What we'll be doing for you, in 3 simple steps

Step 1

You have already completed step 1 by chatting with one of our client services team. Thank you.

85% of clients will save at least 25% on their current software costs, increase productivity by more than 20% or both. Not everyone will achieve a 10 fold improvement but it has been known to happen!

Step 2

A senior member of the team (possibly even CAD International’s managing director who likes a hands on approach!) will email you with some links and perhaps a voice message attached to your email. They may ask a few more relevant questions to be certain of what you do and what you may require.

Please respond as soon as possible even if you have no further interest – it will be greatly appreciated.


Step 3

Once we’ve done our job it’ll be up to you to check-out the information we supply and act on it.

There’s no hard sell. We’re not going to chase you to improve your business if you’re not yet ready, but if you are, then we’ll do everything we can to help your business design better, faster, funner.

We suggest that even if you do nothing immediately, that you keep our information on file for the future. We’ll add you in to receive relevant information of interest. You can opt out of course. 



Nigel Varley




Whilst you’re waiting for us to contact you why not have a quick browse around the site… and feel free to ask questions at any time.