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ARES Commander

ARES Commander® is the world’s No.1 DWG CAD alternative, so if you were thinking of switching from Vectorworks® to AutoCAD® then this will be an even better choice.

ARES® boasts 100% Open DWG file compatibility to share AutoCAD drawings in an interface AutoCAD users instantly find familiar.

ARES® technology has the largest installed user base of CAD software next to AutoCAD®. ARES’s primary advantage (apart from price) is its ability to run via Windows® desktop PC, Mac® OSX®, Linux®, mobile Android®, Apple® iOS®, and the cloud. It also provides excellent flexibility of licensing.


RealCAD® is the most comparable alternative to Vectorworks®. Both products are different from AutoCAD® and both run equally on Mac® or Windows®.

RealCAD® lets you open and edit .DWG files as well as native .CAD files. It is feature-rich with simplified methods of operation and a modern, streamlined interface that clearly sets it apart. 

RealCAD’s primary advantage is that it is easier to learn and use for those not already engrained in Vectorworks® commands and methodologies, and its support and development team are outstandingly responsive.

Quicker to learn, faster to use and easier to recall, RealCAD® is the best choice for new CAD users needing the highest quality professional drafting output in less time at less cost.


ARCHLine.XP® is definitely best for BIM. Architecture, building design, interior design, cabinetry etc.

ARCHLine.XP® is the ultimate tool for Architects and building designers, Interior design and fit-out, furniture, kitchen and cabinet makers. ARCHLine.XP® combines the best of Revit®, ArchiCAD®, SketchUp® and AutoCAD® or Vectorworks® in one comprehensive BIM program.

 Productivity over Vectorworks Architect® for architecture is said to be significant, making the idea of staying with the traditional style CAD programs difficult to justify in the modern BIM space. ARCHLine.XP® is Windows® based so runs on Apple Mac® using Bootcamp®.


LANDWorksCAD® is measurably superior for landscape design and Landscape Architecture.

LANDWorksCAD® is a true alternative to Vectorworks Landmark®. LANDWorksCAD’s catchphrase, ‘simply design better, faster, funner®‘ is very apt for this extremely popular professional landscape design tool.

LANDWorksCAD® is available as a 2D only or 2D/3D software with direct links to other popular software such as SketchUp®, PlantFile® and Lumion®.

Not only is it used to produce stunning landscape plans in a more artistic, less CAD-like manner, it is also highly cost effective and very well supported.


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