Moving Your License



Here are the instructions on moving your RealCAD based software license from one computer to another…


1. Be sure you have the latest version

2. Select Help>About from the menu

3. Select Unlicense and follow the instructions, saving the licenseinfo.dat file that it creates to your desktop

4. Manually email the licenseinfo.dat file as an attachment to with your request for a new license Key (even if the software reports it has sent this email automatically)

We will process your request and return an email to you with further instructions on re-licensing your new machine.


You MUST use the unlicense process before being issued with new Keys


12 Steps to Success

If you’re new to LANDWorksCAD then don’t miss this. We’ve just released a free set of videos from our acclaimed online CAD training series. This is a great way to get a sneak peak at the full online course and learn some really good information along the way.

Vista Users Please Note

If you’re already using Windows Vista you’ll know that it has a tendency to interfere with almost all operations you engage in! Vista also uses far more RAM than Windows XP, leaving less for use by your CAD software or other intense applications. On the up-side though, you can stick more RAM in your machine and Vista will recognize it. XP can only see up to 3Gb.

As a security measure, Vista likes to prevent the changing or updating of files that are stored in the C:\Program Files\ folder. For this reason we suggest you move your entire CAD software folder to the C:\ drive directly, rather than use the default sub-folder of the C:\Program Files\ . This is particularly true for LANDWorksCAD users as leaving the folder in the default location of
C:\Program Files\Landworkscad-v5\ will prevent users from updating Excel plant database.

Also note that you should right click the icon you use to start your CAD software and select Run As Administratoreven if you already have administration rights on your PC.

Did You Know?…

Did you know that RealCAD has a comprehensiveReference Manual hidden under the Help menu?

Really, it’s a great read for those who want to get more from their software and it answers many of the commonly asked support questions.


2200 Plants and Counting

We are delighted to advise that the work on the plant database is now nearing completion. There are to be close to 2200 plants in the list from all regions of the globe.

We expect to have the new database available by mid May. It will be made available to existing users of LANDWorksCAD v5.x on support subscription

AutoCAD Update Retirement

Autodesk 2007 Upgrade and Retirement Program Begins March 24

From March 24, 2009, Autodesk will begin announcements relating to important changes to their upgrade pricing. After March 16, 2010, Autodesk will eliminate the current, multi-step upgrade pricing and replace it with a new, one-step upgrade price and a two-step crossgrade pricing.

In the new upgrade pricing, upgrades, crossgrades, and retroactive Autodesk® Subscription fees from the three previous software releases will be priced at 50% of a full license. Autodesk will continue to offer current release (0X) crossgrades, priced at the difference between the full license price of the customer’s current software and the full license price of the new software.

Playing Around in 3D

We are looking for experienced users of RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD to check out (beta test) our new 3D Online Training module.


It’s free to enroll and requires only your feedback about the training material before we decide to unleash it publicly.

If you’ve been using 2D for some time or have completed CAD-Level-1 and 2 online training then you qualify.

Contact Celine in head office ASAP to enroll as we are limiting places available.


StrucPLUS for AutoCAD 2010

A new version of StrucPLUS for AutoCAD is now available. It will run with AutoCAD 2004-2010 and sports a new automated installation routine to enable you to get up and running immediately without having to know which version you are running or manually set support paths and menus.

The new version also works perfectly with the new Bricscad software that many clients are choosing instead of AutoCAD due to its similarity and amazing affordability.


AutoCAD LT 2010 users will need to wait a few more months before they can use StrucPLUS as we rely on a LiSP enabler software from a third party that is yet to be released.

StrucPLUS Malaysia

CAD International have appointed APPLIED GRAPHICS SDN BHD as a reseller for StrucPLUS in Malaysia. Pleases contact them directly for sales in the region.

49C, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/N,
Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam Malaysia 40460.
Tel : 0342573963,0351221225.
Fax : 0351211125

RealCAD v4 Retired

Whilst there are very few users of very early versions of RealCAD still in service we need to advise that versions v1, v2, v3 and v4 will no longer be supported under the support subscription plan after June 30th this year. Users will no longer be able to upgrade to the current or future versions following this date.

Bricscad on the Rise

The downturn in the economy has seen a boost in comparative sales of Bricscad to what would otherwise have been AutoCAD sales. We have noted a steep decrease in people willing to spend the money needed to purchase AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, and for much the same money as annual maintenance of AutoCAD alone clients have been purchasing a complete license of Bricscad. With 100% DWG as its native file format, a look and feel that is strikingly familiar it’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular.


Like all passionate people dedicated to a cause, we love to hear from you, our users about what you think of the software, the service and the company. If you would like to submit a word of encouragement to the boys in the back room or the girls on the desk or the support gurus or the sales staff then please drop us an email message and we’ll pass it on. TIA

LANDWorksCAD Requests Closed

With v6 of RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD software development well under way, all enhancement requests will now be placed in the queue for v7. V6 requests have officially been signed off.

Keep an eye out for the list of new enhancements you will see in V6. These are to be announced as we get a little nearer the release date