What’s New in Lumion 2023

See your vision come to life

The Best of both worlds

Rendering isn’t just another step in the design process – it’s the moment your vision comes to life. Lumion 2023 was designed to keep you in your creative flow, so
you can visualize the future exactly how you imagine it.

Office Chairs

Help your clients imagine themselves in your design, with Lumion’s extensive library of lifelike people. 

Interior Objects

51 new assets including office chairs, couches, decorative plant pots, and more

Fine-detail nature

24 new plant and tree models from Oceania


100 new 3D static characters

Improved Color Correction

Balance the colors in your scene with greater precision with the new histogram.

Refined Depth of Field

Draw attention to a specific part of your scene by placing objects in or out of focus with the improved depth of field effect.

Full PBR material workflow

In Lumion 2023, the quality of existing PBR (physically-based rendering) materials is higher than ever. With the brand-new ray tracing effect enabled, the interaction between light and each surface results in ultra-realistic textures. You can also import your own textures or combine different maps to create the exact look you want.

Aspect Ratios

Control the composition for your visualizations by rendering directly in your preferred aspect ratio. Choose from a range of formats, including square and vertical aspect ratios, and save time cropping your photos and videos post-render.

Improved Scene Editor

Building your scene is one of the most creative parts of the rendering process. It’s the moment you watch your design take shape and decide how it should look and feel.

With a redesigned interface, Lumion’s scene editor prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Arrange and rotate your assets with precision using the new gizmo and instantly align objects with the improved AutoSnap feature.

New Camera Paths

New camera paths

Create animations faster and easier than ever with new camera paths that give you greater control and smoother camera movements:

Follow object – let the camera follow an animated object or character.

Dolly shot – move the camera in any straight line by setting the start and end points.

Orbit path – create a perfectly smooth camera path by simply setting the camera target, sphere radius, camera height, and start/end point.

New high-quality materials

Lumion 2023 comes with 98 new materials that you can use to add realism to your buildings’ surfaces or landscape designs. These include wood, stone, brick, plaster, metal, concrete, asphalt, soil, and grass.

On top of these additions, Lumion 2023 now has an improved glass material that lets you fine-tune every last detail of your project’s windows and other glass surfaces. You can now add a custom texture like relief or frostiness and adjust the distortion to your liking. The new glass material is currently not compatible with ray tracing v0.9.

What’s new in Lumion 2023

Create contemporary kitchen designs
with the new collection of objects and
materials in the Lumion Library

The heart of every home

The kitchen sees it all. Not just cooking and eating, but gathering, celebrating, and all the little moments in between.

As a designer, your task is to create a space that lets life happen. A versatile hub that meets your client’s practical needs whilst fitting right into their lifestyle.

Lumion’s ever-growing asset library of more than 8,000 items helps you achieve this. It lets clients picture their future kitchen clearly, before it exists – right down to the objects, textures, and sounds that make up a space.

Lumion’s latest library update introduces a brand-new set of kitchen-themed models and materials. Containing 140 new models, from refrigerators to crockery, this new suite of assets offers a wealth of options to detail your designs. It also includes 34 new materials, from marble to stainless steel, to give your designs that modern, high-quality finish.

Ready to take a closer look?

New kitchen-themed


The Lumion Library now contains a wealth of kitchen-themed objects. The new selection of sleek appliances and kitchenware will complement any modern kitchen and help create a space you can picture yourself cooking and eating in.

You’ll find the following categories of objects available in Lumion Pro:

  • 23 home appliances and built-ins

  • 23 cooking utensils and kitchenware items

  • 35 tableware and crockery items

  • 31 pre-assembled item collections

  • 28 other kitchen accessories and decorative items

Mix and match

Easily combine and contrast objects of different styles and materials to achieve the exact aesthetic you envision. Fill your space with stainless steel fixtures and fittings for a modern look, decorate it with wooden kitchen accessories for a rustic feel, or go for something completely bespoke.

The new range of pre-assembled collections of objects allows you to quickly add a touch of character to your design. Choose from decorated shelves, utensil rails, spice racks, filled trays, and more.

You’ll also find an assortment of individual items that can be placed however – and wherever – you like, enabling you to create unique compositions that best fit your design.

New materials for any

Kitchens require a variety of materials, for floors, walls, countertops, backsplashes, and all sorts of other areas.

Selecting just the right textures for your surfaces helps ensure both functionality and style – it adds visual interest to a scene and offers a tactile quality to the area in question.

The latest update brings you 34 stylish new materials to work with, including stainless steel, wood, veneer, marble, quartzite, soapstone, tile, and composite stone.

1. New feature highlights

1.1: The Ray Tracing Effect (v0.9):

Powered by a fully reworked hybrid rendering engine, Lumion 2023 merges the previous rasterization technology with the brand-new Ray Tracing technique. Located under the Lighting category, the Ray Tracing Effect accurately emulates light behaviour and delivers a significant lift in rendering quality at the push of a button.

