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ARES Commander

ARES Commander

ARES Commander® is perfect if you’re working with Revit® or AutoCAD® users but don’t want the overhead of running Revit® or AutoCAD® in your office.

ARES Commander® is basically like AutoCAD® but with the added advantage of intelligently working directly with BIM models from Revit® (and other BIM software) to then extract useful 2D documentation directly from those models. Think of ARES® as an alternative documentation tool for Revit® models in a familiar AutoCAD®-like environment.

ARES® technology has the largest installed global user base of CAD software next to AutoCAD®.

ARES’s primary advantage over AutoCAD® (apart from price and a perpetual license) is its ability to run on Windows®, Mac OS/X® or Linux® desktops, with an option for Android® or Apple® iOS® mobile devices, and on the web in the cloud. 


ARCHLine.XP® is the top product to intelligently use in place of Revit® Architecture or ArchiCAD®. Upgrade to architectural BIM at its best.

ARCHLine.XP® is said to combine the key elements of Revit®, ArchiCAD®, SketchUp® and AutoCAD® in one comprehensive BIM solution. Productivity over Revit® is measurable and it takes far less time to learn. Revit®, AutoCAD® and ArchiCAD users adapt very quickly to ARCHLine.XP®, making the time required to switch less than any other software.

Smart Architects and designers around the globe who have done the research have chosen ARCHLine.XP®, making it the most popular alternative to Revit® and ArchiCAD® alike.

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