Zooming and Panning

Exercise 01 – Cheating!

  1. Click the Help The most useful option for us now is the Cheat Sheet!

  2. Click the option and it should open a PDF file of the Cheat Sheet. Print out the Cheat Sheet and keep a copy close by to refer to.

This Cheat Sheet is also available as a CAD drawing file in your sample drawings folder. Yes, it was created in CAD rather than in a word processor – RealCAD is very versatile.

Exercise 02 – Zooming Around

  1. From the Dropdown menu or Assistant icon menu select File, Open

  1. Locate the Training

Windows®                         UsersPublicprogram-nameTraining

Mac®                                   Users/Shared/program-name/Training

  1. Select and Open the file called ‘Zooming-Around’ from within the training folder. It should look like this.

  2. Click the Zoom-Fit icon in the Assistant menu to fill the window with the entire drawing.


Double-click the mouse wheel (without rolling it) to perform a Zoom-Fit. This can be challenging to master, but well worth it.Note the ‘View Control’ section of the Cheat Sheet.

  1. Now locate the town of Cadville bounded by the dashed pink rectangle and place your cursor/crosshair directly over the town. DON’T CLICK any mouse button yet… Some of you get very trigger happy! J
  2. Carefully and deliberately click and hold the mouse wheel down as if it were a button, (because it actually is a button) then whilst still holding down the wheel move your entire mouse until the small area of Cadville (bounded by a pink dotted line) is in the middle of your view… then release the wheel-button. This action is how you move (Pan/Scroll) your drawing around the screen. (Note the View Control section of Cheat Sheet)
  3. Now, with your cursor still directly over the town of Cadville, roll your mouse wheel to zoom closer until the sub-division of Cadville almost fills your screen. Notice that your cursor position is the focus of the zoom action. The direction you roll your mouse dictates whether you are zooming in or out. (as per View Control section of Cheat Sheet)

Repeat the middle button drag action discussed earlier if you need to move the drawing so Cadville is neatly in the view as shown here.

  1. Locate Lot 4 on the drawing and place your cursor over the house, and again roll your mouse wheel to zoom-in close to the house so the house on lot 4 fills the screen.

  2. Locate the Study and move (pan) the drawing until the study is in the middle of your screen, then Zoom-in to it.

NOTE: At any stage, even when in the middle of drawing something, you can use the middle button to pan or zoom without quitting your current drawing command.


  1. Next, Zoom-in close to the desk in the study. Check out the items on the desk. You can again zoom and pan. Take a really close look at the stamp on the envelope.
    Her name is Jessica Rose and she’s now 35+! ?
  2. To Zoom-out simply roll the mouse wheel the other way, keeping the cursor at the focal point of your zoom action.
  3. Click the Zoom-Fit icon command to fit the entire drawing back into view.

  1. Try the other zoom commands on the icon menu.


The Zoom to Zone command is a very useful feature when you need to zoom to a particular location on your drawing regularly. The zones have to be created first of course.

The Zoom Previous command is also very useful as it takes you back to successive zoom states each time you select it.

The Zoom-Window command is a very accurate way to zoom in on an area of your drawing using two clicks diagonally in any direction on the drawing as follows.

  1. Finally, use the commands you’ve now learned to take a really good look around the drawing. What can you find? There are a few surprises! You will be asked about these later so don’t skip this bit.

The most common action is zooming and panning so take some time to get a good feel for it.

Don’t worry if your drawing disappears. You’ve probably zoomed off into space or have zoomed into a blank area of your drawing. Just use Zoom-Fit or Zoom-Previous and start again.

Mouse Wheel Direction

The direction to roll the mouse wheel to zoom-in or zoom-out can be changed to your personal preference in the System, Options dialog that you accessed at the beginning of the course.