With the new version of Lumion, it is now considerably easier to get perfect results allowing you and your clients to see the future of your project more clearly than ever. Because the more realistic your rendering, the easier it is to imagine the end result.

hero_raster.pngLumion 2023 RasterizationLumion 2023 Ray Tracing


The capabilities and interactions of the Ray Tracing Effect will be expanded and improved during upcoming releases of Lumion through the new Updater. Certain limitations are currently applicable described in section 3.10. More information on the Ray Tracing Effect can be found below:


1.2: Full PBR workflow:

The Material workflow has been converted to full Physically Based Rendering taking advantage of 8 Maps that bring your design choices closer to reality. The result will render more natural physical properties through the accurate calculation of light conditions and a higher degree of control over the Material Settings:

1.2.1 New Settings and Map Slots:

  • Metalness: Controls how strong the metallic attributes of a surface are. A Metalness Map can be loaded to isolate the metallic areas of the surface from the non-me
  • Emissive Strength, Reflectivity, and Opacity: can now be individually controlled from their own sliders or by assigning their own Map in each slot.

1.2.2 New Material Properties:

  • Subsurface Scattering (SSS): increasing the slider value will give an object/surface a translucent effect, allowing light to penetrate and be scattered by the material. Assigning a color other than white (#FFFFFF) will affect the tint of the light scattered by the Material.
  • *Clearcoat: this value adds a layer of colorless, resin-like finish to a surface.
  • mceclip7.png

1.2.3 Changes

  • Texture Map: now replaces the old Color Map. Lowering the Texture Map value will increase the effect that the Color has on a surface.
  • mceclip9.png
  • Roughness Map: now replaces the Gloss Map. A Gloss Map can still be used and inverted:
  • Mapping scale: is set to real-world scale and coordinates.
  • Opacity: The Opacity Slider controls how see-through a surface is and replaces the Transparency from Lumion 12.5 and older versions. Loading an Opacity Map will allow the slider to control only areas of the surface that are not completely black.

1.2.4 Improvements:

  • Map Slots: when a Map Slot is empty, Lumion will interpret the Map as being fully white, affecting the entire surface.
  • Map Slots:: can also be deleted as needed.
  • Textures with an alpha channel (Example: .PNG, .TGA) that were embedded in the Imported Material, will now get the alpha channel assigned to the Opacity Mask slot.
  • Normal Map: A Normal Map can be autogenerated based on the Texture or Displacement Maps. When both are loaded in Lumion, the Normal will be generated based on the Displacement Map as it is generally recommended:
  • Normal Map: The possibility to invert (flip) the green channel of a Normal Map has been added in the context menu:

For a detailed walkthrough of the new PBR Workflow, follow the tutorial below:


1.3: New Glass:

The new Glass Material merges PureGlass and Standard Glass and unifies their customizability. Glass also features a series of new properties:

The Glass Material is not yet converted to the RT pipeline. Use the settings in the article below to configure the Standard Material as Glass if you are using RayTracing:

1.3.1: New Settings and Map Slots:

  • Texture: The slider controls how much influence a texture has over the Material assigned to a surface. The Map Slot allows a custom texture to be added. Decreasing the Texture slider will increase the influence of the Color.
  • Relief: The slider increases the bumps and dents on the surface. Using a Normal Map is also possible. The value of the Relief slider will make parts of the surface pop out when increased.
  • Frostiness: The Frostiness slider controls the translucency of the surface without affecting the amount of light going through. Using a Map will isolate areas affected by the Frostiness slider.

1.3.2: New property:

  • Distortion: The Distortion Slider allows for better control over the degree of refraction.

1.3.3: Changes:

  • Roughness: is now used instead of Glossiness.
  • Improved Glass shadows: Glass will now cast better, more accurate shadows that take into account the Color assigned to the Glass Material. The lighter the color, the stronger the shadows.


1.4: Improved Scene Building

1.4.1 Gizmo:

The brand-new transform gizmo functionality makes positioning your models a breeze. You can now arrange your assets exactly how you want them.
The Gizmo is available for Move and Rotate in Build Mode and while editing certain Effects. Moving an object can take place on a single axis or a plane (XY, YZ, and XZ) while rotation makes use of the planes associated with Heading, Pitch, and Bank.


Holding the ALT key will duplicate an Object when dragging the Gizmo arrows or planes.


