Tax Time Down-Under

There are only a few days to go before the end of the financial year down-under’ in Australia and New Zealand, and what an interesting time it always is.

All the ‘End of Financial Year’ sales are competing to lure your dollar from you to best maximize your tax benefits. Everything from cars to beds to toasters, but none of these help you make more money or give you more time. So what is worth purchasing?

One of the most important tools you can invest in at tax time is business software – In particular CAD software. You don’t even have to use it straight away to gain the benefits, but you’ll have it ready next year to start using and improving your business with.

Successful people invest at tax time, they don’t just spend. CAD software can be treated as a regular capital purchase or in many cases can be leased… and if you prepay your lease you’ll find the payment is 100% tax effective.

Combine tax effectiveness with the End of Financial Year sales on many CAD programs and you’ll see why this is a great time to invest in new software or an upgrade.

New Shop Fit-out Design Solution

Working closely with a new client who manufactures glass display cabinets and then install them into retail locations, sales staff in the Sydney office of CAD International have discovered an ideal design and presentation solution for shop fit-out companies, interior designers and exhibition / event planners.

Leveraging the power of the most advanced 3D modeller plus the fastest building design software in the world clients now have access to the best of both manufacturing and architectural software

The price of the software is less than most people pay for basic drafting software that can’t do anywhere near as much. There is no compromise. This is the best of the best. Keep an eye out for the new bundle on our web site or simply ask one of the team for more details

ArborCAD is coming

Hot on the heels of Australia’s most successful landscape design software LANDWorksCAD, CAD International will soon be launching a dedicated application for Arboriculture consultants, ArborCAD.

This is a world first as this new software addresses the mandatory requirements of AS4970-2009 for tree protection on development sites as well as automatically drawing the tree location and identification plans from information gathered on site. More…

AutoCAD® for Mac

That’s right, if you haven’t already heard, AutoCAD® for the Mac is here. But don’t jump in too fast there are still very few applications that will run on the Mac version; there are no educational licenses for schools and the interface is quite different from what you may be used to. In short, AutoCAD® for the Mac is currently an expensive drafting tool for how it is commonly used, but certainly fills a gap in the software arsenal from Autodesk® for those who must have a Mac and must only have AutoCAD®.

In our humble opinion you may still be better off to install Windows 7 on your Mac and run traditional or alternative CAD software such as RealCAD or Bricscad


The mid-range mechanical CAD (MCAD) market is riddled with software. Everything from Pro-Engineer® to Inventor® to Solid Edge® to Solid Works® to Alibre® to … and the list goes on and on, but no software comes close to one of the original leaders in the field (and arguably the best), IronCAD.

CAD International is proud to be Australia and New Zealand’s IronCAD distributor of this leading design software, but more exciting than what it can do however, is that there is a special IronCAD ‘seeding’ program on right now that allows you to have a product that is as powerful but far more flexible and far easier to use that any of the others for a ridiculous $1295+GST price.

In essence you can get a brand new license of the complete software for less than the typical 12 month maintenance contract of most of the others. Don’t miss out as the offer is time limited. More…

SolidWorks®, Inventor®, Pro-E® users imagine if…

Imagine if you could work with 3D files and produce 2D drawings cost effectively without having to buy another license of your current software. Well now you can. IronCAD Draft allows you to do just that. Open SolidWorks®, Inventor®, Pro-E® files and more; then work with 3D parts, models and assemblies to generate intelligent linked 2D drawings and even 3D renderings of those designs, all at a fraction of the cost of a new license of your current software. Contact our team for more information…

Kitchen & Bathroom CAD

The kitchen and bathroom business is highly competitive. Anything you can do to gain an edge over your competition is important. We know, because our CEO’s daughter is Australia’s most successful kitchen sales person for Freedom kitchens, one of Australia’s largest kitchen manufacturers.

The consultation process with clients can be quite personal. A new kitchen or bathroom can be a costly investment, and clients can get quite emotional about it. Often they do not feel they are in control of the process and they have to trust people they do not know. Clients are often asked to imagine how their kitchen or bathroom will look as a finished product based on a simple sketch plan.

This is where Kitchen and Bathroom CAD comes in. It allows the kitchen designer to clearly communicate with the client, giving them the confidence in the end result. It doesn’t have to be at the initial stages of the sales process either, in fact our CEO’s daughter only sends a 3D image of the kitchen to her clients after they have signed up. The 3D virtual model cements the understanding all parties have in what is to be delivered. The client gets to see what it will look like and the kitchen company gets an accurate set of dimensioned drawings and take-offs for manufacturing.

Ask about our new Kitchen and Bathroom CAD solution.

CAD Support

If you are looking for training or troubleshooting articles for your favourite CAD software, then visit your new CAD International Support Database.

Try clicking on the following relevant search terms:

RealCAD Support – LANDWorksCAD Support – IronCAD Support – AutoCAD® Support – Designer Pro Support – DRCAuto Support – Piranesi Support – Rhino SupportSketchUp Support – StrucPLUS Support and more…

Landscape Designer Job Offer

Indigenous Design Land Management is looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join their team..

If you are interested in this sensational offer you will find more information here.