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One-Off Support

Just need help with one problem? A single payment will give you access to our team for a single issue that needs resolving, no matter how long it takes. It may just be the boost you need to get on with your project.

Outright purchase in a single payment

Buy One-Off Support

Basic Support Subscription

Get unlimited expert assistance from our ‘Guru’s of CAD’ throughout the year (up to 1st January next year). Minimize downtime and reduce frustration. Every minute you save with help from our team saves you and your business money by getting you back on track fast and its less than $1.50 per day! Basic support is a prepaid non-refundable subscription that you can choose to opt into each year as desired.

$595 $395

Outright purchase in a single payment

Buy Basic Support

Premium Subscription

All the benefits and features of the ‘Basic’ package priority response + videos to refer to later + software upgrades from the current version to any new version released during the year + a free software home use key for a secondary machine away from the office. Premium Subscription represents the best value when CAD is an integral part of your business.

$1,495 $799

Outright purchase in a single payment

Buy Premium

CAD Training

Online Training Courses

Support is no substitute for training and training is a great investment in yourself and your business. If you haven’t completed a self-paced training course for your software then we highly recommend you enroll now. Training will dramatically improve your understanding and productivity.

See Online Training Courses

One-on-One Training

Prefer a personal approach? Book one-on-one tuition (facilitated by screen sharing) with an expert trainer who knows your product. Your sessions can usually be recorded so you can refer back to them in the future and they are tailored to your needs.

Learn More about One-on-One Training

CAD File Conversion

1 - 10 Conversions

When your software just can’t open the type or version of drawing file you need, our conversion service will help. We can convert most common, rare or problematic files to a format you can use without you needing to buy special conversion software or learn special ‘clean-up’ techniques.


11 - 49 Conversions

If you have a small batch of between 11 and 49 drawings to be converted in the same order we’ll do those for you at a reduced rate. We can provide you with a sample conversion of one or two of your files to make sure you are happy with the results before we process the remainder.

$35 $30

50+ Bulk Conversion

When you have 50 or more drawings to be converted we provide bulk purchase pricing and we can provide you with a sample conversion of several drawings to make sure you’re happy with the results before processing the remainder.

$35 $25

Software Re-Authorisation 

DRC-Auto Re-Auth Code

Renew your DRC-Auto product license by purchasing a new DRC-Auto product code.

Be sure to enter your DRC-Auto product serial number in the notes section at the checkout.

Do not use this option for non-DRC-Auto products.

$129 $99

Re-Auth Code

Get a new code to move your software license from one machine to another, or re-license it on a new hard drive or following an upgrade of your operating system or because your software requires a renewal after a certain period of time. No need to purchase a license from scratch, all you need is a Re-Auth Code to get you back up and running.



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