1.4.2: Auto Snap:

Instantly align your objects to the contents of your Projects while placing them with the new-and-improved Auto Snap feature:

  • Objects Category: models from the Objects Category snap and align to the surfaces of Imported Models depending on their spatial designation (Example: a chair will snap and align to the closest horizontal surface, while a painting will align its orientation to the normal of a vertical surface).
  • Snap_obj.gif
  • People and Animals Category: People containing the ‘Seated’ tag snap and align to the closest seating Object.
  • Snap_ppl.gif


1.4.3: New Object Tags:

  • New Content: Search with the Object Tag “L23” to find all new content.
  • New Content: The thumbnails have a blue dot in the upper left corner.
  • New Search function: Adding ‘-‘ in front of a Tag will exclude all Objects associated with the tag in question from the search. Example: to exclude all Library Objects from Lumion 2023, type in -L23:
  • Important Note: Animated Library Plants/Trees are rendered in Ray Tracing using the Rasterization pipeline. See section 3.10 for more information.


1.4.4: Improved Material Library Picker:

Material Mode: All interfaces in Material Mode have been updated.

    • The Material Library and Material Settings have been redesigned as tabs:
    • mceclip4.png
    • The name associated with the Material assigned to the surface in the 3D modeling software is displayed in Material Mode when the surface is selected in Lumion:
    • mceclip2.png
    • The Material Library has been reorganized into 3 main Categories: New, Materials, and Landscape:
    • mceclip3.png
      • The Indoor and Outdoor categories have been merged into the Materials Category.
      • The Various Category has been replaced by the Landscape Category.
      • Materials in Categories have been reorganized in Collections:
      • Materials are now searchable using the ‘Search’ bar in Material Mode:
      • mceclip1.png
      • The selected Material can now be found in the Library using the ‘Find Material in Library‘ button:
      • Material icons are displayed in Lumion 2023 as indicators of the Material type selected from the Library. Example for Invisible Material:
      • The Map pop-up is now larger and provides a better sense of the Material.


1.5: Camera Paths

1.5.1: Camera Path Presets:

Create animations quicker and easier than ever with a wider range of video camera presets. Enjoy greater control over your camera position and benefit from smoother camera movements with the following new presets. Lumion 2023 contains new presets for camera paths while recording a Clip:

mceclip12.png padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 0px;

  • Orbit Path: allows for a cyclical movement around a set point. In Advance Mode the path can be altered to orbit multiple times around the target.
  • mceclip13.png
  • Dolly Shot: allows for linear movement between two points with the camera at a set Heading and Pitch.
  • mceclip14.png
  • Pan/Tilt Shot: enables movement of the camera along an arc, horizontally (Pan) or vertically (Tilt)
  • mceclip15.png
  • Follow Object: the camera will follow a target, facing it if ‘Look at target‘ is enabled, or facing in a set
  • mceclip16.png

For additional information on Camera Presets please see below:

1.5.2: Custom camera paths:

Camera Paths can now be imported to achieve more controlled movement of the camera in .FBX and .DAE formats.


Upon choosing to import a file containing a Camera Path, Lumion will display a list of Camera Paths available in the saved views of the file:

Example of Custom Camera Path:


More information can be found in the article below:


1.6: Rendering Aspect Ratios:

Create the perfect composition for your visualizations by rendering directly in your preferred aspect ratio. Choose from a range of formats and save time cropping your photos and videos post-render.

1.6.1: Format:

The format can be selected from the dropdown menu in Photo and Movie Mode:

1.6.2: Aspect Ratio:

The aspect ratio can be flipped using the FLIP ASPECT RATIO button:

1.6.3: Photo Mode:

The aspect ratio can be chosen for each Photo.

1.6.4: Movie Mode:

The aspect ratio for a Clip can be set/modified when recording the Clip. While:

  • rendering a single Clip: Lumion will render at the Clip’s aspect ratio.
  • rendering an Entire Movie: Lumion will render all Clips at the aspect ratio of the first Clip in the Set.

1.6.5: Resolution:

The rendering resolution will associate the longest side with the width of the preset selected for the output resolution. Example:

  • a 1:1 ratio in Desktop/Full HD the image resolution will be 1920×1920 pixels
  • a 4:5 ratio in Print/Ultra HD the image resolution will be 3072×3840 pixels

1.6.6: Available formats:

  • 16:9, 3:2, 5:4, 1:1, 1.91:1 and their inverse counterparts.
  • mceclip17.png

Also, see the article below for detailed information:


1.7: Settings – Editor Resolution:

Performance for Build Mode: Version 12 introduced new real-time GPU upsampling technology that scaled the resolution up from 50%. Lumion 2023 comes with FSR 2.0 from AMD further increasing the performance gain but improving the upscaling of the resolution for as low as 33%:

FSR 2.0

Enjoy a faster, smoother scene-building experience with Lumion 2023’s upgraded Build Mode. With AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR 2.0) upscaling technology, you’ll automatically get sharper, higher-quality images at lower resolutions.


Although FSR can improve the responsiveness of Lumion, at low resolutions it will cause some blur or ghosting for some elements.


1.8: Master Effects List:

Photo and Panorama Modes have been fitted with a ‘Master Effect List’ that applies a series of Effects across the entire Set, similar to the ‘Entire Movie‘ button from previous versions of Lumion.

This improvement also brings a more unified appearance throughout all the Output Modes.

