Solidworks® alternative

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be more productive, more cost effective, more creative and smarter!

CAD International do not sell or represent Solidworks® software. Solidworks® is product of Dassault Systemes® Inc



 There is only ONE viable competitor to Solidworks and that’s IronCAD®, a measurably superior MCAD software for industrial, mechanical, structural and product design.

IronCAD® makes Solidworks® look rather clunky and primitive in the MCAD space. It has the most powerful and flexible 3D parametric modelling available. We believe it’s simply how 3D design software should be.

Always quoted as being more productive, IronCAD® gives you unrivaled improvements to your bottom-line every day you use it. Solidworks currently has the largest MCAD install base, so IronCAD ensures compatibility with Solidworks models. You can even apply smart features to ‘dumb’ models imported into IronCAD.

Design, test, animate, present, sell, draft and prepare for manufacture, faster and smarter than you’ve ever done before. Those who do the research choose IronCAD.