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Regional Development 

(Mexico/ South America/ Southern USA)


Take our best selling MCAD software IronCAD into the Southern states of the USA and South America.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Spanish and English speaking entrepreneur in the USA or South America to take our easiest-to-sell CAD product into untouched territory. Get in on the ground floor and be your own boss with uncapped financial rewards available to the right individual. Invitations like this don’t come that often so act fast to secure your place with a world leader in design software, CAD International.


Software Sales and Support

(Australia & New Zealand)

Join our head office team in Australia 

This is an opportunity for an intelligent, computer savvy, ‘people-person’ to learn our software, support our clients and take on a sales role at the same time. It is a really interesting role that crosses over between being technical and being personable. You’ll be working with our small team and be supported in your growth as an expert CAD sales and support guru. Curious to know more? Contact us.


Resellers Wanted

(USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Asia, Middle East)


Become a CAD International reseller without the hassle of business administration or high-level technical knowledge. Enjoy simple systems, superb customer support, superior margins and broad untapped markets in a variety of global regions and professional vertical markets.

CAD International have been in operation for more than 30 years and in that time have developed and acquired the best CAD software products in several key areas of design that have not yet been promoted beyond local borders. Seize the opportunity to capitalize on these products in your region. Your main competitors are big, slow, expensive and inflexible.

Our contracts with you are conducive to success, with fair and reasonable commitment levels and growth incentives that generate a win for you, a win for us and a win for your clients. Your role is to provide customer focussed solutions. You could build a business using only our products or include them in a suite of offerings for a broader audience.

You won’t be alone. We will support you all the way to your success but you will be working autonomously in your region, either under your own business name or under the CAD International banner. You’ll be sales and marketing focussed because we look after the support and accounts for you.

These opportunities don’t come along that often so act fast to secure your place with a world leader in design software, CAD International.


Digital Marketing (Global)

Are you smart enough to navigate the online digital ‘minefields’ of social media, AdWords and SEO to get our brands ahead of the competition?
We’re seeking the services of a digital marketing guru (or apprentice guru) to compliment our current methods and improve our ROI as we expand our product range and grow our market locally and overseas.

This would be an ideal ‘side hustle’ for someone already involved in the ‘Magic Art’ of SEO and AdWords management. This is for someone who can appreciate the technicalities of the process and the psychology of the potential client and likes to win the game against bigger opponents.

For this role we are looking for an individual and not a marketing company. Work from home any time of day or night.


Programmer ( )

You understand the use of CAD; You program in C, C++, QT;
You understand 2D, 3D and the state machine;
You are careful, clever, considered, creative and efficient.
You work alone but are comfortable as part of a small team.
You should to contact us.