When applying the same Effect both in the Master Effect List and to the Photo or Panorama position, the Photo/Panorama position settings will take priority.


1.9: New Objects in Library

1.9.1: New objects:

Help your clients immerse themselves in your design, with Lumion’s extensive library of lifelike people – including 100 brand-new, true-to-life static characters. Set the scene and show the life in any project, by instantly adding your choice of realistic objects and materials, whether it’s a plant in the corner of a room, the cars passing by a building, or the wooden finish of a chair.

A total of 227 Library Objects have been added in Lumion 2023, ranging from incredibly detailed 3D Static Characters to Nature and Furniture. Capture the full potential of your Project using the latest additions:

Fine-detail Nature: 66
9 Plants, 57 Trees
Objects: 51
People and Animals: 100 Transport: 10


1.9.2: New Materials Library*

Materials: Landscape:
  • Wood: 53
  • Bricks: 2
  • Concrete: 3
  • Metal: 10
  • Stone: 8
  • Plaster: 11
  • Soil: 3
  • Grass: 6
  • Asphalt: 2


1.10: Updated Color Correction Effect:

The Color Correction Effect has been improved. New functionality has also been added:

  • A Histogram shows the clipped Highlights and Shadows.
  • The Exposure Effect is now included as a slider in Color Correction.
  • The Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows sliders replaced Limit Low, Limit High and Brightness for increased control.
  • An Auto-Exposure toggle is added for automatic adjustment of lighting conditions.
  • Sliders have been grouped based on the modification type they apply to the image:

The article below explains in-depth the benefits of the new Color Correction Effect:


1.11: Improved Styrofoam Effect:

The Styrofoam Effect received a facelift featuring Subsurface Scattering and improved shading.


1.12: Lighting and exposure:

1.12.1: Spotlights and Omni Lights:

  • The Brightness value has been converted to Lumens to reflect real-world units
  • The Size slider now controls both the size of the Light Source and the sharpness of shadows when using the Ray Tracing workflow. The higher the Size, the softer the resulting Shadows.
  • The Falloff slider was removed as it does not reflect a real-world value.

1.12.2: Area Lights and Line Lights:

  • The Brightness value has been converted to Nits to reflect real-world units
  • Area Lights and Line Lights now cast shadows when used in the Ray Tracing workflow

1.12.3: Other improvements:

Unified Lighting system:

All light types in Lumion have been unified under the same system: Sun Light, Spotlights, Omni Lights, Area/Line Lights, HDR Skies, and Emissive Materials now work under the same principle.

  • Lights: Brightness values are automatically converted when opening .LS files from older Lumion versions to closest approximated unit – Lumens for point-like emitters and Nits for surface-like emitters.


1.13: Updated user interface:

(Build Mode, Photo Mode, Movie Mode, Panorama Mode)

All Lumion Modes have received an uplift in User Interface. A darker tone has been adopted for all functional parts of the UI and the icons have been revamped across all areas of Lumion.

Build Mode Photo Mode
Movie Mode Panorama Mode
  • Build Mode:
    • Place Mode: The UI has been updated:
    • Select Mode: The interface has been update and, when an Object is selected, it will always display its coordinates and update dynamically:
    • Weather Mode: The User Interface has been updated:
    • Material Mode: Clicking the icon associated with a Material Map opens Windows Explorer:
    • Select Mode: The blue highlight overlay is now disabled for Transport, Nature, and
      Character Objects when the mouse hovers over the properties window.


1.14: New Context Menus:

The context menus in Lumion have been improved and replaced by icons and/or a new menu system.

1.14.1: Improvements:

Material Mode:

  • Copying and pasting Materials can now be done through the two icons.
  • Loading and Saving a Material can be done through the context menu:
  • A Material slider with a Map slot has different context menus that allow by case to:
    • invert a Map
    • delete a Map
    • change the coordinates of a Map (see section 1.2.4: Improvements)

1.14.2: Photo/Movie/Panorama Mode:

  • Effects: The UI has been revamped and allows for copying, pasting, loading, saving and emptying an Effect Stack:
  • Effects: Copying Effect settings:
  • Photo/Movie/Panorama slots:
  • Effects Gallery: icons replace the old Effects categories.

1.14.3: Welcome Screen updates:

(Home Mode) The Welcome Screen contains three major updates for improved accessibility:

  • The carousel slideshow changes dynamically based on relevant Lumion-related updates and new content will be added when available.
  • The bottom of the Welcome Screen comes with 3 new buttons that direct to resources and the Support Team.
  • The button sizes have been optimised. Load: It is now possible to use the MOUSE WHEEL to go through the Recent Files


1.15: Lumion LiveSync

Importing a Model with Material names containing any of the following words in the 3D modelling software will automatically associate a Material from the corresponding Category in Lumion:

Glass Water Concrete Metal Wood
Brick Ceramic Fabric Plastic Stone


1.16: Smooth workflow improvements

Lumion 2023 comes with several workflow improvements to help streamline your rendering projects, including:

1.16.1: Mouse cursor changes: The mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a pointer when hovering over a clickable element.


