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CAD International do not sell or represent Vectorworks® software. Vectorworks® is product of Nemetschek® Inc


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Born of VW Landmark® and AutoCAD® user desire for a better more dedicated landscape design product.

LANDWorksCAD® from its humble beginnings is now the most popular software with landscape design professionals and is taught in all major tertiary institutions throughout the country.

LANDWorksCAD® is based on the RealCAD® engine and benefits from the latest general CAD tools as well as the most useful professional landscape tools.

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ARES Commander® is the world’s No.1 DWG CAD alternative. Ideal for those otherwise switching from Vectorworks® to AutoCAD®.

ARES® Commander boasts 100% .DWG file compatibility to share AutoCAD® drawings in an interface AutoCAD® users instantly find familiar.

ARES® technology has the largest installed user base of CAD software next to AutoCAD® 

Run via Windows®, Mac® and Linux®, Android® and Apple® IOS® mobile devices, and via web in the cloud.


RealCAD® is the nearest alternative to Vectorworks® Fundamentals® core software.

RealCAD® is similar to Vectorworks® in that it is not an AutoCAD® clone, however it is easier to learn and faster to use with simplified methods of operation and a more modern, streamlined interface. RealCAD® is available for Mac® and Windows®.

RealCAD’s landscape version is called LANDWorksCAD®

RealCAD’s arboriculture version is Called ArborCAD®


ARCHLine.XP® is by far the best BIM/CAD alternative to Vectorworks Architect®

ARCHLine.XP is the ultimate tool for Architects and building designers, Interior designers, shop fit-out, kitchen & bathroom designers and cabinet makers. Combines the key elements of Vectorworks®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®, SketchUp® and AutoCAD® into a single easy to master product.

Vectorworks® users find ARCHLine.XP® quick to implement and enjoyable to use.

Productivity is measurably better making older style CAD programs difficult to justify.


IronCAD® is vastly superior MCAD software for industrial, mechanical, structural and product design.

IronCAD® makes Vectorworks® (and just about every other product) look primitive in the MCAD space. IronCAD has the most powerful and flexible 3D parametric modelling available, from which your drawings are automatically derived. It’s simply how 3D design software should be.

Typically quoted as being 20 x more productive, IronCAD® gives you unrivaled improvements to your bottom-line. 

Design, test, animate, present, sell, draft and prepare for manufacture, faster and smarter than you’ve ever done before.