my life much easier”
B. Randall (CAD Manager)

“I’m really glad I chose RealCAD. I don’t think I would have coped with the complexity of AutoCAD for the work I do.”
Nicholas Varley, Varloch Constructions


simply better faster smarter CAD

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        *to 31st December. Can be extended annually.

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