1.16.2: Groups:

  • Group Editing: While editing a Group, the selected objects will now be highlighted.

1.16.3: Variations:

  • The option of adding a Variation for two or more Imported Models when selected at the same time has been removed.

1.16.4: Slider interaction:

The interaction with sliders has been improved:

  • Single-clicking a slider will now activate the Type-in function.
  • Clicking and dragging will move the slider to the desired position.

1.16.5: Effect sliders:

Effects in a stack (with the exception of Ray Tracing which is always on top) are now draggable up or down:


1.17: Foundation changes

1.17.1: New Bindless Material rendering

The bindless rendering pipeline serves as the foundation that allows rasterization and ray tracing to use the same resources (models, materials, textures, buffers, etc). This allows Lumion to convert all assets to the PBR workflow as resources are presented the same way. Converted assets from older versions of Lumion will look very close or identical in Lumion 2023, although slight differences may occur.

1.17.2: Hybrid engine

We began preparations for this process with the conversion of Lumion 11 to DirectX12 at a basic level. Those foundational elements have been improved in Lumion 12, only to now scratch the surface of the potential of Lumion 2023. The hybrid engine has been designed with a particular focus on enabling faster improvements in upcoming iterations that allow both Raster and RT to work side by side by opening up the door to the implementation of assets that will work in either one of the flows.


2. Other new features & improvements

Build Mode

2.1: Landscape Mode -> Water: The Water types picker has been updated for consistency with the rest of the UI B1.16

2.2: Unified properties for Characters:

2.2.1: Coloring, Shadow and Transparency of Characters:

The Animated 3D Characters, Static 3D Characters, 3D/2D People Silhouettes and Character Billboard Objects now share the same values for Color and Transparency. Changing one of the values for one of the aforementioned Character types will apply the same property to all the other types in the Project.

2.2.2: UI changes for Characters:

All Character types in Lumion will now feature the same Editor UI. The Character Billboard also has the option to load a texture.

2.3: Mass Placement: Paths now have a minimum width of 1m if the selected Object has no width. Example: placing Groups.

2.4: Clouds: All Lumion Clouds (Sky, Volumetric Clouds, Sky and Clouds, Real Skies) have been improved for better rendering results:

2.5: Landscape -> Water -> Ice Preset: is longer Emissive when rendering.

2.6: Library -> Decals: Decals now use Roughness Map as input instead of Glossiness.

2.7: The Lumion camera movements have been improved and are now smoother.


Movie, Photo, and Panorama Mode

2.8: Aspect Ratios of Photos are displayed for each thumbnail before rendering a Photo Set:

2.9: Heading and Pitch sliders are added for increased control of the direction of the camera:

2.10: FX Toggle:

The Effects Stack can be toggled on or off per Mode from the top-right corner of the screen:

2.11: The Effects Gallery has been fitted with a search bar for increased accessibility:


Material Editor

2.12: Standard Material: Support for animated .MP4 textures as Opacity Maps has been added:


2.13: The Fur Material has been moved to the Materials Category instead of Landscape.

2.14: Materials -> Maps: The Alpha Channel of image files that support it (example: .TGA or .PNG files) will now be stripped and added to Opacity Map.

2.15: Automatic Material Conversion: Automatic conversion will only occur if the imported surface does contain an embedded Texture Map.


Importing & exporting

2.16: Importer 2.0:

The old Importer used for .SKP, .FBX, and .DAE formats is now superseded completely by the new Importer 2.0.

2.17: Imported Models:

2.17.1: Lumion will convert on startup all Imported Models in the Documents folder to the new PBR pipeline – depending on the number of Objects, this may take a long time as they are all converted one by one. Conversion can be skipped by pressing ESC (Escape).

2.17.2 The conversion will resume during the next startup or on the spot when Loading/Placing a model that is yet to be converted.

2.18: Import window:

A new toggle has been added for forcing double-sided surfaces: B5.1

2.19: LiveSync:

2.19.1: The connection is now closed when loading a new Project to prevent the model from syncing into the newly opened Project.
2.19.2: The connection is now closed after deleting the corresponding Imported Model in Lumion.


Loading & saving

2.20: Loading .LS files with corrupted .INN information no longer crashes Lumion and instead, the corrupted data is skipped.

2.21: Lumion Trial: Loading a Project created in Lumion Pro Trial is possible is now possible when the Pro Trial License Key has been upgraded to the commercial version.

2.22: Loading: Loading an .LS file created in a previous version of Lumion will remove all Effects and transfer the corresponding value to the Color Correction Effect.



2.23: Updated and improved Effects: Bloom, Depth of Field, and Lens Flare Effects have been improved.

