CAD International’s 20 Anniversary

Since our humble beginings 20 years ago, CAD international has been driven by its ‘design better, faster, funner®’philosophy. The concept was (and still is) to provide CAD products that do the job better than before, faster than others and in a more fun way. CAD software is now better, faster and funner than ever before. There have been significant improvements in both hardware and software every year and the future promises to continue this trend.

In this 20th Anniversary issue of CADChat we do not intend to bore you with our history or accolades about how good we are – instead we are simply sharing the latest news and information that we hope will interest you.

If you are looking to improve your cost effectiveness, add to your knowlege or just pick up a bargain then be sure to read through this newsletter.

Thank you for being a part of our growth over the past 20 years and for chosing to be our customers in the next 20.

IronCAD Users vs The Sheep!

IronCAD competes head-to-head with more commonly advertised software such as SolidWorks and Inventor – and IronCAD ‘kicks butt’ in that space technically and from a users perspective. In simple terms, people who have done their homework choose IronCAD… The sheep don’t!

Software sheep

Here is sample list of IronCAD clients from Australia and New Zealand (they are clearly not sheep) who took advantage of purchasing the best 3D modeling CAD software in the MCAD space.

Last year we launched a specialised ‘seeding’ program for IronCAD downunder, the promotion was a total success and we sold four times as many licenses as we were forecast to sell, not because of the price alone but because IronCAD is literally such an excellent product.

If you are one of our increasing IronCAD users get vocal, proudly tell your associates about IronCAD as it clearly lets them know you are not a sheep, you are an innovator. You’ll be doing them a great favour as they will undoubtedly save money in the short term and heaps of time in the long run.. If they are in Australia or New Zealand get them to call and ask about special pricing we can offer them but are not allowed to advertise!

Say Baaah to the sheep!

Contact us for more details

Let’s Get Started

Our RealCAD Starter Pack and LANDWorksCAD Starter Packare a great opportunity for new CAD users to get to know CAD software in a short space of time and with ease. The packs include the complete software, training and support, all for less than $2 per day.

If you are reading this and you don’t already have CAD, this is the way to go to get the most of of CAD with very little outlay.

We have just released the a starter pack for ArborCAD too. ArborCAD is specifically designed for Arborists and Arboriculture work.

CAD International’s Social Media Channels

Our loyal clients have been asking for a long time for newer ways to get more in contact.

We have listened and uploaded dozens of new videos to our YouTube account and informing about news, tips and tricks and more through our Twitter account.

What is SketchCAD ?

SketchCAD is a combination of innexpensive 3D modelling and 2D drafting software that can be tailored to specific industry design needs. In simple terms it is a combination of products that get the job of design, visualisation and drafting done very cost effectively when precision to the millimeter is not always required. Since the specifications can differ wildly, we have created a new range of SketchCAD products to suit everyone.

Visit our SketchUp Product Range for more information or contact us for more details

Bricscad v12.2 Just Around The Corner

As promised, Bricscad delivers quality and affordable CAD software at your fingertips. The long awaited Block Manager option will be available very soon.

  • Block Manager – Browse blocks in non-open drawings and insert them in the current drawing from the new Blocks panel of the Drawing Explorer.
  • Viewport Layer Property Overrides – Override a layers visual properties in each viewport
  • New VLE functions in LiSP

You don’t have to wait a whole year to get new features. Buy Bricscad now and secure your free v.12.2 update when it is released.

StrucPLUS v13 Hits The Streets

After a many months in pre-release discovery of the new features in AutoCAD® 2013, AutoCAD® 2013 has officially been released. Only you will know if AutoCAD 2013 is for you, and whether of not it will be worth upgrading. For us though, we must make sure our applications are current and run on the latest version…

StrucPLUSStrucPLUS is already ready for use with full Acad 2013 and can be purchased immediately. Upgrade StrucPLUS to the latest version anytime.

StrucPLUS Support Subscription members receive a 50% discount for Support SubscriptionContact us for more information.

Note: StrucPLUS for AutoCAD LT beyond 2010 is still not yet available. We continue to recomend switching to BricsCAD for enhanced features and cost effectiveness at this time.

Konnichiwa Japan

CAD International’s new branch office in Kanagawa, Japan has expanded our CAD presence in Asia giving our world wide users an additional support office location.

New software programming has also been undertaken in Japan to expand the use of our popular LandworksCAD program and other key proprietary applications for existing and important Japanese clients. RealCAD is also getting a language overhaul to meet international demands.

World’s Fastest Designers

We don’t know if you are world’s fastest building designer but we do know we have the fastest design software for residential design. It has become our best-selling architectural software bundle.

This year we have added new extras to our Designer Pro PLUS at no additional cost to our clients to complete the bundle. The solution now includes

  • Designer Pro for design and presentation
  • RealCAD LT for drafting and detailing
  • Template for compatibility ‘downunder’
  • 3D content modeller for creation of new Library items not already supplied and…
  • Free remote installation and 30 days support included.

Check it out

CAD International Training Packages

CAD International, as the place to visit for all your CAD needs, has expanded the training packages offered.

Now you can learn at your own pace your favourite CAD software!

LANDWorksCAD® for AutoCAD® users.

One of the reasons LANDWorksCAD has been so popular with new CAD users is that it sits on top of RealCAD, the easiest to use fastest to learn true CAD engine. But this doesn’t excite existing AutoCAD users who are reluctant to change from what they know and don’t want to waste the money they have already spent on AutoCAD alone.

GOOD NEWS, LANDWorksCAD will soon be available for AutoCAD! That’s right; AutoCAD users don’t have to miss out on the most popular landscape design software available from our stable and more. And if you don’t have AutoCAD but you know how to drive it we can still give you all the AutoCAD functionality you know plus all the LANDWorksCAD tools at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD alone. Now that’s good news.

LANDWorksCAD tools in AutoCAD.

OMG DRCAuto Status

For the last 2+ years we’ve been working tirelessly (on and off) to rebuild DRCAuto software so that we can deliver workable products for newer versions of AutoCAD® and Windows O/S

So far it has been a real challenge. rebuilding the crippled code has foiled several development teams over this period, significantly delaying its release and interrupting the flow of progress. Whilst our loyal existing users have been paying for re-auth codes to keep their existing software functional, development and opportunity costs have far exceeded our expectations and the revenue received. However we continue to focus on the future release with yet another revised estimate of a release date still several months beyond our last one.

We are still recommending that clients consider switching to Bricscad due to the easy transition from LT to BricsCAD and the added advantages of a cheap price, full 3D and compatibility with LiSP etc.

CAD007 – License To Draw

Keep a Golden Eye out for the CAD007 Logo in the coming weeks as CAD007 launch a new initiative in the design world. It is too early to detail exactly what CAD007 is all about but its tag line, ‘License to Draw’ may be a clue.


We guess the CAD world may be a little shaken, but not stirred.

Watch this space.