Open For Business in USA

CAD International now have a new office in LA California. Pamela Hubbuck, product development manager for the region is very happy to speak with clients directly. She is extremely helpful, so if you are in the US feel free to call 1-800 699 0942 or contact her by email. Pam is a good person to speak with…and has a great Aussie accent too!

Full Support for Half the Cost of a Cup of Coffee

We have officially launched the worlds best value CAD software support program. For just AU$1.30c per day (that’s about US0.97c) clients have access to full expert technical support via phone, email and web communication. Clients may choose a monthly payment plan with support supplied on a per nominated user basis. This allows for companies with multiple users to nominate just one or a few key support personnel.For those who just want to pay a single fee each time they use the support service rather than subscribe to the annual plan a AU$37 (about US$28) per use fee applies.   Mr Bill Murch heads CAD Training and Support; he said, “Clients get the best from their software by subscribing to the new support plan… Questions are dealt with more quickly and written solutions to clients issues are made available so all subscribers benefit from the answers. We can no longer provide unlimited free support as we now have so many clients…we want to be able to give the best service possible”. CAD International’s CEO Nigel Varley puts the price of the support into perspective, “You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for the price we ask for support. It represents fantastic value and clients love having an expert at their fingertips.” To purchase your annual support plan call: USA 1-800 699 0942, Australia (02) 9973 4499, International +612 9973 4499 or email Celine. Check out the details

New Software Makes an IMPACT

As a stand alone or companion software to LANDWorksCAD, PhotoImpact for Landscape is the most brilliant presentation tool for designers and architects. We have created some special material for Landscape Design in particular. Turn your work into masterpieces, use the tools to create your web site images, and take photos’ of your clients garden, then add to the image from hundreds of plants and features. The possibilities are endless. Check out PhotoImpact for Landscape here.

New Manual Hits the Target

The long awaited v5 reference manual for RealCAD based software is now available. The file is in PDF format with an easy to navigate index. It contains nearly 500 pages of invaluable information. If you haven’t already done so, download the file here. Download RealCAD Manual. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about commands in RealCAD is in the manual. It is not a ‘how to’ but a ‘what is’ manual. By reading what each command is capable of doing you will be able to apply it to your use. Software is constantly evolving, so as the RealCAD is modified the manual is updated and uploaded to the web site.

Brazil Takes the LANDWorksCAD Challenge

  LANDWorksCAD has begun its translation into the Portuguese language ready for the Brazilian market. Entrepreneurial landscaper Rodrigo Simoes, who has strong ties in the region, has accepted distribution rights for the product there. Brazil is already a very strong architectural nation with landscape design following closely behind. We look forward to officially launching LANDWorksCAD into Brazil early next year.

Australian Template for Home Designer Pro 7

Get a fully Australian metric template file for your Home Designer Pro v7 software. This file has more wall types, Aussie dimension styles, true Aussie brick hatching in plan and more……. Click to download now. Save the file to your Home Designer Pro ‘Templates’ folder and overwrite the existing file.

Upgrade or Cry

Over 60 new enhancements were added to RealCAD v5 and users have hailed the new release as the best ever. The new version has features that make the entire drawing process vastly better than its predecessors. Clients who have been using other CAD software claim RealCAD v5 is streets ahead. “The Magic Eraser alone…”, one user said, “…was enough to almost bring tears to my eyes!” If you downloaded an older version of the software or are a user of v3 or v4, check out the new features of v5.

Professional CAD for $75. Unbelievable!

For the first time ever, the most popular CAD software we have ever produced is offered to potential clients for only AU$99 +GST (that’s just US$75!) Buyers get the latest version of RealCAD to use for 6 months. The offer is open to new clients only and allows them to experience the software first hand on real jobs before deciding to buy a full perpetual license.  This offer is only available for a limited time and there will be no notice as to when it will end, so to take advantage of this deal you will need to act now. A delivery fee of $30 is applicable world wide. Clients who purchase this offer may also subscribe to the annual support plan at the normal rate of AU$1.30 (US.97c) per day if desired. USA free call 1-800 699 0942, Australia (02) 9973 4499, International +612 9973 4499 or email

Unlimited Rendering

A new feature that has snuck into RealCAD’s rendering option, is the ability to set the size of the image being rendered regardless of the number of pixels on the screen. This allows the software to produce large format images that can be printed big with crisp edges and great clarity. Files can be large and rendering time is increased of course, but the results are magic.  You will need to download the latest version of the cad.exe file from the web site. (CAUTION: Only download this file if you are running v5 of the RealCAD Pro+ . This file will not work with v4 or earlier).

What the ****!

RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD users… …Did you know that if you click the middle mouse wheel without dragging the mouse or rolling the wheel you can perform a ‘Zoom- Fit’? How easy is that?! You need the latest version for this. Latest version of the cad.exe…Did you know that if you hold down the Alt key and drag your mouse you invoke the Magic Eraser? …Did you know that if you Hold down the Alt + Ctrl Keys and drag over linear entities it will select / deselect them?

Students Flock to Stand

At the recent Landscape Expo in Homebush Bay, Sydney, Students from all over the country queued up at the CAD International stand to get hold of the latest LANDWorksCAD software. With over 60 students at one stage on the stand, clambering for a chance to include this most popular landscape design software as one of their tools of trade. Students took advantage of the special offer on the stand.  

The Wizard Steps Up to 2007

CADWizzard now has a new release/upgrade that handles AutoCAD’s new 2007 file format. The upgrade is just AU$99+GST Call Australia (02) 9973 4499, International +612 9973 4499 or email to place your order

AutoCAD LT to AutoCAD 2007 Full Upgrade Offer

For a very limited time, AutoCAD LT users can upgrade from AutoCAD LT to the latest version of the full AutoCAD 2007. This upgrade ability is perfect for AutoCAD LT users who need 3D or AutoLiSP ability. AutoCAD LT 2000 to AutoCAD Full 2007 AU$3850 AutoCAD LT 2002 to AutoCAD Full 2007 AU$3850 AutoCAD LT 2004 to AutoCAD Full 2007 AU$3575 AutoCAD LT 2006 to AutoCAD Full 2007 AU$3575 AutoCAD LT 2007 to AutoCAD Full 2007 AU$3575 Call Australia (02) 9973 4499, International +612 9973 4499 or email to place your order. (Australia Only) prices do not include GST or delivery