2.24: Improved Outline Effect: this should now be more accurate and result in fewer visual glitches.

2.25 Advanced Move Effect: can now jump to Keyframes outside the visible Timeline.

2.26 Time Warp Effect: a slider to offset video textures has been added.

2.27 Global Illumination Effect: has been disabled.


New example Projects and Templates

2.28: Example Projects:

Lumion 2023 includes:

  • 1 (one) new Example Project: Minimalistic Interior.
  • 8 (eight) improved Examples Projects.

Learn about:

  • Minimalistic Interior:
    • Ray Tracing, Aspect Ratios and Preset Camera Paths.

2.29: Templates:

  • All Templates have been updated.

2.22: Styles:

  • All Templates have been updated.
    • 1 (one) new Style: Interior RT.
    • 8 (eight) improved Styles.



2.30: Interface: Place Mode is greyed out when ‘Select all categories’ is active.

2.31: Installer/Updater:

Lumion 2023 can now be updated when opening Lumion.

2.31.1: When an update is available, a notification will appear:

2.31.2: Choosing to continue will download the update:

2.31.3: An option to postpone is also available.

More information on the Updater can be found in the article below:


3. Changes & Resolved Errors

3.1: Build Mode and Object Library

  • Move Mode: the movement distance of an object has been limited to 3km instead of 30km while moving it freely or horizontally.
  • Place Mode -> Always place on terrain: Objects no longer get stuck on the terrain after moving them with ‘Always place on terrain’ active.
  • Place Mode -> Always place on terrain: ‘Always place on terrain’ can now be toggled while moving an Object.
  • Place Mode -> Always place on terrain: Imported Models are now ignored with moving an Object horizontally and having ‘Always place on terrain‘ active.
  • Select Mode: The Gizmo is disabled during box selection.
  • Custom License Plates: no longer accidentally exceed the limit of 10.
  • Locked Objects: the following options are no longer available for Locked Objects:
    • Randomise Position/Rotation/Size
    • Reset Size/Rotation
    • Space objects evenly
    • Place on/Conform to landscape
    • Align Position/Rotation
    • Align Size/Height
  • Sun: The Sun no longer leaves a visible shadow rectangle on Landscape or 3D Grass.

Object library:

    • Omni Lights and Area Lights: The Falloff property has been removed. B4.19
    • Align Positions: Align Positions no longer moves all objects to 0,0,0 if the selection contains Objects from multiple Categories. B4.21
    • Imported Animated Models: now pause when returning to Movie Mode after recording a Clip. B4.66
    • Library -> Lights: Changing the color of multiple Area/Line Lights in the same selection now affects all of them instead of only one.
    • Library -> Decals: The Map Thumbnails are now displayed as intended.
    • Library -> People and Animals: The texture and animation now work as expected for Woman Caucasian 011 Baby.
    • Library: Ambient Occlusion is enabled for Nature Objects when Ray Tracing is applied to a Photo, Clip, or Panorama.


3.2: Photo Mode, Movie Mode & Panorama Mode

Photo Mode

  • Rendering: on two different Lumion versions at the same time in Print/Poster resolutions no longer results in an error. B1.35

Movie Mode

  • Mass Move Effect: an Object’s position is no longer reset after saving an .LSF file if the Mass Move Effect has been added in Movie Mode. – B1.27
  • Recording Clips: the reflection cube map now works as expected while recording a Clip. – B1.32
  • Sounds: Lumion Sounds will be muted when Lumion is not the active window. – B1.37
  • Clip from image file‘ and ‘Clip from movie file’: have been removed
  • Video textures: are now displayed as static while the Preview is not running after recording a Clip.

Panorama Mode

  • Target device: Generic device or Gear VR”: have been renamed to reflect the assigned projection type: ‘Project type: Equilateral or Cubic‘.

Photo Mode, Movie Mode & Panorama Mode

  • Image Overlay Effect: Loaded images can now be aligned to the Preview and are no longer stretched to conform to its proportions.
  • Flat-shaded Characters: The SkyLight Effect no longer causes Flat-shaded Characters to have depth.
  • Flat-shaded Characters: The Precipitation Effect no longer causes specularity on Flat-shaded Characters.
  • Layer Visibility Effect: now behaves as expected and displays the updated Layer state accurately.
  • Metadata: Files exported from Lumion record the Lumion version they were created in their Properties
  • Rendering: times have been considerably reduced when exporting as .PNG in Print/Poster resolution.
  • Rendering: using the Ray Tracing in Print/Poster Resolutions is disabled.


3.3: Materials

  • Materials -> Fur: applying a Fur Material no longer makes a surface double-sided.
  • Material -> Waterfall: when applied in the Project and adjusting the Lightup Water Color slider will no longer affect the exposure of the whole Scene.
  • Assigning Materials: Applying Materials on multiple Imported Models in the same session no longer results in missing Materials when reopening the .LS file.
  • Assigning Materials: Cancelling the assignment of Materials after deleting and undoing the deletion of an Imported Model now results in the correct Materials being applied, respectively the ones used before cancelling the assignment.
  • Materials -> Foliage: The Ground Level slider now ranges from -100m to +100m.

