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Welcome to CAD Level 1 Online Certificate Training Course

You’re about to embark on a journey of step by step discovery as you enter the enjoyable and productive world of Computer Aided Design (CAD). This CAD Level 1 course can take as little as 8 hours. You can complete this training using CAD in ‘trial mode’. This mode still allows you to save files with less than 100 entities (an arc is an entity, a line is an entity). This course contains:

  1. Carefully prepared lessons.
  2. Quizzes at the end of each section for assessment of your progress.
  3. Hands-on exercises using the actual CAD software
  4. Your own personal tutor to assist you if you need help (contacting

    Note: The training exercises can be found under:

    • Windows: C:UsersPublicRealCAD-v8Training
    • Mac: /Users/Shared/RealCAD-v8/Training

    (*) It could also be under LANDWorksCAD-v8 or ArborCAD-8 instead depending on the application you have installed.

Have an iPad or similar? Use it to access this training. Have it open next to you for ease of access whilst you complete the course using your PC. Have two screens on your computer? Open the training material on one and the CAD program on the other. Only have one screen and no iPad device? You’ll need to switch back and forth from the training material on the web to the CAD software on your PC. Important Instructions: Read and follow the instructions – relax and enjoy! 🙂