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Basic Support

Expert assistance from the gurus’ of CAD to keep you designing better, faster and funner all year.

Take the pressure off – minimize downtime and frustration. Every minute you save using help from our team saves you and your business money and gets you back on track fast.

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Premium Support

Everything in Basic + Priority Response + Upgrades + 2 Re-Auth codes + Home Use Key option

You get full support benefits plus the added bonus of upgrades to any new version released during the subscription period from the current version, plus two Re-Autorisation codes to move a license from one machine to another plus the option to purchase a ‘home use’ key to install on a secondary machine for your personal use away from the office.

Premium Subscription represents the best value proposition for those who’s CAD software is an integral part of their business.

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One-Off Support

Just need help on this one problem? A single payment will give you access to our team and may just give you the boost you need to get on with your project.

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CAD Training


Online Training Courses

Support is no substitute for training. If you haven’t completed a self-paced training course for your software then we strongly recommend you enroll now. Training will dramatically improve your understanding and productivity.

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One-on-One Training

Prefer a personal approach? Book one-on-one tuition (facilitated by screen sharing)  with one of our trainers on a half houly basisn hourly basis.
$165 an hour
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CAD File Conversion

CAD File Conversion

Sometimes the file importer built in to your CAD software just can’t handle the file type or version of file you need to import and work with. Our flat-fee file conversion service can convert unusual or problematic files to a format you can use without you needing to buy special file conversion software or learn special ‘clean-up’ techniques.

$35 per file
Outright purchase in a single payment

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