3.4: Effects & Styles

  • Advanced Move Effect: The user interface is no longer occasionally click-through.
  • Phasing Effect: The user interface no longer flickers when using the UP or DOWN arrows. B3.78
  • Orthographic View Effect: Materials are no longer occasionally displayed as invisible.
  • Volumetric Clouds Effect: Clouds are now correctly shaded when used in combination with Real Skies.
  • Motion Blur Effect: The Preview has been improved to better display Motion Blur when active.
  • Phasing Effect: Canceling a title change in the Phasing Effect no longer freezes Lumion.

3.5: Save, load, and recovery

  • Landscape: The Landscape texture remains consistent when quick-loading or loading a Recovery File.

3.6: Importing and Exporting

  • Place item on nodes: Cancelling the file dialog will no longer cause the Place item on nodes function to behave as when a model had been selected to use as a source for the Nodes. B5.5
  • LiveSync: no longer defaults to 15mm Focal Length when active and the Lumion window is selected.
  • LiveSync: When camera synchronisation is on, LiveSync will now use the field of view set in the 3D modelling software when in Build with FX.


3.7: Miscellaneous

  • Windows version: Lumion 2023 will only run on a Windows 10 or 11 operating system.
  • Graphics card driver version check: Lumion 2023 will check that the minimum requirements for the graphics card driver are met.
  • Lumion Pro Trial: The remaining days are now displayed in the windows Lumion title bar.
  • Various UI changes.

3.8 Interface:

  • Branding: Lumion 2023 features a refreshed brand identity that has been integrated into all platforms, versions and editions.
  • EULA: The End User License Agreement window has been revised and the interface has been improved.
  • Student version: A link to the relevant Knowledge Base article has been added when attempting to open an .LS file created in a commercial version.


3.9: Features also now in Lumion 2023 (Standard)

These are features that were available previously only in Lumion Pro.

Build Mode  Object Library:

  • Area Lights and Line Lights


3.10: Features that are still developed:

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the significant changes we recommend that you complete any Projects you have started in previous versions of Lumion in the respective version. Then start new Projects in Lumion 2023.

IMPORTANT: Lumion 2023 is fully functional but certain features may require additional development or workarounds. More information on features in development and technical limitations can be found in the article below:


From the Team:

Enjoy learning and using Lumion 2023.

Illuminate the life in your designs

With Lumion 12 Pro, it’s easier than ever to illuminate the atmosphere in your designs and show their most remarkable elements in their best light.

Architectural visualization goes beyond showing form and function. It’s about conveying emotion. Igniting a feeling. Showing how spaces affect people on a deeper level. Lumion 12 empowers you to tell a story about your design that will move and inspire.

Volumetric effect for Omni Lights (Pro only)

There are countless situations where volumetric lighting comes in handy. Mood, atmosphere, ambiance — the new volumetric omni lights effect gives depth to spaces while adding a gorgeous glow.

This point-and-click effect is perfect when used in a subtle manner. Render foggy evenings. Show dust, mist or steam for interior shots. The effect is instant, and the results are incredible.

Volumetric effect for spotlights (Pro only)

The new volumetric spotlight effect lets you cast a visible beam of light throughout your scene, adding atmosphere and dimension for a beautiful, cinematic ambiance.

With a wide range of applications, you can use the volumetric spotlights effect to illuminate interiors, exteriors and even pools, giving spaces more depth and realism.

The volumetric spotlights effect is the latest addition to the wide variety of lighting options available in Lumion 12, from omni lights to area and line lights, all of which you can customize based on color, brightness, shadows and much more.

Combined with Real Skies, the fog effect and atmospheric rain and snow, the new volumetric spotlights effect helps you showcase your design in an immersive context.

Light color temperature (Kelvin)

Set the mood with a new ambient light color tool. Using the Kelvin scale, which measures colors from warm (3000K) to cold (7000K), you’ll illuminate interiors with a cozy and inviting mood and create exterior lighting with a crisp and invigorating feeling.

Capture the subtle details of life

In Lumion 12, the smallest details matter. With new surface decals, license plates and a diverse content library of materials, objects, characters and nature items, you can bring your design to life with surprising detail.

Surface decals (Pro only)

Give your visualizations a touch of character, style and personality with 142 new surface decals. In just a click, you’ll transform surfaces with imperfections, wall art, exposed brick, moss, chalk drawings, paint, road markings and much more.

Combined with other features such as weathering, displacement maps and edges, you have a wide range of tools to show surface imperfections and highlight textures like never before.

Import Custom Decals (Pro only)

With Lumion 12.3, you can now import your own custom decals to give surfaces a unique look and feel, opening up more possibilities for creative expression.

Custom decals are easy to place and modify so that you can intuitively blend them into your project, giving them all the texture and intricate detail of the underlying material.

License Plates

Import your own license plates

From Japan to Germany. China to the United States. The new license plates in Lumion 12 help you anchor your design to a specific place with a small yet highly immersive detail. In Lumion 12, you can find a variety of license plate styles from 10 different countries as well as all 50 U.S. states.

In Lumion 12.3, you can add an extra touch of personalization with custom license plates. Upload one or multiple images and create your own license plate. With just one click, you can make all the vehicles reflect your project’s location.

110 Newly Animated Plants

Fine Detail Nature

Lumion 12.3 also comes with newly animated plants. These previously static items move with life, creating the context for more energetic, lively animations..

With 41 new fine-detail nature items, including a range of new palms at various stages of growth, exquisitely detailed flowers, stems of grass, weeds, cattails and other small plants, you can capture the vitality of real-life landscapes.

570 new library items (some Pro only)

Reveal the real-life experiences that people will have when interacting with your design. Show how a room’s furniture imparts a certain mood, how trees and nature can make your design more vibrant. With Lumion’s vast content library, you can make any space feel unique, full of personality and colorfully intimate. New additions include:

• 86 pieces of stylish furniture for interiors and exteriors, including sofas, seats, tables and much more

• 31 garden items, including a new garden category

• 15 new transportation items, which can be localized with license plates

• Solar panels, solar heaters and an electric car charger

• More modern televisions, computers and other devices

• New static people in lifelike poses and new character animations

• Assorted objects such as wall art, garage items and lived-in beds

All of the new objects are HD quality, specifically developed and fully optimized for Lumion. The new additions bring the total number of library assets in the Lumion 12 Pro content library to 6,903*.

65 new materials (some Pro only)

Materials can make buildings feel alive, opening up your senses and giving character and personality to spaces. In Lumion 12, you can find 65 new materials with a wide range of choices:

• Acoustic foam • Corrugated steel sheets
• Cardboard • Tile patterns
• Solar panels • Sandstone blocks
• Tactile paving • Reed roofing
• Cork • Other roofing and shingles
• Bricks • Stone and wood
• Concrete • And many more

Many of the materials in Lumion are of the highest quality, and they can be altered via surface decals, weathering, soft edges (Pro only) and more. With the new additions, the total number of materials in Lumion 12 Pro is 1,357*.





Capture the subtle details of life

In Lumion 12, the smallest details matter. With new surface decals, license plates and a diverse content library of materials, objects, characters and nature items, you can bring your design to life with surprising detail.

Surface decals (Pro only)

Lumion LiveSync creates a real-time connection between Lumion’s detail-rich, lifelike environments and the most popular 3D modeling and CAD programs. Now, in Lumion 12, the range of LiveSync plug-ins has been extended to include Autodesk FormIt Pro, a fluid 3D sketching environment that provides a seamless connection from concept design to BIM for less rework.

Show your design in its real-life context. Render an entire cityscape. The elevations of its terrain. And all the minor details that make up the landscape around it. The OpenStreetMaps feature takes another leap forward in Lumion 12, allowing you to better control, rotate and import the surrounding topography for your project.

With Lumion 12, rendering is cleaner, smoother and more efficient. It’s now easier to drag and drop your 3D models, navigate the vast content library, create object collections and organize your imported models and groups of your favourite items. See more usability improvements

New to Lumion?

Lumion makes it easy to show how your projects will translate into real-life experiences and emotions. 

Discover more Features

”Retro-inspired” objects

Reveal the unique identity of spaces with 73 new retro-inspired objects. You can find stylish appliances to uplift the mood in the kitchen, timeless pieces of furniture for living rooms and home offices, and many other items that add a human, personal touch to your renders.

Joyful characters

Express delight throughout your scene with 50 new, non-animated 3D characters. Whether it’s a sunbather on the grass, a child looking up with wonder, or a couple enjoying a beautiful view together, these cheerful characters are ideal for showing the context, scale and emotion in the background of your project.

Shadows For Omni-lights

Render architectural design with the vitality of dynamic lighting, with the new shadows for omni lights.

Multifunctional clip planes

Reveal all the layers of your design, from multiple angles, with the multifunctional clip planes option.

New character silhouettes

Animate conceptual people flows. Show the division of space. No matter what you want to accomplish, Lumion makes it easy with new character silhouettes.

Rendered measurements

Skillfully create informative yet beautiful images and animations that show all the measurements throughout your design.

High-quality theater preview

It takes only a click to turn on the high-quality preview in Lumion Theater Mode and the Lumion Viewer, bringing you even closer to the final look and feel of your rendering before you actually hit the render button.

Improved lighting realism, from the interior to the exterior

  • Omni shadows for spotlights
  • Micro shadows for spotlights
  • Improved grass lighting

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